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Fanfiction Stories:

Title: Always And Forever
By: Mrs.NicholasJ.Jonas
Category: Friendship/Romance
Link: Always And Forever
-There's a definiton for love, and there's a definition for friendship. But there's nothing in between. What happens when new feelings come into the picture? Will they risk their life-long friendship for something more, something unsure and new? No one said feelings were an easy thing...especially when were talking about love! Starring: Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers, OC (Original Character)

Disclaimer: I don't own Jonas Brothers or anything else!
Update: Chapter 8 is up!
Status: In progress.

Always And Forever
Title: When Two Worlds Collide
By: Mrs.NicholasJ.Jonas
Category: Drama/Hurt/Loss/Romance
Link: When Two Worlds Collide
-The Jonas Brothers have taken the world by storm. Then suddenly a terrible accident takes place, and they disappear, the news only saying that they're having a break from their normal lives. They suffer from a near death experience where they lost someone incredible close to their hearts, their parents. No one knows where they are, fans are loosing their hopes as their favoite band don't fill magazines or the TV screen anymore. That's they day they find out they need to start over again, far away from their precious home and country. Trying to deal with their loss, the hurt and sorrow, they come to meet someone who changes their lifes forever. But can these normal and random people help them and fix them again? Will they ever handle to do what they desire most here in life, music? And will stronger feelings and bonds develop eventually? Can they move on? Here comes the story of a world famous band who got their biggest nightmare come true.
-Tragedy, Loss, Hurt, Sorrow, Drama, Hope, Love and Lust!

Disclaimer: I don't own Jonas Brothers or anything else!
Warning: Death
Update: Part 2 of chapter 9 is up!!

When Two Worlds Collide Banner
Title: Seven Years Past
By: holliser1queen3/daria9
Link: Seven Years Past

Update: Chapter 7!
Title:Until Your Mine
Link:Until Your Mine
Summary:Love is a very strong feeling. If you love someone you care about you care for them. Friendship can grow into relationships. But pain happens sometimes in love and relationships. Chances are always given. But always broken. Promises are meant to be keeped not meant to be broken.In this story both Samantha and Nick face difficult challenges.Will their love survive?Or will certain people get in the way?Find out more in...Jonas Brothers Fanfiction - Jonas Brothers Fan Site

Disclaimer:I don't own the Jonas Brothers or any other Disney Channel stars!
Update: Chapter 3 is coming up!
Title: Move On
By: IAmMrsJoeJonas4Life
Category: Romance/Confusion/Drama
Summary: End up moving to a new state and I move to the Jonas Brothers home town, and they live across the street from me.

Title: The Merciful Grace Of God
By: NickLovin~Sarah Pegues
Category: Romance
Link: The Merciful Grace Of God
Summary: Nick and I meet courtesy of Demi Lovato and fall in love on New Year's Eve.
A Little Bit Longer Fanfiction

Title: A Little Bit Longer Text
By: nickj4eva
Link: A Little Bit Longer
Summary: I am an ordinary girl, who doesn't like the Jonas Brothers. But when I'm diagnosed with diabetes, they are the only thing that keeps me happy and determined to make my life as normal as possible. But my life isn't made any easier as I deal with friend drama, and betrayal. I am strong, but am I strong enough to deal with all of this?
Disclaimer: I do not own the Jonas Brothers, and this is not my life-story.
Update: CHAPTER 16!!!!!!!!
Title: Strangers
By: anime_angel96
Hi! I'm Kaitlyn Taylor! Katie for short...Well my life has always been rocking! Since i met them! I mean those 2! I'm confused...everyday and every night there's one question that strikes my mind..being friends is so much easier than being in love!And as days gets tougher and tougher. I have no idea!What would other girls do if they were in my place? Who to be? who to choose? Who to be friends with and who not to be with? This story is about my complicated life....! Who would you choose if you were in my place? A guy who you like and understands you way better than anyone else or someone who you have a crush on???

