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Title: The Caribbean AcademyThe Caribbean Academy - Jonas Brothers Fan SiteBy: Miley27Category: Romance, Adventure, Comedy, FriendshipSummary: This is kind of like a series. There are episodes and they will me added by parts or in some cases all together. This is about a girl named Nicole who wins a scholarship to study in one of the most expensive academys of the country. On her way there she makes friends and shares room with them, they become BFFs and also meet some nice guys, who they fall in love with. These story tells what boys and girls can do when they share a suite in an academy in the middle of the sea.Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction I made, please feel free to connect yourself with any of the characters. THIS IS A SMALL VIDEO I MADE FOR THE STORY First EpisodeThe classes were just starting, and Nicole was so excited cause she had won a scholarship To one of the most expensive academy of the country. It was a really cool place cause even though it was a place to study and learn everything you must, it was also a place to relax and take a break. Ok, so I won’t be keeping the secret this place was Hawaii. Nicole had just finished packing all of her needs and musts, like her toothbrush and her collection of 23 French perfumes her mom got her when she went to study arts in Paris. She then put on her PJs and brushed her teeth (yeah, don’t worry she used another brush so she wouldn’t forget it). She turned on her iPod and put on a playlist of slow and relaxing songs, and lowered the volume. She slowly felt asleep, thinking: “Will I make friends, and if I do will they be good ones?” some of the other questions that were on her mind that night were also: “What if I don’t?” “What if no one likes me, not even guys?” Well, she knew it was late and just try not to be so excited and worried of what would happen to her life in some hours, so she just tried to think of the good stuff. Like she would spend months on an island, of course studying, but an island was an island, and always made you feel relaxed. Suddenly, she heard the alarm go off, she knew the day was here, and couldn’t wait to see what the amazing award of being an A+ student all year round was. She got up as fast as she could, grab her bags, that of course she had made last night. Went downstairs to eat breakfast, but found nothing ready. No food, no mom, no dad. She then heard a sound outside like of a car or something. Quickly grabbed her bags again and ran to open the front door. She then saw where her parents were. They were in the car already, telling Nicole to get in, so she wouldn’t be late. Here’s a little conversation that happened on the way to the airport, cause how do you think she would get to Hawaii, in car?? Nicole- Oh my god I can’t believe the day is finally here! Mom- Yeah me either. Nicole- What do you mean? Mom- All these months without you, a blessing (she said laughing) Nicole- What are you serious? Mom- Of course not sweetheart, I was just kidding. Dad- Yeah, we are gonna miss you and a lot! Nicole- I know, I’m gonna miss you too! Dad- Ok, let’s not get emotional. Mom- Yeah, let’s just find a parking space. So they fined a parking space not to far away from the entrance. Nicole’s mom and dad helped her with her bags. They all entered the airport. And the first thing Nicole did was go to the “mini” food plaza and bought herself a cheese bagel. She didn’t even wait to sit in a chair, she was so hungry that she ate it when they handed it to her. “Umm, this is sooo good or I’m tooo hungry” she said laughing. As soon as her parents caught up with her, they all went to the registration area, you know where they check your bags and other stuffs that take a lot of time. After everything was checked they went to where Nicole would go through before entering the plane. The clock was ticking and each time the moment was closer, she didn’t know what to do. Should she be excited and happy for going to study at an island and maybe meet some hot guys and cool friends, or should she be nervous and sad, cause she was going to go to a place where she didn’t know anyone and most of all being all of those months far away from her parents. Well, the time was here. She hugged both her mom and dad and gave them a kiss on the cheek she had this feeling inside her wanting to come out, the feeling of sadness and wanting to cry, but she kept it in, she didn’t want her parents to worry about her, after all, she wanted them to be happy and proud of her. After saying good bye, (but only for some months of course) she grabbed her bags and stepped into the huge plain. She made her way to her seat. “Bingo” she said as she saw she had a seat next to a window. Of course she couldn’t open it, but it would be nice to have a view when she arrived at the island. She put her bags on the top, (you know where the bags always go, at least the small ones) and sat in her seat. She grab the earphones and started listing to some music. Then she saw someone sat down next to her. It was a girl, with a very big smile on her face and she was listing to her iPod. She sat down like nothing happen liked she was alone and started humming along. Nicole took off her earphones and look at her waiting for her to do the same. But no, she was completely in LaLa Land. Then the girl finally realized, there was someone starring at her, and stopped the music and took off her earphones too. Girl: Oh, hi. Nicole: Hey Girl: So what room do you have? Nicole: Um, I don’t really know yet. Girl: Oh, yeah of course, that was a stupid question anyways. Nicole: Yeah it kind of was (she said laughing) Girl: So would you mind if I asked to be in yours? Nicole: Um, no, guess not. Girl: Oh, great, cool, cause I don’t have any friends there. Nicole: Really? Me either. Girl: Nice, um I’m Ashley. Nicole: Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Nicole. Ashley: Wow, cool name. Nicole: Thanks. Ashley: Um, wanna watch a movie. Nicole: Yeah, of course. So since they both decided to watch a movie, they watched a teen classical: Mean Girls. After the movie was over, they were already arriving at Hawaii. So, they grabbed their bags and got off the plane, and went to find their other bags, you know the big ones. All of the students were ready and got on the Academy’s bus. But Nicole was surprised when she saw Ashley waved at her, and got into a Limo. Well, Nicole just had to get into the bus like all of the other students, except Ashley. The weird is Ashley had never told her on the plane that she was rich or something like that. Nicole: “Well, I guess that’s why she was smiling all the time” she said outloud. Girl: Who was smiling?” asked another girl that was walking by. Nicole: Oh, no one. Just nevermind. Girl: Oh, ok. Do you mind if I sit next to you on the bus? Nicole: Yeah, sure, why not? Girl: Ok, thanks so much. I have a friend that was coming. Nicole: was? Girl: Yeah, she was going to come if she approved her last exam. Nicole: And what happened? Girl: Well, she failed cause of one small point. Nicole: Wow, that’s so bad. You know I’m here cause I got a scholarship Girl: Really, me too. Well, cause my parents wouldn’t be able to pay something like this. Nicole: