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A Little Bit Longer Text
A Little Bit Longer Fanfiction

Chapter one: PITY ME
I layed there, staring at the ceiling, emptying my mind. It was too painful to think about the past few days of my life. My life was ruined, and I was going to die. I had been diagnosed with type one diabetes two days ago. I was still at the hospital, and the doctors were still doing tests. My parents had been at the hospital the whole time, and I was now expecting a visit from my best friend, Carly. My only comfort now that my parents had left my room, was my ipod. I turned it on and smiled at the song that was now playing; it was Someday by Nickelback.
"Hey Lizzy! What's up?" Carly asked as she burst into the room.
"Carly! Thanks for coming!" As I said this, I forgot my self-pity, and I was truly happy for the first time. I quickly composed my face into an expression of sorrow. "Come to see me on my deathbed?" "I croaked. "Oh Lizzy, you are such a drama queen," She said rolling her eyes, "You're not going to die! I know all about diabetes! They are not fatal, you'll be fine!"
"You researched diabetes for me? That's so sweet!"
"Ummm..... well..... actually......" she mumbled.
"Actually?" I raised my head off the bed and raised my eyebrows.
"Well, I knew about it before..."
"Umm....., because Nick Jonas has diabetes," she mumbled very softly hanging her head in shame.
"Great! I'm second to some singer! Great friend you are!" I was only so rude because I was hurt, and making others miserable seemed like the best thing to do.
"WELL I'M SORRY IF A MEMBER OF MY FAVORITE BAND GOT DIABETES BEFORE YOU! SO GET OVER IT AND STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF! NO ONE LIKES A WHINER!" Carly had a temper, and she had me cowering against my stiff and scratchy hospital sheet.
"I'm so... sorr... sorry! I'm just so sc... scar... scared!" I was telling the truth, and my sobs were real, not just to get attention. Carly could see this, and she softened up at once.
"I know you're scared, and I don't blame you. But there are so many people who are here to help you, and you'll never have to face diabetes alone. We're here to help you," Carly said, always knowing how to make my day. "Anyways, I've got something to show you. I'm sure you'll love this." She grabbed my laptop off of the table, and opened YouTube. As I watched, she searched "Nick Jonas Reveals his Diabetes", and selected the first thing to show up. "So here it is, it will make you cry, but it will make you see your situation in a new light," She pushed the button, and I watched with more intrest than I'd ever watched anything in my lifetime.
I knew I had tears in my eyes, but I didn't even try to wipe them away. In just five minutes I had changed exactly how I felt about the Jonas Brothers, and my perspective of diabetes had changed. I was going to survive and I was going to live a relatively normal life. I would be fine.
"Lizzy...., are you OK?" Carly spoke tentatively, as if afraid I would be angry.
"I'm fine. You're right, I was being a brat. I'll be fine. Thank you," I was amazed at how calmly I spoke.
My parents came in later, took one look at my face, and sighed in relief. They could tell that I was obviously over my dramatic stage. As soon as I realized they were here, I jumped out of bed and started begging to come home.
"I can see Lizzy is back to normal," my dad said giving me a great big bear hug, "But you can't go home till the doctors say so. But I don't think you'll be here much longer. The doctor's said that all they want to do is discuss different ways to give you insulin, and then you can go."
"Great. On the way home, can we stop at Target? I have some CD's I need to buy. Also, will you pay 34.99 so I can join Team Jonas?"
"What exactly is 'Team Jonas', and why do you need to join?"
"Team Jonas is the Jonas Brothers' official fanclub, and if you join, you get special benefits. I need to join because the Jonas Brothers are my favorite band, and you have to join your favorite band's fanclub!"
"Fine. You can join," my mom said with a smile as she remembered how obsessed she had been with her favorite band as a child.
We didn't have to wait long for the doctor. When he came in and saw that I was in a better mood, a smile lit his weary face.
"Well I'm glad you're in a better mood," he said to me,"Mr. and Mrs. Hertson, I think the best way to give Elizabeth insulin is to give her shots of insulin on a daily basis, and monitor what she eats and monitor her blood pressure using........." That was all I listened to. I knew my parents would handle everything just fine.