I do not own the Jonas Brothers (wish I and this is not my life-story
Update : Chapter 3 is up...4 and all coming up shortly...sorry for the long...delay..busy with school and stuff!
Title: The Caribbean Academy
By: Miley27
Category: Romance/Comedy/Friendship/Adventure
Link: The Caribbean Academy
This is kind of like a series. There are episodes and they will be added by parts or in some cases all together. This is about a girl named Nicole who wins a scholarship to study in one of the most expensive academys in the country. On her way there she makes friends and shares room with them, they become BFF's and also meet some nice guys who they fall in love with. This story tells what bosy and girl can do when they share a suite in an academy in the middle of the sea.

Disclaimer: Only a fanfiction!
Update: Part 1
Title: Mr. Popularity
By: Princessmiley
Category: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Link: Mr. Popularity
If there was any mean jock it would be Nick Jonas. Also known as Mr. Popularity. Well, not his brothers. Joe and Kevin seem nicer than Nick. Well, hi I'm Samantha Richards. In school I'm known as the new nerd leader along with my friends, Sasha and Laura, and my little sister Kelly. My brother on the other hand wont help me. He's my big brother and yet he doesn't help me. But you know what? I am not going to let them bring me down. Not this year. But things wont be simple once life starts to make changes.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Jonas Brothers or any of the songs. Nick and Miley don't act this way in real life, this is only fanfiction. So no rude comments please!
Title: Gotta Find You
By: Princessmiley
Category: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Link: Gotta Find You
With Samantha, Lucia and Rachel, Nick, Joe and Kevin, they try to find love. The people they've been dating were always just playing with their hearts. That's until they find they're true love, but with a little twist. They only meet them at a masquerade dance. What will happen to the six of them? Will they ever find each other again? Or will it be untold?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jonas Brothers or anything else. Only the original characters!
Title Crushed
By: Joeluver
Category: Romance/Loss/Hurt/Comfort
Link: Crushed
Every girl has a crush on a boy soon or later - and my time has come. So many thoughts are swimming in my head - a crushing blow from Joe Jonas leaves me in despair...
Update: Chapter 2!
Title: Unpredictable
By: Nicklovin
Category: Drama/Angst/Romance/Friendship
Link: Unpredictable

Update: Section 4!
Title: Secret Admirer
Author: PrincessMiley
Category: Romance/Friendship/Drama/Hurt/Comfort
In East High there is a program called Secret Admirer. In that program each student picks out another students name and gies them Valentine things for a month. Samantha, Miley, Demi, Ashley, Emily, Selena, Nick, Cody, Joe, Kevin, Jason and David are also great friends. Get ready to see who is whose secret admirer in the Valentine's Dance. Relationships, drama, friendship, betrayal and much more. Read to find out who's whose secret admirer!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jonas Brothers or any other celebrities. Please no mean comments about the characters!
Title: Hello Beautiful
By: Raquel_FL
Category: Romance/Drama
Link: Hello Beautiful
When three girls meet the boys of their dreams (aka. Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas) it should just be happily ever after...right? Well, between parents, crazed fangirls, paparazzi, and trying to maintain a huge secret as well as a normal life, things go more than just a little haywire. Can the relationships last, or will the couples be "Burnin' Up"?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jonas Brothers. This is only a fanfiction, and not my life story!
Title: Changes
By: Lovebug05
Link: Changes

Title: When Two Different Worlds Collide
Author: Emibobble
Fern, Violet and Selene may seem like ordinary girls, but they are really Vampires. But when Fern isn't happy about who she is, Violet and Selene decide to attend a normal people school. There are certain rules they need to follow, but when Fern meets the perfect boy, Joe, she doesn't know what to do. Vampires aren't allowed to go out with humans. So one stormy night, she tells her sisters she doesn't want to be a vampire anymore.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with the Jonas Brothers. All I own is my imagination!

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