Yeah, mines either. Girl: So what’s your name? Nicole: Oh, I’m Nicole. Girl: Nice, I’m Kasey. Nicole: So, sine your friend couldn’t come, do you know someone alse. Kasey: No, I don’t, well, now I know you right? Nicole: Yeah, of course. And would you like to be in my room too? Kasey: Too? Nicole: Um, yeah. Cause another girl also asked me if she could be in my room, is that ok? Kasey: Yeah, I guess. Nicole: Of course, if she not your type of friend, I’ll understand. And maybe you could be in a room next door. Kasey: Yeah, of course. I hope she’s my type (she said laughing). Nicole: OMG, look, there’s the academy! Kasey. Wow, it’s the biggest place I had ever seen. Nicole: I know, right? Kasey: So, if we are going to be in the same room, wanna go to the “lobby” together? Nicole: Of course, I wouldn’t want to go alone (she said laughing). So the two girls got off the bus and grabbed their bags, but only the small ones, cause the others would be taken by something like room service. Yeah, I know this is like the greatest Academy ever! So, when Nicole and Kasey finally got to the “lobby” they waited for the other girls that got there first to get their rooms assigned. After like half an hour, it was finally their turn. But right before they could walk up to the front desk, they heard someone yelling Nicole’s name. Nicole turned around and saw Ashley. Nicole: Hey what took you so long? Ashley: Oh, I just had to go to the bathroom, and got kind of lost. Nicole: Oh, ok, so your gonna be in our room, right? Ashley: Our? Nicole: Yeah, if you don’t mind, she’s Kasey and she doesn’t know no one either, so I asked her if she could be in our room. Is that ok? Ashley: Um yeah, of course. Nicole: So what room should we get? Ashley: Oh, don’t worry, we already have it. Nicole: What do you mean? Ashley: Well, my dad just called while I was on the plane to get us the big one. Nicole: The big one? How big is it? Ashley: Well, for 6, but don’t worry there is enough room in this academy so no one else well have to go to ours. Nicole: Wow, thanks your so cool. Ashley: No problem, now let’s go to “our room” (she said laughing) So the three got on the elevator (cause there were three floors, and their suite of course was all the third one). They got off of it and opened the door to their cool suit. Kasey: Wow, this is way to cool! Nicole: Yeah, totally. Thanks so much Ash, you’re the best! Ashley: Oh, it’s no big deal. Cause if it wasn’t for you two I wouldn’t be able to be her. Kasey: Why not? Ashley: Cause, they don’t allow just one girl to be in a suite for 6. Nicole: And they do allow three? Ashley: Well, if they can afford it, of course. Kasey: What do you mean? Do we have to pay more for this one. Ashley: of course. I mean, the students with scolorship can only be a normal room, but in this case don’t worry, my dad already paid. Nicole and Kasey: OMG, thank you, thank you, so much!! Nicole and Kasey hugged Ashley at the same time. And then started unpacking. Since it was the first day, they wouldn’t have class. But tomorrow, they would already have to be getting up at like 7, to get to class at 8. Cause the academy was really big and after all, they had to like cross all of it to get to a class and then to another. After unpacking, the three sat on the couch. Kasey: Wow, this plasma is so big. Nicole: Yeah it really is. Ashley: Well, you girls better get used to it (she said laughing) Nicole: Hey wanna go to the pool? Kasey: What about the beach? Ashley: Well, I don’t really like the beach, cause of all the sand, you come back all sandy. Kasey: Ok, so the pool? Ashley: Of course, let’s go! They all put on their bikinis and grabbed some snacks and lotions for the sun. After they had all went to the bathroom, just in case so they wouldn’t get lost like Ashley did. They got on the elevator, and when they got off, they grabbed a mini map there was at the lobby. Just in case they got lost. When they finally got to the pool it was empty. Of course there was water in it but no girls and no guys. Nicole: Uh, this is so bad. There are no cute guys. Ashley: Well, there aren’t any guys. Kasey: Should we still go in? Ashley: Of course, we have all this to our selves. Kasey wasn’t in a very good mood to get wet. But Nicole and Ashley had no idea. So they both grabbed her and threw her in the pool. Then they both jumped in too. They started to make a swimming contest, from side to side. And no one won. All of them got to the center of the pool but not farther. Cause the academy wasn’t the only big thing, the pool was too. After, having fun in the water, they all got out and grabbed a towel, and stared walking back to their room. When they go off the elevator, they noticed the door was opened. So they slowly walked into the room. Kasey: Hello? Is someone here? No one answered. So they just walked in. Nicole: Guess I left the door opened. Ashley: Yeah, must have been that. They all walked to their room ( cause since there were two. But they all slept in the same but each room had three beds). They grabbed their clothes and took turns for taking a shower, while the others listen to music in the room. But before doing that they got undressed and put on some big towels they had. That way, it would be much faster, they would get in the bathroom, take off the towel and take a shower. Suddenly they heard someone was knocking. So they lowered the music even more. Nicole: You don’t have to knock, you know. Ashley: Yeah, I don’t even know why we closed the door. Nicole: Yeah, me either. So the door opened slowly and to the girls’ surprise. It was not Kasey. Nicole: Oh my god (she said as she ran to hide behind Ashley) Ashley: Who are you? And what are you doing here? Boy: Oh, hey I’m Kevin, but really I had no idea you girls were in towels. He said that and then closed the door. Nicole and Ashley quickly got dressed and opened the door. They were a little confused, well, not a little a lot. Nicole: Why are you here? Ashley: Yeah this is our room. Kevin: Well ours, too. Nicole: Ours??? Kevin: Yeah mine and my brothers. They are unpacking in the other bedroom. Ashley: What?! But my dad paid for this, he even did the reservation. Kevin: I guess he forgot to tell you we had reserved this room, months ago. Ashley: Yeah, I guess he did. Nicole: So, we are supposed to be living for months with some guys we don’t know. Kevin: Well, look. I know the girls are supposed to be with girls and the boys with boys, but there are no more rooms available so I guessed you do. