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: Oregon
My Story: I'm 12 years old, my birthday is July 17th and I'm a 7th grader. I live in Oregon! I'm energetic. My favorite color is Baby Blue. I Love Singing & the Jonas Brothers!! :) If I could live anywhere, it would be California or New York. My dream jobs are becoming a Singer/Actress & journalist/photographer. I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm hyper.
Why I'm a Jonas Brothers Fan: I'm A Jonas Brothers fan because the Jonas Brothers are real and inspirational. They make me feel like I'll be fine whenever I listen to their music.
I should be a Jonas Brothers moderator because: I'm trustworthy, responsible & I can advertise this site alot!! I can help and contribute alot to this site! I also have a site designing and management experience. I have a site with my cousin, it sorta popular.

More about my campaign

My slogan: Hold on Tonight in 6 minutes Just u wait and see I Tammy in A little bit longer will become a moderator! That's Just the Way I Roll =P
My favorite thing to do on this site: Talk to friends & meet new people
My role models: My mom, dad, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato & The Jonas Brothers
My favorite Jonas Brothers song: I can't choose so my top 4 are Burning Up, When You look me in the eyes, Video Girl & Live to party!
Favorite Jonas Brother: All of them even Frankie Jonas! I can't choose. They all are amazing and great role models! :] Like Frankie is SUPER adorable, Nick is a AMAZIN role model by telling kids around the world to stay positive about having diabetes, Joe is amazingly funny & Kevin is super sweet.
I LIKE ...
  • Jonas Brothers!
  • My family & friends!
  • Animals
  • Singing
  • This Site! =]
  • Watching movies with friends
  • Going to YMCA & school dances! =)
  • Starbucks Coffee (Iced Vanilla Late)
  • Listening 2 music
  • Reading
  • Candy =P
  • People who are mean & diss my family & friends
  • Cats (sorry 2 every one that does)
  • People who think they're all that
  • JoBro fans that only like nick and/or Joe and Hate Kevin (They are sooo mean!)
  • People that judge u just by how u look

My favorite Jonas Brothers pictures:
home - Jonas Fever
home - Jonas Fever
home - Jonas Fever
My favorite Jonas Brothers videos:
Lovebug! Burning Up!

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