Chapter 2: INSANITY
(Two Years Later)
As the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and months turned into years, I began to get a firm grip on my life. It was a little harder than my life had been, but I got used to diabetes. My main inspiration was Nick Jonas. Him, along with his brothers Joe and Kevin plastered the entire surface of my wall. I was insanely obsessed, and Carly was always there telling my something I didn't know about the Jonas Brothers. We belonged to ten different wetpaints in honor of the Jonas Brothers, and we were always searching for more.
"Lizzy! Its Jonas hour!' Carly burst into my bedroom screaming. We'd made 4 to 5 o'clock 'Jonas Hour', where all we could talk about was the Jonas Brothers. Well, Carly had made that up. Her entire life was centered around them.
"Ok," I said hesitantly, praying the hour would go by quickly, so I could study for finals.
"Ok so today we should make our own Jonas Wetpaint, I think we should call it '4ever Jonas', and we should......" I ignored the rest. Carly would honestly do whatever she wanted.
She had changed so much after she became an obsessive fan, which was after I got diabetes. She used to be a straight A student, a social butterfly, and a kid with a clean record. Then, she stopped hanging out with anyone but me, which ruined my social status too. Her grades dropped to C's, and she got five detentions in three months, for talking back to teachers, falling asleep during class, and going on sites the school deemed 'illegal'. Oh yeah, and she was once SUSPENDED, and almost ARRESTED, for cutting class, to try to break into the Jonas Brothers' hotel room. She went to a charity concert, and afterwards chased their bus, until a car hit her and broke her leg. When I'd visited her in the hospital, she'd been ecstatic because Nick had looked at her through the bus window, not even considering her chase stupid, or regretting her broken leg. Yeah, the Jonas Brothers were not having a good effect on her. She was INSANE!
"So what do you think? It needs more Jonas pictures, right?" Carly was pointing to a new wetpaint site called 4ever Jonas, and showing me a page that was entirely covered with Jonas Brothers pictures. There was approximately 1 square centimeter of space left over.
"Sure," I said, knowing she'd ignore me.
See that was the difference between us. The Jonas Brothers had a negative effect on her, but a positive one on me. To me, they were an inspiration to get over diabetes, and a positive light that showed me the right path to take in life. I'd corrected many bad habits, and I'd turned into a better person. I began to do better in school, and at fifteen years old, I had helped hold events for three charities, none of which Carly was a part of. I now wore a purity ring, and after having diabetes for two years, I appreciated life more. To me, the Jonas Brothers were people, to Carly, they were celebrities to drool over.
"Umm.... Carly, I can't do Jonas hour anymore," I spoke quietly, expecting an outburst.
"WHAT?!?!?!" As I expected Carly had freaked. She had whipped her head around, and her eyes were blazing. We stared at each other for at least another minute, me afraid to breathe.
"Why?" Carly's initial shock had faded, and she was struggling to remain calm.
"Because, I got a job," I whispered.
A devilish gleam appeared in Carly's eyes as she said, "How much money will you make?," and I could see that she intended to convince me to use my profits to help us afford Jonas Brothers fan merchandise.
I sighed. Would Carly never again see me as a friend, rather than an assistant in her mission to fall in love with the Jonas Brothers.
"Well, the job is at a non-profit organization, so I won't be paid," I was shocked how evenly I spoke, knowing Carly would go insane again.
"When do you start," she asked surprisingly calm.
"The day after I turn sixteen. They won't accept anyone under sixteen," I said avoiding her eyes.
"So in a week. Where?"
" The Dallas Pet Sanctuary." I was wary as I said this. Five years ago, when we were both eleven, we had gone there, and Carly had seen this gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy, and had returned a week later to adopt it with her parents. But the dog hadn't been there. The puppy had escaped. Carly had cried for a week.
That had done it; I saw Carly's face change as she heard my words. She stopped resisting the anger, and lashed out towards me with a hatred that left me cowering.
"YOU THINK YOU DON'T KNOW ME, CAUSE I DEFINITELY DON'T KNOW WHO YOU HAVE BECOME!" Her words shocked me so much that I didn't even realize I was shouting back until she stormed out. I stood still, for over an hour. Carly and I had never had a fight that couldn't be resolved in a few seconds. It scared me.