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Kasey came out in underwear and bra (cause she didn’t expect this, who would?). Kasey: Oh hey girls the bathroom is free now, OMG (she said trying to cover her self) Kevin: Well, hello (he said as he was staring at her) All out of a sudden, Ashley slapped him in the face. Kevin: Ow, why did you do that? Ashley: Why are you staring at her? Kevin: Cause she’s hot. This time Nicole slapped him. Kevin: Would you two stop it. Kasey: Ok, I’m going to the room to get dressed. Kevin was about to follow her, but he knew he better not, unless he wanted to be slapped again. So he just went back to his bedroom to keep unpacking. Now it was Ashley turn to take a shower, so Nicole just sat in the couch to watch T.V. But she stopped when she saw this really really hot guy come out from the room Kevin walked into. “Wow” she said really low. He sat next to her and then they started their first conversation. Boy: So what are you watching? Nicole: Um, T.V. (she really had no idea of what to say to such a hot guy like him) Boy: Um, yeah I see (he said laughing) Nicole: Well, I’m not really watching nothing I just turned it on, but there’s nothing on. Boy: Well, do you mind? (he asked putting his hand in front of her, like waiting for her) Nicole: You wanna dance? (she asked confused) Boy: No, I want the remote (he said laughing) Nicole gave him the remote and went to her room, she was so embarrassed. She saw Kasey had finished dressing up, so she sat on the bed and started telling her everything that had happened. Nicole: Oh my god, you have no idea of what happened to me! Kasey: You brushed your teeth with lotion? Nicole: No (she said laughing). Kasey: Then what? Nicole: Remember that guy who was in the living room when you finished your shower? Kasey: Yeah, the one who kept staring me. Nicole: Yeah, him. He has to live here cause all the other rooms are full. Kasey: Your kidding, right? Nicole: No I’m not. Kasey: So I have to stand him staring at me for like ever? Nicole: Don’t worry about that, me and Ashley will help you. Kasey: Ah, thanks, you two are the best friends I could have ever asked for. Nicole: But there’s more stuff I have to tell you. Kasey: Like what? Nicole: That guy, has two brothers, and they are staying here too! Kasey: Why are you so excited about that? Nicole: Cause I saw one of them and he is soooo hot! Kasey: Look like someone’s in love (she said laughing). Nicole: But the worst is he say next to me on the couch. Kasey: And that’s bad? Nicole: Yeah, cause I had nothing to say, and he put his hand in front of me like asking me to dance. Kasey: OMG, and did you? Nicole: No the only thing he wanted from me was the control. Kasey started laughing really hard. “Oh, come on stop it” Nicole begged her. Kasey stopped and then Ashley walked in the room. Ashley: What’s going on? Nicole: Kasey well tell you, I have to take a shower. Ashley: Ok, so..? Kasey told Ashley all of Nicole’s embarrassing moment. While Nicole was finishing taking her shower, she put on her underwear and her bra, and wrapped a towel around her, but she hadn’t notice she could do that. So right when she was about to open the door she saw someone else opened it, it was the hot boy from the couch. But the worst was she had grabbed a bra with kitties on it and an underwear to match it. But the strange was that he didn’t laugh he just stared at her kitties. Nicole quickly closed the door and then noticed a towel, she grabbed it and wrapped it around her. Then opened the door and saw he wasn’t there anymore so she just ran to her room, hoping no one else would see her. As soon as she got in she closed the door and locked it just incase. Kasey and Ashley, stared at her confused. Then Kasey quickly got up and said: “What, you forgot these” she handed her clothes. “Um, yeah, but the worst is” she said and took of her towel. All of them started laughing including Nicole. Ashley: Yeah, they are kind of funny, but so what? Nicole: So what? The hot guy saw them!! Kasey: And how did he… Nicole: Well, I forgot my clothes so I though no one would see me if I ran fast, but when I was about to open the door he opened it. Ashley: Wow, that’s so funny. Kasey: And did he laughed too? Nicole: That’s the weird thing, we’re girls and we laugh but he just stared at the kitties. Ashley: Wow, I guessed he likes kitties (she said laughing). Kasey: Or maybe he likes you! Nicole: Me? I don’t think so. Kasey: But you wish he did, don’t you? Nicole: Uh, shut up! Nicole started grabbing some pillows and throwing them at Kasey. Kasey returned them back, but harder. Nicole: Ow, that hurts. Kasey: Sorry, you better get dressed. Nicole: Yeah, but let me tell you two something important. Ashley: Um, sure, what? Nicole: Lock the door of the bathroom, and this one if your going to be wearing kitties . All of them laughed. Nicole got dressed, and then the three got out of the room, and went to sit on the couch, but they saw it was full. Boy: Oh, hey kitty girl (he said, but not laughing at all) Nicole: Hey, you should know before you open a door. Boy: Why, then I wouldn’t have seen what I saw. Nicole: Well, you better the next time. Boy: Or what? Nicole: Don’t worry, from now on I’m gonna lock all the doors. Boy: But what if something bad happens to you in there? Nicole: Ok, maybe I won’t, but please knock from now on. Boy: Sure. So what’s your name? Nicole: I’m Nicole. Boy: Can I call you Kitty? Nicole: No way! Boy: Ok, I’m Joe. Nicole: Um, good for you. Joe: Thanks, I’m very proud (he said laughing). Ashley: So are you coming Nicole? Joe: Where are you girls going? Kasey: We’re going to eat something. Ashley: Yeah I heard there are some really cool restaurants in the beach. Joe: Do you mind if we come? The girls looked at each other, but they couldn’t say no, I mean, they were going to live with them for months. Nicole: Um, of course. Joe: Great, let me just grab my suntan lotion. Nicole: You’re gonna get a tan? Joe: Yeah, why? Nicole: Just asking. Kevin: So let’s go guys. Where’s Nick? Ashley: Nick? Joe: Yeah, our brother. Then the front door opened, and a really cute but at the same time hot guy walked in. Kevin: There you are. Nick: What did I miss? Joe: Oh, not much, Kevin got slapped two times, and I saw some cute kitties (he said laughing) Nick: Kitties? What kitties? Joe looked at Nicole, and Nicole looked at Ashley and Kasey. “Um nothing, let’s just go eat something, I’m starving” Nicole said, trying to avoid the kitty subject. So they headed down to the lobby, and when they got there, they realized the beach was kina of far to go walking, so they called a taxi (yeah, this academy really is big). They managed to get the six in the same cab. When they finally got to the beach, they saw it was really crowed, “Guess that’s why the pool was empty today” Kasey said laughing. They spotted a table for six in a cool looking restaurant. Waiter: May I take your order? Joe: Um yeah, what do you guys want? Nicole: How about pizza? Kevin and Nick: Pizza is find with me. Ashley and Kasey: Um, yeah sounds good. Joe: Ok, so one with extra cheese and with one pineapple and ham. Waiter: Ok, and to drink? Joe: I want an iced tea. Nicole: Make that two (she said smiling at Joe). Ashley and Kasey: We want two cokes. Kevin: Um, yeah me too. Nick: And I would like a diet one. Waiter: Ok, anything else? Kevin: Not for now, thanks. The waiter left and since they figured out it would take a long while for the pizzas to be ready, since the place was crowed. They went to play in the water, and build some sandcastles too. Kasey was sitting in the sand, then she saw someone sat next to her. Kevin: Hey. Kasey: Hey. Kevin: Sorry for what happened today. Kasey: What happened? Kevin: When I kept staring at you. Kasey: Oh, yeah. Don’t worry I had no idea you were there. Kevin: Me either. Kasey: So, how old are you? Kevin: I’m twenty, but I’m taking the higher classes, so I won’t have to go to normal collage, cause this place