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Sorry that i didn't tell you it was 7:05 But 6 Minutes ago You were Pushing Me Away.
Maybe It's Because You got Poison Ivy from The Pizza girl. I Have to Take A breath Then You Need To Tell Me Why I Need To Move On. You Simply Say Because Your Paranoid of My Games. I Tell You Don't Walk Away And I Ask What Did I Do to Your Heart?. You Reply By Saying Hey Baby Don't tell Anyone But Your Much Better. But I Can't Have You If Your A One Man Show I say.You Tell Me To Hold On Before I Walk Out. You Just Don't Know It But Were Inseparable. But I'm Not Mandy. So Your The Girl Of my Dreams. I Believe In A saying Called I Am What I Am. We Were Just Friends Before We Went To Hollywood. Hey We're Gonna Be Alright Just Give Love A Try. I Apperciate That But Im Either Lovesick Or I Caught the Lovebug. Dear god I've Been Waiting An Eternity To Tell You Your What I go to School For.
All This Time I Was Keepin It Real When I Had this Crazy Kinda Crush On You. I Wanna Be like You and how you Live To Party. You Can Just Fly With Me And Don't Speak.It's Time For Me To fly Right.I Just Don't Want To Be The Underdog.Well At Least Your Not The Video girl.Yeah But One Day At A time Im Sending Out S.O.S.Don't Charge Me for The Crime For Forgetting To Put up That Shelf.Can We go To Australia? You Have to Wait A Little Bit Longer.Besides we'll Be Burnin Up Down there.Love Is On It's Way For those Poor Unfortunate Souls.In The year 3000 kids Of The Future Will Play My Music.Please Be Mine Before the Storm Hits.I Want You To Turn Right When You Look Me In The eyes.Im Still In Love With You Be cuz You Got Me Going Crazy.I've Gotta Find You even If I have To Go Out Of this World.Hello Beautiful You've Got To BB Good To Me though.I Always Say Hello Goodbye But I Never Say Goodnight And Goodbye.Your My Infatuation So Im Gonna getcha Good.I Have Higher love In WW3.I Know It's Weird But Thats Just The Way We Roll.I Just Have One Final request.What You answer.Will You Please play The Black Keys Tonight.

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