When my little sister Amy came into my room to tell me it was dinnertime, I was still frozen. She screamed down the stairs, "Mom! Lizzy won't move! I think she's dead!" Of course I wasn't, but it doesn't really matter to a four-year old.
My mom ran upstairs in fear. when she saw me, she sighed in relief. "Amy, she's not dead, so why don't you go downstairs, and start eating with dad."
As soon as Amy ran down, she turned to me, and said, "What's wrong. You've only gotten like this once, when Carly was in that car crash."
As she said Carly, a tear slipped down my face. Being a mom, she noticed everything, including the teardrop.
"What's wrong with Carly? Is she hurt? Is she okay? Are you hurt? Are you okay?" She tensed.
" Neither of us are hurt physically, just emotionally," I replied dully.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she said relaxing.
I shook my head; talking would be painful. I felt like my heart had split into tiny shards, and like thorns, they were stabbing me, and I bled on the inside.
I skipped dinner, to think. Was it worth it, getting over Carly, and making new friends? Or should I apologize to her? Losing my best friend was awful. Apologizing seemed so hard, almost impossible, yet I knew, that losing a friend is so tough. I fell asleep shortly after ten,exhausted. I had ended up deciding to wait and see what happened.
When I got to school on Monday, it was pure torture. Carly and I had all of our classes together, and we sat next to each other, so I couldn't avoid her. We sat in stony silence, which was odd, as we usually were gigging uncontrollably or whispering. By lunchtime, everyone could see something was wrong, and I couldn't let this last any longer, I had to apologize to Carly.
I sat at our regular table, waiting for her. I had a great view of the doorway, yet Carly never walked through it. I sat there all of lunch, not touching my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When the bell rang, I walked slowly to my Language Arts class, deep in thought.
I saw Carly sitting in her regular seat, and rushed to her.
"Where were you at lunch?" I asked. She didn't respond, but stared straight ahead, not looking at anything.
"Carly, Carly,... oh stop acting like a baby. This whole ignoring stunt is stupid," I said knowing that would get a response. No one, called Carly a baby and got away with it.
"I don't see how that's any of your business, but I was in the library," she responded sounding surprisingly nonchalant.
"But... where did you eat...." the ringing of the bell and the arrival of my teacher cut me short, but Carly wouldn't be able to escape my questions forever.
The bell rang, excusing our class. I rushed out of my seat and cornered Carly in hers.
"Ok, look. I shouldn't have yelled at you. We can still do Jonas Hour, just at a different hour. Please Carly, I'm sorry, forgive me." I begged.
"We don't have anything in common," Carly said, her voice heavy with regret.
"We have the Jonas Brothers," I said, my voice desoerate.
"I was under the impression the you were no longer a fan," she replied, her voice cold, "That you were too mature, with a job and all."
"Carly, I'm still a fan. I swore to be one forever. I will never forget that promise," I said, practically wailing.
"Look, Lizzy just drop it. We are no longer friends,"Carly said her voice was sharp enough to cut steel.
"But... Carly... I... I...," I stuttered, shocked at the turn this had taken.
"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE B*TCH!" she screamed.
As Carly pushed past me, I trembled with fear. Although Carly had gone insane, she never cursed. The class had now fully emptied, and I rushed out heading to the bathroom. I thought it was empty, and I locked myself in a stall, and cried. "Hey, you, crying girl, what's wrong?" came a voice from the sink. I refused to respond, too upset to care. She kept persisting untill she finally left. I cried for several more minutes until the door opened, and that same girl said, "She's in that stall, over there Mrs. Claude." There was a second of silence, then there was a knock on my door.
"Yes," I croaked,hoarsely.
"Lizzy? Is that you? You can come out, I sent Marie to class, its just me here," the nurse, Mrs. Claude, said.
I slowly drew back the bolt and pushed the door open.
"Is everything ok, Lizzy? Are you ok?
"I need to go home," I croaked.
"All right. I'll have someone go get your stuff, and we'll call your mom," she said, as understanding as always.
We walked to the office in silence, except for a few seconds, when she asked if I want to talk about it. I shook my head, and we kept walking.