is way to cool. Kasey: Yeah, I know, I’m twenty too. Kevin: Really? So that means we have the same classes. Kasey: It depends, are you taking music and arts classes? Kevin: Um, yeah. Kasey: Wow, guess we do have the same classes. Kevin: Wanna make a sandcastle? Kasey: Ok. They started making their sand mansion. While Ashley was in the water, all of the sudden she got soaked, but not by a wave. Nick: Oh, I’m sorry. Ashley: No your not, you did that on purpose. Nick: Yeah, I did, and what are you going to do? Ashley: This (she said as she started to splash, so he would get more wet then what he was). Nick did the same, and they started to run through the shore, kicking with their feet the water. While, Nicole had spotted some free tanning chairs, she laid on one that was pink, while she was putting on her sun screen; she noticed the Joe was on the chair next to hers. Nicole: What are you doing here? Joe: Um, tanning, isn’t obvious? Nicole: I though you were joking today. Joe: No I wasn’t, and what can’t a guy get a tan like a girl. Nicole: Um, yeah of course. Nicole was just staring at his huge muscles. Joe: Um, hello? Nicole: Um, yeah, what? Joe: Who’s the one staring now (he said laughing). Nicole: Oh, I’m sorry. Joe: Don’t worry you can stare all you want (he said winking at her). Nicole: Um no thanks. She finished putting on her sun screen and then laid back on the chair. While talking to Joe. Joe: So how old are you? Nicole: 18, you? Joe: I’m 18 too. So we might be have same classes. Nicole: Why are you taking sports and math? Joe: Um, yeah. Nicole: So, we do. Joe: And can I go tomorrow with you? Nicole: Um, yeah. Joe: Cool. Nicole: Oh, look the pizzas are ready, let’s go tell the others. Joe: Yeah let’s go kitty. Nicole: Don’t call me like that. Joe: Ok, then let’s go babe. Nicole: Joe please, don’t put me nicknames. Joe: Why? Nicole: Cause I don’t like them. Joe: But do you like me? Nicole: What? Joe this is not the moment and I’m really hungry. Joe: Ok, sorry, let’s go. Joe and Nicole went to tell the others, and they all ran to the table cause they were all really hungry. When they were done eating they paid the bill, well, the guys did. And then they went back to their suite. “Hey Ashley wanna go for an ice cream?” Nick asked her. “Yeah, that would be nice” she answered him. And they left the suite. “So Kasey would you like to go to the park?” Kevin asked. “Of course” she answered and they both left. Joe: So, we’re alone. Nicole: Yeah, I’m not dumb. Joe: So, what do you wanna do? Nicole: I don’t know. Joe: Oh, wait I’ll be right back. He went to his room and grabbed something from his bags. Nicole: What’s that? Joe: It’s a movie. Nicole: What movie? Joe: Prom Night, have you seen it? Nicole: Not really, I don’t like scary movies. Joe: But do you wanna see it with me? Nicole: I don’t know. Joe: Oh, come on please. Nicole: I would if the sun was up, back the only thing up now is the moon. Joe: Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Nicole: Ok, but don’t try to scare me. Joe: I would never do that. Nicole: You better not. She sat on the couch, while he put the movie in the DVD, then he sat next to her, he put his arm around her. Nicole: What are you doing? Joe: I’m protecting you. Nicole: Yeah, but the movie didn’t start yet. Joe: Ok (he said taking his arm off of her). They watched the movie, Nicole felt the in a lot of moments she wanted to start crying and hug Joe, but she wouldn’t cause the movie had just started, and if she did that he would think she gets scared easily. And she would give him what he wanted. But she did get scared easily and she did want to hug Joe, and a lot. So she just did it, she let her feelings out, and just in a really good part, cause she could feel that was the scariest part of the movie. She started crying and Joe put his arm around her, and when he did that she hugged him tightly. Joe started crying too, but of happiness, the girl that he liked, was hugging him tightly, and then he found the perfect moment and kissed her. Nicole kissed him back and he did the same, until they heard someone knock on the door, that’s when Nicole buried her face in his chest. And they both screamed, and then they heard the door was opening and screamed even more. But when Kasey, Ashley, Nick and Kevin walked in they turned on the lights, and Nicole and Joe dried there eyes and stopped screaming. Kevin: Oh, hey look at this lovebirds (he said laughing). Nicole: What are you talking about? Joe: Yeah we are just watching a scary movie, dude. Nick: Right, so when you watch a scary movie you hug and kiss someone? Joe: Would you stop it? Kevin: Relax bro, we were just joking. Joe got up and went to his room with his brothers. The girls did the same. Ashley: OMG, you kissed him!! Nicole: Actually he kissed me first. Kasey: So you guys kissed more then one time? Nicole: Yeah! Ashley: How was it? Nicole: You can’t just ask that. Kasey: Uh, come on tell us, you know you want to. Nicole: Ok, yeah it was amazing, he is a really good kisser. Ashley: And tell us, how many times did you guys kissed? Nicole: Well, he kissed me, so I kissed him back and then he did the same. Kasey: Wow, your so lucky, Kevin just gave me a flower. Nicole: Yeah, but we could have kept kissing more if you guys didn’t come. Kasey: Well, sorry. Nicole: No it’s ok. Meanwhile Joe was telling there brothers how he made his move and kissed Nicole. Joe: Seriously, she hugged me tightly. Kevin: And did she kiss you too? Joe: Well, no, but I knew she wanted to, so I just kissed her. Kevin: And then what she slapped you like she did to me? Joe: No. Nick: Did, she spit you? Joe: Guys, no she kissed back. Kevin: She kissed back? Joe: Yeah and I did the same. Nick: Wow, she really likes you. Joe: Yeah, and guess what? Kevin: You asked her to be your girlfriend? Joe: No, not yet. Nick: Then what? Joe: I’m gonna have class with her all this year. Kevin: Wow, bro your lucky. Joe: I know. So how was it with Ashley and Kasey. Kevin: Well, I gave her a flower. Joe: Wow, that’s so romantic (he said sarcastically) Kevin: Well, FYI I was nervous. Nick: And I shared an ice cream with her. Joe: Eww. Nick: With two spoons. Joe: Oh, that’s better (he said laughing) Second episode:(P.S. in this episode Nicole becomes the narratorSorry for those who like Kasey and Ashley, but don‘t worry she‘ll make new friends.)The next day at the academy the girls and the guys were getting ready for their first day of class. Nicole was finding something to wear while Ashley and Kasey were spying Nick and Kevin. After she found the perfect outfit she quickly changed into it and went to see what her friends were doing. She saw they were behind the couch and she knew exactly why. It was obvious that they were spying the guys and listing to their conversation. So Nicole got on her knees next to her friends. “Hey, girls what are you two doing?” she asked, even if she knew the answer to that. “Shhh, we’re trying to hear if they talk about us” Ashley answered me. “Well, I’m sure they will” I told her. Just before I got up I heard them talk about us, well that’s what I thought for a moment. “Wow, we sure are lucky to share room with three cute girls” Nick said to his brother Kevin. “Well, yeah, but I have