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Im going to a jonas brothers concert and i want Kevin Jonas to sing more solos so plz can you just put your frist name down on this page sooo if runs out of room and numbers plz and plz dont erase this page no more im tring 4 kevin to sing more i thinks its nice!!!
......................Kevin Jonas Can you plz sing more solos
1. amanda
2. (i dont say my real name on the internet) Streampaw123456789
3. lynettte-ilovejonasbrothers77
4. amyles2shop :)
5. andygrl96 yeah i hope kevin sings more solos cause i don't really know what his voice sounds like
6. Logan
7. Breiyanna
8. Jenna
9. Lucia
10. Angel012795 (i love you kevin!!)
11. Clara I think his voice is really low or something
12. lildancedoll18...(but joe is my favorite)....kevin does sing...just in the back though
13. mariah1994- I love nick ♥
14. Bailey (Aprilgirl427)
16. Kaylene (kevin you rock!!!)
17. Sierra ~ i♥joejonas4ever / I LOVE U JB!
18. ama (my friend told me to add her)
19. Missy-D!
20. Maddi JONAS!!! PLZ SING!! SOLOS!
21. Maggiefaygirl (im gonna add a few friends i told them and they said 2 add them
22. Marisol
23. Lisa
24. Stephanie
25. Katherine
26. Lydia(thats all of them who said 2)
27. Sarah- Please sing solos, Kevin!!!!!! *does a puppy pout in the eldest Jonas's general direction* PLEASE?????
28. Gaby-Luvnickjonas ;) I love the Jonas Brothers!
29. Jessie~~~~I LUV YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!
31. Drenay-- I don't see what a petition can do, but hey- i'll sign it to show how much I care for kevin :)
32. Michelle--Will you marry me
33. Leah--Hihihi
34. samantha
35. Carrie
36. Martha--your the best
37. Brittney
38. Laura--dont lett haters keep you down kevin
39. michael jackson, Go PAUL KEVIN JONAS II !!!!!!!
40. Sara- go KeViN! We All LUV YOU!!! ROCK ON!
41. tabyyy go kevvv i love youu
42. Rachel, You rock and can sing good!! So sing more!
43.{falloutboyrox221 and jobrorox402}- i like all of the jobros so kevin singing more would be great!
44. is another petition trying to get kevin to sing more: 45. Shrimpie22 =)
46. sam--im a boy but i want to hear your voice
48. Amber--i want to marry you
49. Juile-i luv yoouuuuu
50. ashley
51. Ariana--heyy i want to your concert it was awsome plz sing i didnt hear you sing:(
52. Anna
53. JoNiKe - They're with 3, so they must sing with 3.
54. Sammie--hey i would luv to hear your voice<3
55. cassy-hey kevin you rock
56. sarah-i luv u
57. tayor-watz up could u sing more
58. ashley-ahhh i luv you guyz
59. Denni- KeViNy!!! Ahhh! I luv you!!!!
60. Megan! I personaly love Kevin.This may not change anything, but it's worth a try (:
61. JaMiE!!!!! OMJ I LUUUV KEVY!!
62. Mickie. I love Kevin!
63. your ttoally right I went to there concert but Kevin arely sang! Kevin when you read this go talk to your brothers!!! I love you kevy! -Isabelle
64. Kevin is superr sweet and Gorgeous just like Nick and Joe. Frankie's adorable too! Kevin's solo in Hello Goodbye at :30 Is sooo hot! His voice sounds sooo sexyyy ! He definitely needs some solos! Love you Kevin
65. marjorie jae most def! kevin should have more solos in their songs ... his voice is awesome, even i think so and im like ... so in love with nick and joe's voice (esp. joe's) im starting to love kevin more now .. he sounds like an angel :)
66. diana
67. Robin I love kevin jonas he is so gooooooddddd!!!
68. Dillon my causion loves you
69. Melody Young KEVIN WE LOVE YOU!! And we love your voice! Please sing more!!!
70. Anonymous kevin jonas needs to sing!
71. Kayla Jones I love Kevin Jonas and ive heard his voice before and i love it he should so have some solo parts or even solo songs. dont get me wrong i love nick and Joe but Kevin is great and very talented.
72. Abby Delaney
73. mita Kevin is amazing!
74. Zoyla Kevin should sing by himself in several songs. I think he should give it a go. He has a great voice!! =]
75. lily i love the jonas brotherssss!!
76. lauren I LOVE KEVIN JONAS!!!!
77. peggy i love you soo much and i heard you sing before and it was great
78. Eileen Kevin has an amazing voice and we all wanna hear more of it!!!
79. Kate please sing more kevin!!!!!!!!! we love you and we want to hear your amazing voice!!!!!!!!! 80.aimee lets hear more of his lovely voice =]
81. Lizi Kevin. I love you. Sing please. Lux
82. ALYSSA yes kevin jonas should have more solos! he has an amazing voice i dont know why he dosent have many solos! Love Forever, Alyssa A.K.A Kevin jonas #1 fan!
83. brittni carradine His voice is gorgeous.
84. Joy kevin you need to sing more!! we all know you can!
85. Meri I want Kevin to sing more!!!!! I just know he's got a great voice, and it totally needs to show more!
85. Alex --Kevin is a great singer and the world needs to knoe KEVIN is so cool and cute and i am in love with him and I WANT HIM TO SING MORE!!!!
86. Leslee ==Kevin rocks!!
87. Michelle- I love you Kevin! <33 You rock, and your singing is just as great as your guitar skills. =] I hope you can sing like you did in Hello Goodbye. You were awesome!!
88. Patty-i love you
89. Mary--do you want a bridhouse
90. Hilary-OMJ Plz sing more ilove you soooo much plz marry me
91. Hannah --i love your style
92. easypeezy -- plz go to my wikis: & I LOVe all the JOnas Brothers but Joe is my fav!!!!! Joe is soooo CUTE!!!!!!!
93. catherin--umm i LOVE YOOOOOOUUUUU
94. Taylor--Your sooo hot will you marry me cause im 18 years old plzplzpzlpzlzplzplzplz
95. Haley--Im a fan but im nnot a hugre fan with ojd
96. Arron i love you but i wish i can come to a concert
97. Becky-----Kevin look how many people want you to sing
98. IZEY--im the biggist fan out there and it would even make it bigger if you sing solos kevin
99. Jansta--ok i just want to hear you sing plz i want to soo bad
100. Victoria-- i cant beleve im the hunderth person to sign
101. Brittany

102. Smandy{joe is my fav :)}
103. nickjonas411
104. Sam-Kevin is awesome :D
105. Emily-Cherrytail~
106. me whoever i am...
107. Carly- luv you kevin go 107!
108.Sarah-YOU ROCK!
109. Jessica- I Want To Hear Just Kevin Singing
110. danielle-go kevin lovers! i want kevin to sing more so bad!!!! at least once!!!!
112. Erika; I have always wished Kevin would sing more. Go Kevin!!!!!
113. Stephanie - i want to hear Kevin sing more :p look how many other people want to as well
114. Suzanna <3 ~ 100%Jonas!!!!!!! []
115. Rachel- Let Kevin be heard!
116. Autumn - Kevin should be able to sing just as much as Nick and Joe
117: Jasmine !! (CA) i am pretty sure kevin can sing!! If not i am always glad to help!!
118. Melissa ~ K2 <33
119. Leah-i love nick and joe but kevin is just as amazing and his voice really is amazing ive heard it!

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