When we got to the office, I called my mom.
"Mom, I want to come home," I croaked, still upset. I handed the nurse the phone, and walked into the hall. I was heading back to the nurse's office, when I heard her say, "She won't tell me what's wrong. Maybe I could ask Carly, those two are as close as two peas in a pod," then my mom must have said something because she fell silent, "Oh, I see, maybe that's it. But those two fighting, its horrible to imagine," She replied again, and I knew she knew about the big fight. It wouldn't be long before everyone knew something was up between me and Carly.
I stayed at home for the next two days, wondering how I was going to survive this. I missed Carly and I knew I had to fix this. I stayed home a third day, so I could plan for my apology. I remembered the one thing Carly had always wanted, to go to a Jonas Brothers meet and greet. I knew she was desperate to go to one, and she would do anything to go to one. I was in luck, because the Jonas Brothers were having a special meet and greet for Team Jonas members next week. I knew that just going to a meet and greet wouldn't fix everything, so I thought back about what had been said in our fight. I knew that I would have to continue our Jonas Hour, but I was still going to have to work at the pet sanctuary, but maybe I could get Carly a job there, because I knew one of the reasons she had been so mad was that she thought I was going to desert her.
When Carly got home from school, I walked to her house, and rang her doorbell. I held my breath, afraid she would slam the door in my face. When she opened the door, she seemed upset. But before I could ask what was wrong, she said "What do you want now?"
"I want you to forgive me, and I want to be friends again. I'm sorry," I said.
"Maybe I'd forgive you, but you haven't been very nice at school," she said, lying through her teeth. I had been nice to her, but she just knew what to say to make me feel bad. I ignored this, however.
"I know, and I'm really sorry. I brought you something you've always wanted," I said as I pulled out the tickets for the meet and greet. "I know you want to go to a meet and greet, so I have tickets for us. I will do Jonas Hour, anything! Just please forgive me!" I begged.
A smile lit Carly's face, as she said, "Fine, I'll forgive you. And not just because of those tickets. But I have a condition: help me with History, I jut can't remember any dates anymore."
"Fine, they're easy,"I smiled, glad that I had my best friend back.
"You know what Lizzy, we're going to need new outfits for the meet and greet. I think we should get something with the Jonas brothers on it, or maybe make something, to be original. We should definitely....." She kept on talking and talking, but I didn't care, I had my best friend back.
I woke up with a sense of extreme excitement. I was bewildered, wondering what could be so exciting. Then, I remembered. Today was the day. Today, was the day we got to meet the Jonas Brothers. I screamed in excitement. My mom rushed in, her face a mask of fear.
"What's wrong Lizzy?"
"Oh. Nothing's wrong. I'm am just super excited for the meet and greet. Aren't you?" I asked with a lot of excitement.
"Oh I'm excited all right, but I'm not honestly excited at 5 o'clock in the morning. Go back to sleep. you're gonna need a lot of energy to scream like I know you're gonna," she said with a smile.
There they were. In the flesh. I wanted to scream like everyone else, but I couldn't. I couldn't breathe. I was looking at the Jonas Brothers!!!!! It was unbelievable. I couldn't move, yet I had to. We were minutes, seconds, away from meeting the Jonas Brothers, and I couldn't move. The crowd was pushing against the red velvet ropes keeping us in place, and they were screaming so loudly that nothing else could be heard. As I stood in place, I could feel the crowd beginning to shove me forward, but yet, I couldn't move. I was leaning more and more, until I fell face first onto the red carpet.
I could feel my cheeks burning as I rose, and I knew I was as red as the ropes enclosing the crowd into a line. As I looked around, I saw that no one was even caring if I was OK, which I was, and I relaxed, and walked forward. But, even though I was relaxed, I could sense someone watching me. I looked around, but everyone was watching the Jonas Brothers. I shook off the feeling, and looked back at the Jonas brothers, admiring them one by one.
That's when I realized, that Nick Jonas was watching me! He would every so often look up from the fan he was talking to, and look at me. Once again, I couldn't move, this time, from embarrassment. I must have looked stupid, falling, and now I was going to be mocked, by one of the Jonas Brothers! I felt my face flush, as I knew there was no backing out.