to admit I think I have a crush on Nicole” Kevin confessed to his brother. “What? Are you serious? Joe is gonna kill you if he finds out!!” Nick warned him. “Yeah, I know. That’s why this has to be our secret.” Kevin said. “Ok, I won’t say a word, but, he’s gonna find out soon, and plus I don’t think that if you really have a crush on her, you’ll just sit here without doing nothing” said Nick. “I won’t, I’ll figure something out, you’ll see” Kevin told Nick. “Sure but don’t hurt no ones feelings” Nick begged Kevin. “Of course I won’t” he promised.After hearing that I got up without making a noise and went to my room. Kasey and Ashley followed me, and that’s when my life changes. Kasey starts yelling at me, and Ashley seems to be on her side. I just wasn’t in the mood so I just grabbed my backpack and headed to the lobby. When I got there I saw Joe sitting in a couch watching T.V.. I put my bag on the floor and sat down next to him. “Hey.” I said trying not to sound sad. “Hey, I know what happened” he told me. “Really?” I asked him surprised, ‘cause I haven’t seen him since last night. “No, but I would love to” he said smiling at me. And I just couldn’t resist his smile so I told him everything. He seemed to understand, or maybe he just wasn’t listing, cause he just stared at me. When I finshed telling him all the drama, I asked him: “So, what do you think?”. “Well, you have the most beautiful eyes in the world” he said still smiling at me. “No, silly, I mean of the your brother’s crush on me” I told him, and I guess he wasn’t listing at all, cause when I said those words he started to get serious and stopped smiling. “Are you kidding? Kevin knows you and me have….. Well, you know” he said to me. “Actually I don’t” I told him, cause I just wanted him to asked me to be his girlfriend and stop just flirting with me all the time. “Well, I really feel something for you and do you feel something too?” he asked me. I grabbed his hands. “Of course I do” I said leaning in to kiss him. But someone interrupted us, yeah it was Kevin. “Excuse me bro, I was about to kiss the girl of my dreams” he said winking at me. But I realized he was saying that on propose, he wanted his own brother to get jealous. “Kevin just ignored Joe and took my hand, “Mind if we walk to class together?” he said. I was about to tell him that I did mind, but Joe made a sign telling me to go on. “No, I don’t” I answered him. So he grabbed my backpack and we started to head to class. I was really nervous, I was with my almost boyfriend’s brother, who had a secret crush on me, well not that secret. “So do you like living with all of us, me, my bros and your friends?” he asked me on the way. “Well, I guess. But I wished I could have my own place to stay at and study” I told him. “Cause the Principal said there are going to be some free rooms after the exams, you know, the ones who don’t get good grades will have to leave.” he told me. “Really? In that case I might move with the girls to a smaller room” I said to him. “Oh, you do know the rooms that will be available will be only for two students?” he told me. But he thought I had no idea of what he was trying to do. “Yeah I do, so?” I asked him, knowing exactly what he was going to say. “Would you like to move with me?” he asked. “Listen Kevin, your sweet and cute and lots more, but you do know I’m going out with your brother Joe, right?” I said. “Yeah I do, I’m so jealous of him” he said to me. I laughed but saw he didn’t so I just made a deal with him and headed back to the lobby to tell Joe what it was.“What, are you crazy?” he yelled. “Well, it’s just not fair that he has no hopes with me, plus you are so going to win” I told him and kissed him gentley. He smiled and kissed me back, we did the same for like 2 full minutes. “Ok, I will play in this contest game, but remember all the moments we been through. He said and kissed me again. And quickly pulled away. “I will” I told him and grabbed his hand. We started to walk to class, and this time for real.When we got in, well we were late, and Kevin saw me with Joe, but he remember the contest I told him about so, we had to start all over. I sat in the back middle of the room and at my right sat Joe and at my left, well, Kevin, who else? I looked at my watch and winked at both of them. It was time for the contest to begin. Let me tell you about the rules. Each of them would have an amount of time to flirt, talk, or do what ever they wanted to, to impress me, and they also had a month to make me fall in love with one of them. The prize? Well, me of course, as a girlfriend and a date to the Halloween dance.First was Joe’s turn, he wrote me letter when the teacher wasn’t looking. The first one was a simple question: Do you like water? I wrote yes and gave it to him. Then he gave it to me and I read: Well, you like 70% of my body. I looked at him. I knew he had better stuff then that. Then it was Kevin’s turn. He gave me a piece of paper with a song written on it. It was so romantic I gave him a kiss on the cheek, but too bad the teacher saw me. “Nicole, education comes before love” she said out loud. I turned around to see Joe getting mad, or wait was he jealous? Chapter 3: I think he was mad and jealous at the same time. But I just didn’t expect Kevin to be so romantic. Honestly, I just made this contest to give him a “Chance”, I knew Joe was going to win, but now I am in big doubt. So after class it was a tie. I decided to walk alone back to the suit and ask the girls for some help, though I knew Kasey wasn’t going to be happy about Kevin wanting to win me. But I guess I just needed to be honest, and after all I was going to tell her that I wanted Joe and the reason why I made up this contest. I just hope she understood.So when I finally got to the suite, after being practilly chased by Joe and Kevin, I got inside and waited for someone to greet me, you know say at least hi. But no one did. Have they al ready found out about the stupid contest? Did everyone hate me know? Or was I just imagining everything?Well the first person I saw was Nick on the couch watching Gossip Girl.“Nick, what are you watching?” I said surprised, I’ve never seen a guy watch a show like that. But then I though about while he gave me a “why do you care” kinda look. “Never mind” I said walking to my or should I say our room. When I closed the door behind me and turned around I saw Kasey laying on her bed with her iPod. “Is she ok?” I asked Kelly who was checking her email on her laptop. “Um, yeah I think so….. She’s just sad that Kevin won’t pay attention to her” she replied still clicking on her mouse. “Pay attention?” I asked, well I wanted to know what kind of attention she wanted to get from him. “Well, you know, she kind of wants him to flirt with her, like she does, and maybe get a real date” she said back. “Ok, what? A real date?” I asked, I mean she went on a date with him on the first day they met. “She didn’t tell you, did she?” Ashley asked me looking up from her screen. “Tell me what?” I asked, ok this time I had no idea of what she was talking about. “About her date. Well, they did have what you would call a date, but Kevin just asked her about you all the time, and know well he knows your fave