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My story:
Well do not give many details ... because they are more to say but in a single word ,, cool ,,

Why I'm a Jonas Brothers Fan:
I'm a fan because I reall like are the best and most well-know I like all they get is so cool ....are the best of love :X:X:X:X
I should be a Jonas Brothers moderator because...
Because they are the best

More about my campaign:
Not too more

My slogan:


My favorite thing to do on this site:
Evrething ....I love this site

My role models:
Are under the basketball

My favorite Jonas Brothers song:
Play my music....:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

Favorite Jonas Brother:
I love all of them ......:X:X:X:X

I LIKE ...
  • Basketball

  • to go ouside

  • to stay on yahoo messenger

  • to teach geography at
  • I rod nails

  • nerds

  • I play with younger children

  • lie

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