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hayyyHey, I'm ElijahFan. I'm a member here. I was wondering...have any of you guys here had a dream about the Jonas Brothers? All three of them or Nick, Joe, or Kevin. If so, share them!


Yes i have...... Ok so i was at there concert and then i was at home and then i was on a date w/ joe who then kissed me...

I had a dream, I was in Paris. I had stopped there to see my grandmother. I was at this diner eating, when JOE JONAS, Nick and KEVIN showed up. I was so nervous that I passed out, OMgosh I felt so stupid. When I woke up my dad was telling me to get dressed and go to school. Yeah me... I had another one, but I forgot it. I feel so weird. But, thats the dream I had. But, it can also be called a NIGHTMARE. (Atleast I got to meet them??) Haha.

I had a dream w/ Nick and Kevin, It all started w/ me in this californian tiki bar when all of the sudden Kevin comes in and he was smiling at me when, out of no where, he starts 2 grow devil horns!!!! I was all like, "OMJ!!!" and then it skipped to another dream, I was then in front of the effial tower and nick was laying on this stone fence and he was sleepy looking ( he looked really cute! ) and he smiled so I went over 2 him and was like "this is my first time..." And then he said " Its OK I'll be nice.." and i leaned in and kissed him( OMJ IT FELT SOOO REAL, I COULD FEEL HIS LIPS ACTUALLY TOUCH MINE ) and we looked into each others eyes and that was the end of my dream ...sry Joe u weren't in there:-(

I had a dream where my friend, Kayla, and I were at my dad's friend's daughter's birthday party. It was our third day there, and we had just came home from school. It was at this fancy hotel, where the rooms were the size of houses. My dad's friend's daughter is only 6, so she and her friends had to go to bed, even though it was still really bright outside. Kayla and I went into the hotel and passed Denise Jonas. That should've really tipped me off, but it didn't. We walked into the living room, and guess who we saw! Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed right! The Jonas Brothers! They were sitting on the couch playing video games. They looked up and said, "Please don't scream, please don't scream..." Kayla and I looked at each other, then she asked, "Can we come in?" They said yes, and we went in and sat beside them. They asked us if we wanted to play the game. So we took the controllers from them and started playing. After a while, they got up and left. But hang on! It doesn't end there! After a while, Kayla and I got up and we were just talking. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off, and I realized my butt was really warm. My butt was on fire!!! Suddenly, someone picked me up and started carrying me toward the kitchen. I got a tiny look at who it was. IT WAS JOE!!!!!!!!!!!! He carried me into the kitchen, set me in the sink, (???) and turned the water on. Remember, my butt was on fire. After a little while, he turned the water off, but he didn't let go of me! I sat there happily in his arms with my eyes closed. Then I woke up...

Way cool! These dreams are awesome. I just had a dream that Nick and I were engaged. It was awesome cause we were planning the wedding in my dream and he just started kissing me. The rest I can't tell you of cause it's rated R if you know what I mean. LOL. But it is awesome to have dreams of them! HAHA!


I had a dream that I was at a Jonas Brothers concert and Joe and Kevin pulled me up on stage with my friends, and they started sing When You Look Me In the Eyes
and then when I got home Nick, Joe, and Kevin were on my bed and they were flirting with me..... and then I woke up:(:(:(:(:(:(
- alliejonas39

Recently, I had a dream where I was trapped in an elevator with Nick. :D And he acted like he was totally in love with me, too. I mean, that would usually be good enough, but to be trapped somewhere with him for HOURS is just incredible! He kissed me more than once in that dream. But of course, my mom woke me up during the BEST PART. :P

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