fruit, color, animal, ice cream flavor, well about almost everything” she said with a really sad look. “So you mean that Kevin really had a crush on me?” I asked scared. “Yeah and not just a crush on you I heard him saying to Nick this morning before you heard them, that he will do everything that it takes to get you” she finished saying to me. “To get me?” I asked, cause now I was really scared. “Don’t be scared he is like not going to hunt you.” she said putting her eyes back on the screen. “Oh, thank God” I said in relief. “He just wants to get married with you and live happily ever after… with you of course” she said looking away from the screen again but she didn’t look at me she looked at Kasey with a sad face. “Ok, what? Me and Kevin married?” I asked. I really had no problem with that Kevin was a really nice and caring person and was really good looking too. I would totally marry him if Mr. Perfect wasn’t already my almost boyfriend, and yes, I mean Joe. Ok, so what should I do now? Should I give Kevin a shot? Or should I stay with my prince charming? Wait…. Who is my prince charming?Ok, PANIC!!I got up from the my bed where I was listing to Ashley tell me things she should had kept to herself. But, this wasn’t as bad as I thought, I had information, about Kevin’s wish. Ok. But I can’t tell Joe about this, he would freak out and who knows what else. So I walked to the living room where Nick was and sat next to him. I felt calmed for a moment. Cause Nick didn’t have any feeling for me, not that if I was about to kill my self he wouldn’t stop me, it’s just that he knew me as a friend, that’s what he saw me as and I really liked knowing a guy like that. “So Blaire and Chuck are together now?” I asked to make him speak, cause if you don’t talk to him he wouldn’t talk to you at all, except maybe to his brothers and Ashley of course. “I don’t know yet” he said staring at me like if I was crazy. What did I say now? Had I missed the “good” part of the show, had Blaire killed herself did Chuck move? “What?” I asked he just laughed. “Nothing it’s just that, never mind” he left me wondering.Then after a few more minutes, of commercials of course, the door flew opened and Joe and Kevin where fighting to get in. I got up immediately, this was getting out of control. “STOP!!” I yelled at the two. And well you can bet they did exactly what I said. I bet if I said, fly to Paris and get me the new collection of fall they would totally do it. This was really freaking me out. Only Joe did what I told him to do, well, to be honest not even him. Liked when I was in the bathroom and I told him to get me the shampoo, I waited for like an hour, then I realized I would just have to skip it. When I got out of the bathroom I saw everything was dark and guess what the boy obviously was sleeping in his room. But I didn’t really cared I loved him, no matter what. Wait, if I dated Kevin would he get me the shampoo? I just gotta stop thinking those kind of stuff.So there I was, with the two of them, waiting for my next instruccion. “Please stop fighting, that won’t give you extra points at all” I yelled at them. I saw Joe’s face, I knew he didn’t deserve it but if I told just Kevin, well, poor Kev.Wait, what am I saying, oh my God did I have a crush on him as well?I just tried to find an answer to all of the question I made my self that day. While the two of them ignored themselves.The next morning, I woke up but with Kasey and Ashley almost on top of me. I saw they were sad. Wait was Kasey still mad at me because of the Kevin thing, maybe, what why was Ashley sad, oh no, did I accidentally flirt with Nick without noticing?“Nicole, we are so sorry” I heard Kasey tell me. “What? Sorry?” I asked really confused. “Yeah we’re moving, sorry again” Ashley informed me. “What? Moving!?” I almost yelled at them, but I wasn’t really angry at them. “Yeah, sorry it‘s just that we had a really important exam….” Kasey started telling me. “…but we didn’t get good grades at all.. we are so sorry” Ashley finished hugging me. “Wait you can’t leave” I begged them. “Don’t worry we will call you everyday” Ashley told me trying to make me feel better, but it didn’t work. And then I realized the real reason why they couldn’t leave me alone. “Kevin, Joe, No!” I said without realizing I said it out loud. “What?” they both asked really confused. “Nothing at all” I said. I really couldn’t let them know that stuff, they failed an exam, I think that’s enough punishment, don’t you? Well, if you can’t get good grades you either pay or leave that’s how it’s here. I said good bye to them and then they left, just like that. It’s really hard to make friend, especially good ones like them and all of a sudden they leave. Well, but it wasn’t that bad I had the room all to myself. Who am I kidding, these was reallt bad and not even the whole building would make me feel better. I got dressed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast I wasn’t in the mood for cooking so I just grabbed some cereal and milk, you know, in a bowl. I took a seat on a chair and started eating. Then it came, or should I say “they” came. Yeah Joe and Kevin. They had no idea about Ashley and Kasey, and I think it was because they couldn’t stand saying goodbye to someone they loved, even if they weren’t dating. “What happened?” asked Kevin worried for my mood. “Well, they left” I said, yep just like that. “They?” Joe asked kind of forgetting about Kevin greeting me first then him. “Yeah Kasey and Ashley” I told him. He didn’t take it to bad, he just didn’t smile but then he just went to make breakfast. Joe on the other hand knew me better, he knew what they meant to me, so he kissed me on the forehead and hugged me real tight. “I’m so sorry” he said with a sad voice. “It’s ok, it’s not like someone died or anything” I told him smiling at him. He knew I loved him and wasn’t going to let a stupid contest ruin our chemistry. He smiled back, and went to make his breakfast too.Nick seemed to have heard too, he came in the kitchen sad, not smiling at all, and all of a sudden he walked to me and hugged me. I saw Kevin and Joe turn around and with a disgusted face look at their brother. Oh no, this wasn’t happing did Nick want to join the contest too, now that Ashley left? I had no idea how I was going to survive almost a year with them three. Chapter 4: So after Nick’s long hug, and I say long cause it really was a long one, like 3 minutes; I went to my room grabbed my stuff and headed down stairs. I waited a while on the couch there reading a magazine, cause it still wasn’t time to go to class then I looked at my watch and grabbed my stuff again and started walking to my home room class. I heard some steps, but didn’t pay to much attention to it. All of a sudden I felt some one grabbed my shoulder, I stopped walking and turned around to see Nick. “I’m so sorry about this morning” he said while I tried to figure out why he was saying it. Cause after all he really liked Ashley and was upset about her leaving. “No, it’s ok. You shouldn’t be sorry” I said, but then I realized, how he would take does words? I guess he didn’t just hug me because of Ashley cause his face lid up when I told him that and hugged me again. “Nick” I said almost out of breath, his hugs where just so tight, but with kindess at the same time, or wait was it love? “Oh, I’m sorry..again” he said but this time he said it with a smile. “Ok, you have to tell me the real reason why you hugged me this morning” I told him. I was more confused then I had been with Kevin and Joe. “Well, I don’t know” he answered me. “How can you not know” I asked. By this moment I could see how his smile faded, but he wasn’t getting mad or sad, he just looked, embarrassed? Oh no what was he going to say to me now?