"OMJ! Lizzy, Nick Jonas is staring at you! You are the luckiest girl in the universe!" Carly screamed, yet her voice was barely audible over the screams of the crowd. This freaked me out even more, because he hadn't stopped staring yet.
"Carly, Carly, I think I'm going to throw up!" I said, as I felt a sensation in my stomach that I was afraid of.
"No Lizzy! How could you throw up, if you haven't eaten anything all day?!?!?! You're just nervous, so calm down!" Carly shrieked, as I took a deep breath.
I kept breathing deeply, and slowly, my stomach began to feel normal again.
There was only one person in front of me, when I realized, I couldn't do this.
"Carly, I... I can't.... I think my blood sugar is too low!" I said, freaking out!
"Lizzy, now is the worst possible time!" Carly said frantically.
"I know!" I wailed, unable to focus on anything.
"Hey! Move!" The girl behind me screamed as she shoved me aside, trying to see the Jonas Brothers sooner. I fell, once again, to the ground, but this time, after I hit the ground, all I remembered was a crunch, and blackness.
As soon as my eyes opened, I knew something was up. The first thing I saw was a plain white ceiling. This was strange because my ceiling was as blue as the sky. I sat up right away, and felt a headache coming on, but I ignored it.
"Oh no! Not again! Please! No!" I wailed, recognizing the beige walls of the place I dreaded the most in this world, the hospital. I had spent long enough there a few years ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. "No! I wanna go home!" I wailed, tears running down my cheeks as I remembered the unsympathetic doctors, the bad food, the painful tests, and the terrible hospital smell.
"Lizzy, Lizzy, dear! Are you OK?" My mom yelled as she and my dad and one of those unsympathetic doctors came running through the doorway.
"No! I'm not! I need to go home!" I wailed, rising from my bed, but falling back down as I saw the world black out, and felt searing pain in my entire right arm and hand.
"Elizabeth, you need rest. You had a concussion, dislocated your shoulder, and broke many of the bones in your hand," the unsympathetic doctor said.
"That's preposterous! What could I have possibly done that was that dangerous?" I said, my words harsh as I racked my brain to discover what I had possibly done to deserve this.
"Can you remember Elizabeth?" The doctor said.
"Well if I could, I wouldn't be asking you!" I shrieked, frustrated by his lack of sympathy.
"Maybe, maybe, we shouldn't tell her yet," my dad said, his face a mask of sorrow.
"Tell me! Please!" I whined like a little baby.
"We will let Carly tell you," my mom said, "as she knows more about what exactly happened."
They left, ignoring my overdramatic sigh. I realized how tired I was, and fell asleep instantly.
When I woke up, the sunlight was streaming through my window. My eyes were still closed, yet I could sense the light. That meant I had to go to school. I groaned inwardly, then opened my eyes and got up. I was too tired to really notice my surroundings, so I walked to the door, and left my room, heading for the kitchen. I followed the smell of food, but when I got there, it wasn't my kitchen. It was the hospital cafeteria.
"Shoot," I muttered remembering my conversation with my parents last night. I looked down at my right hand. Ugh. The doctor had put on a cast, and it was bright red. Of course I had a cast, since I had had my hand broken. Oddly, I couldn't remember what had happened. I sat down, and leaned on my right hand, but immediately jumped up and yelped in pain. Then, I remembered my dislocated arm. It hurt horribly. By now, with all my yelping, I was attracting the stares of other patients.
I started trying to find my room, but I couldn't remember how I'd gotten here. While I wandered the halls, I tried to think of what had happened to me. All I could remember was that the day I'd hurt myself (two days ago), had been important. I had been looking forward to it for weeks.
I wasn't paying attention when I'd been wandering, and I ran into something. It was a wall. That didn't help my injuries, and I let out a little scream, as the pain surged through me.
"Are you OK?" a girl asked as she came rushing to me. She was about thirteen, with dirty blonde hair, and was about three inches shorter than me.
"I'm fine, I think I just ran into a wall," I muttered, more to myself. I quickly looked down, examining the plaster on my hand. when I looked up, the girl was staring at me like I was famous or something. "What? Why are you staring at me like that?"