“Ok, I’ll tell you but don’t tell Kevin and Joe” he said while I waited for the truth. “Of course not” I said, smiling. Wow I had smiled at Nick. Which never had happened before and he never smiled, well only to Ashley and sometimes not always. “I…..Like you” he conffesed to me “and a lot” he finished. I looked at his face, he was still waiting for me, to see my reaction. “Really? I thought you liked Ashley?” I told him still surprised. “Well, Ashley was cute, but your way more then that” he said. I was about to tell him something else but I saw he was going to keep talking. “I love your personality and the way even though I never talked to you, you still talk to me, and when I saw you with Joe I was a little jelouse but I thought: I have Ashley. But now she’s gone and well is it me or Kevin likes you too?” he asked laughing a bit. “Yeah, he does” I answered laughing. “See that’s why I didn’t want you to tell my brothers about this. Cause if they knew well they would so kill me” he told me still laughing a little. Wow he managed to tell me how he felt about me even when he knew I was into Joe and Kevin liked me too. I couldn’t say anything else, I just gave him back one of the tight hugs he gave me a while ago. And after that we didn’t say a word, well I think because he was kind of waiting for me to accept him, accept his love. But what about Joe? And Kevin? Yeah maybe Kevin wasn’t the one I shared my first kiss with, but I did like him. Oh this is so not good.So we just walked to class, now I knew why he told me all that today, because we had every class together on Tuesdays, not almost every class, but every single class together! He had really thought about it before.First we had Math. He just looked down at his notebook, while waiting for the teacher to write something on the board. “Nick, do you have a pencil I can borrow?” I asked him. Ok, I did have one, in fact I had two just in case someone asked me to borrow one, but I just wanted him to look at me, I wanted to see his beautiful chocolate eyes, and his cute curls, and maybe even get him to smile. “Um, yeah, here” he said handing me a pencil and SMILING at the same time! He smiled, again. Wow, I had to admit that even though he didn’t smile a lot when he did it was just the most beautiful smile ever, it really made me melt.What was I doing? Was I flirting with Nick? Again?So after that we didn’t really talked a lot. But then in Scinece class the teacher split us in teams of two to do the homework, and yeah me and Nick were one. He seem happy, and I think I was too. So then after science that was the last class of the day we went back to the suite walking together. I wonder it he was going to act like he did in class in front of his brothers. Well, I guess I ‘ll just have to wait and see. We went in and Joe and Kevin were on the couch, oh my. Well Nick wasn’t holding my hand or anything. That’s what I thought but he grabbed my hand as soon as he saw his brothers where looking at us. He led me into my room, and his brothers didn’t seem happy about it. He closed the door behind him. “What was that?” I asked. “I’m sorry, again, ok, but I just want you so bad” he said. “Want me? What is that suppose to mean in guy language?” I asked him, cause I was not understanding why he wanted me “so bad”. “That I love you a lot!” he said leaning in to kiss me. What should I do? Should I kiss him? Should I run out of the room? What now??? Chapter 5Ok, so I did. I know you may think I’m crazy but I just wanted to see how he kissed. So I let him kiss me, and then I kissed back, and when I did this I saw a smile spreading on his face. Oh, he must really like me, cause I was like the only person who made him smile so easily. Just then he kept on kissing me, I had no idea of what to do at this point, we were now making out!! But I had to admit I liked it, and a lot. Just then I realized he forgot to lock the door before the makeout session, cause Joe and Kevin walked right in. Ok, I was so busted. Not by Kevin, but by Joe. Nick’s back was facing them , but there was a mirror in front of him, and he had seen them but he just kept on making out with me in front of his brothers. I couldn’t stop either and I really didn’t want to. But I gave him a “stop” look and he stopped right away. He turned around and saw his brothers, he wasn’t surprised at all, he knew they where there, he just kissed me one more time and said “See ya later” and walked to his room. Kevin and Joe stared at me, Joe was the one who didn’t understand at all what he just seen. “I’m sorry” I said as I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back. Kevin just looked at me confused too. I kiss Joe and hugged him once more. And then walked towards Kevin, I did the same, well instead that I kissed him on the cheek, but he seemed to have liked it anyways. “It’s ok, I’m not your official boyfriend anyways” he said sadly. “Listen guys, I have no idea of what to do, I really like all of you three. I know it sound crazy but, I just do” I told them even though Nick wasn’t there they understood perfectly who I meant by saying “you three”. “So, your dating Nick now?” Kevin asked me really sad. “No!” I told them almost yelling. “Then why were you two making out?” Joe asked he was really pissed off now, really mad, but he didn’t want to hurt me by yelling at me and saying bad things to me. “I don’t know, I just like him, like I said before, he leaned in to kiss me and I let him, but then I guess I liked it and kissed him back, and then well he did the rest, he kissed me again and again and before I know he was making out with me.” I explained to them. “But it’s not he’s fault, please don’t hurt him” I said. “Hurt him?” Kevin said confused but laughing at the same time. “His our brothers Nicole, we wouldn’t hurt him” Joe explained to me. “Oh” I said in relief, that he wasn’t going to be in “big trouble”.I when to the kitchen and made some Mac and cheese for the four of us and we ate quietly. Then the three guys sat on the couch and watched TV while I did my homework, it was then I realized. “The science homework” I yelled running to the living room. “Oh, yeah. I forgot about it” Nick said while getting up. “Let do it now” I told him. “Um, sure ok” he said while walking my way. So we both went to his room and started working on it. I sat on Joe’s bed after all he was my almost boy friend. Well at least before me and Nick kissed. “Did Joe get mad at you?” he asked me while grabbing a pencil and giving it to me. “Not really, and I don’t understand why he didn’t.” I told him while I wrote my name on the homework sheet. “So, wanna go out tonight?” he asked me while he did the same I had done on the sheet. Of course we had only one sheet for both and I saw how he wrote his name next to mines with a pen: Nicole & Nick.“Um, I don’t know, first I have to solve the contest problem” I told him thinking he already knew about it. “Contest?” he asked having no clue what I was talking about. “Wait a sec, you don’t know about it?” I asked thinking he had kissed me to win it. “Not really, what’s the prize” he asked interested in this contest. “Um, well me” I said “Oh, then I think I wanna enter it” he said with a flirty voice, smiling at me at the same time. “Ha-ha, how funny” I said sarcastically. “Why, can’t I enter it?” he asked still in a flirty voice. “Uh, sure why not” I said reading to my self the first question. “Great, cause I think I’m gonna win” he said kissing me. Ok this time I didn’t see it coming, all I saw was question number one. I pulled away as soon as I could and handed him the sheet so he could answer the next question. He grabbed it and took a while writing and then he handed it to me, he had answered all of them, well except the first one of course. “Ok, we finished…. The homework” he said smiling at me. He was so changed at first he was nice and sweet and now he was flirty and wanted to kiss me every time he could. I got up and looked at him with a diguested face and went to the living room and sat between Kevin and Joe. I realized Nick didn’t follow me. I was safe, I think.Chapter 6:Ok so I sat on the couch between Kevin and Joe. And then I felt Joe’s arm around my waist. And then I felt something on my shoulder it was Kevin’s arm. But it wasn’t as freaky as Nick wanting to make out with me at every second. “Nick kissed me again” I said wating for their reacction. “And you kissed back?” Joe asked me. “No, I pulled away this time” I told them. “So what happened?” Kevin asked. “Well, I don’t know what happened to him, he was so nice and sweet and now he is so….um… well flirty” I explained to them. “That happenes when he get’s jelouse” Joe told me. “Yeah don’t worry if we leave you alone he’ll be nice and sweet again” Kevin said. “Wait your going to leave me alone?” I asked I really liked them fighting for me, well as long as no one got hurt. “If you want” Joe told me. “I have no idea, how about this, Nick “gets me” on mondays and tusdays, Joe you “get me” on Wensdays and Thursdays and Kevin you “get me” on Fridays and Saturdays. Who ever I like more well, I’ll see” I told them. “Ok, but what about Sundays?” Joe asked “Well, I need to have my free day” I said laughing. “Ok” they both said at the same time “But you have to tell Nick this too” Kevin said. “I will, just not now” I told them. So the realized it was Tuseday and took their arms off me. I got up and went to Nick’s room and knocked on the door first. “Come in” he yelled from inside. I opened the door and walked in, and saw him sitting on his bed with his iPod, I saw he had some tears on his face. I walked over to him and sat on the bed next to him. “Nick, what’s wrong?” I asked him. I really felt bad, I don’t know how he did it but he always made me care about him, no matter what he had done before. “Nothing” he said lying. “Nick I know something is wrong, please tell me” I said to him waiting for him to tell me the truth. “Fine” he said before whiping his tears and telling me every thing. “Will I just can’t belive you didn’t kiss me when I leaned in, I mean I know you like Joe and that but you have to admit that you liked it when we kissed in your room today” he said smiling. “I did not” I lied to him. “Of course you did” he said leaning in to prove it. “Wait, before I have to tell you something” I told him standing up. “Oh, so you did like it” he said smirking. “Of course” I said laughing “So what did you wanted to tell me” Nick asked me. “Well, remember the contest thing?” I asked him. He nodded so I kept explaing. “Well, you can enter, but there are rules” I said, when I told him he could enter a wide smile spreaded on his face, but the word rules changed everything. “Well, only one. You and your brothers have days to have my attention, yours are Mondays and Tusedays, Joe’s Wnedsday and Thusrday an Kevin’s Friday and Sataurday” I explained to him. He seem to be ok with it. “So, I wasted yesterday” he said leaning in. “Yeah, but you have today” I told him leaning in too. He gentley kissed me on the lips and I kissed back. After like 10 minutes of making out. He pulled away. “That was good” he said smirking. I laughed and hit him with a pillow that was on the bed. “Ow” he said laughing. “So, wanna go out” he asked me. I looked at the clock it was 11pm and on a schoolday everything closed at 10. But I still nodded. So I grabbed a jacket and he grabbed my hand and lead me to the elevator. We got in and in a few seconds we were at the lobby. “Here, hold still” he said. “What are you doing?” I asked him as he blindfoled me. “You’ll see…..well when I take it off” he told me laughing. He grabbed my hand again and lead me somewhere. When we got there he told me to take my shoes off, and so I did as he said. I felt something soft and smooth, I felt sand. We were at the beach.Chapter 7:“Wow, Nick this is so beautiful!!” I told him while hugging him tight. “I glad you liked it babe” he said placing his lips on mine and kissing me. I kissed back and well you know what happens whenever I kiss back :D“So wanna go for a swim?” he asked me. “Nick, are you insane?!” I told him. “Maybe” he said smiling. And then I saw why he was smiling, he grabbed me and ran with me to the water. “No, put me down” I yelled at him. And before you know it I was soking wet coming out of the water. “You could have told me and I would had brough my bikini” I told him. “Oh, your right I missed out on seeing you in biking” he said looking at me and smiling. “So, do you really like me?” I asked him while sitting down on the sand. “of course” he said smiling. “Wow, cause I though you hated me, since I got here you never smile to me, you even forget to say hi sometimes” I told him. “Well, I always liked you since the first time I saw, it’s just that you seemed so into Joe and so was he into you and I didn’t want to steal my brother’s girl, you know that’s not polite” he said laughing. “Well you did it anyway” I said looking away. “Oh, I so sorry, I forgot you don’t like me” he said. “Of course I don’t” I said sarcastically. He leaned in and we kissed again. After that we headed back “home”. When we got there Joe and Kevin where still watching TV. “Wow, what happened to you to” he said noticing that we were all wet. “Your insane brother took me to the beach and threw me right in” I said kissing his wet cheek. “Right. I hope you had fun, cause tomorrow is my day and Thursday too” Joe said getting up and walking to his room. Wow I had no idea Joe got that jelouse. “Come on” Nick said taking my hand again and leading me to my room. He sat down on one of the empty beds and I layed down on my. I was so tired and wet! “Oh I have to go take a shower” I said getting up. “I’ll go with you” Nick said getting up. “No you won’t, I need some privacy” I said pushing him back on the bed. He just layed there, well he actually grabbed my iPod and listened to some songs. “I can’t belive he was going to come with me” I said to myself very quietly but bumped into Kevin oh I am so sorry