"You're... you're... you're...," she mumbled.
"I'm?" I asked, getting frustrated.
"You're the girl who got trampled at the Jonas Brothers Meet and Greet!" she replied in an awed voice. As she said those last words, everything came flooding back to me. I remembered the agonizing wait in line, I remembered being pushed once, then being pushed again. I remembered the crunch, and I even remember the pain as something yanked on my arm.
As I sat there, I began hyperventilating. I forgot about everyone, even the girl standing there. My vision blacked out again, and I felt myself choking.
"Are you Ok?" a nurse asked. This brought me back into the present.
"Yeah, I'm just lost," I said, realizing this was true.
"I'll take you back to your room. What's your name?" She asked, whipping out an electronic device.
"Elizabeth Hertson," I replied automatically.
"Ms. Hertson, room B 238."
We walked there in total silence as I was thinking about what had happened to me.

"Lizzy!!!!" my mom exclaimed as I walked back into room, "Where were you? We were so worried!!!"
"I just walked around and got lost, no big deal," I replied. I sat down on my bed, thinking about what I'd justdiscovered. I could hear my parents fervently thanking the nurse who'd brought me back. As I sat there, Irememberedsomething else that had happened. Nick Jonas had been staring at me after I fell the first time. This filled me with a sense of joy, and I felt lightheaded with happiness.
My parents went outside with the nurse, so I got up and started looking around. I saw a newspaper, and reached over to grab it. I almost dropped it, as I saw the picture on the front was of two screaming girls. They were me and Carly. I immediately found the title of the story. My mouth dropped open in shock as I saw that it said "Fan Injured At Jonas Brothers Meet and Greet". It took me a few seconds to comprehend that someone had written a newspaper article about me. I found the article and began reading intently:

Fan Injured At Jonas Brothers Meet and Greet
Yesterday at the Jonas Brothers Meet and Greet, sixteen year old Elizabeth Hertson was shoved to the ground by the fan behind her. She was transported to Dallas Hospital immediately, as she had been knocked unconscious. Later, when a reporter inquired at the hospital, they discovered she had a concussion, a broken hand, and a dislocated shoulder.
When her friend Carly Green was questioned, she told us the full story.
"So we were in line, and I think it had just sunk into Lizzy that we were going to finally meet our favorite band, so she just like froze, like she couldn't walk. So the crowd just kept coming forward, and she was pushed to the ground. This time she was fine, but when she got up, she was like really embarrassed. Then she was like frozen in embarrassment, and an impatient girl behind us just told her to move, and so she shoved Lizzy, and then Lizzy fell, but she grabbed onto me, and then I think her shoulder dislocated as she was falling so fast. Then, the girl just walked on her hand, totally ignoring Lizzy. It was awful."
Next we spoke to the Jonas Brothers, questioning their security.
Nick said, "There was a lot of security, but no one got to her before her hand was broken, because she was basically surrounded by people. We never expected anything like this to happen. We are tremendously sorry."
When we asked Joe had the girl who'd shoved Elizabeth been discovered, he said, "We do know who did it, but Elizabeth's family has agreed not to hold any grudges, because it was an accident."
We then asked Kevin, what were they going to do about this incident. He responded by saying, "Well for one thing, we intend on increasing security, and to make it up to Elizabeth, we have given her two front row tickets to our show with VIP backstage passes for tonight's show. If she is not able to come, we will visit her in the hospital." Elizabeth Hertson is making a full recovery in the hospital currently, and we pray we can speak to her soon.
I sat there, shocked, staring into space.
"So I see you've seen the news. Front page. Wow," Carly said, breaking the silence and scaring me half to death. "I came in while you were reading, but I thought I'd let you read it first. So, what do you think?"
I couldn't speak, as I was still too stunned. I finally found my voice and squeaked, "front row seats?" Carly nodded in response, and quickly, before I could begin to freak out again, I also squeaked, "VIP backstage passes?" She nodded again, smiling this time.
We were both silent, until, at the exact same moment, we began to scream.
"But Mrs. Hertson,with all due respect, you've got to be crazy not to let her go. This is her favorite band! She never got to meet them at the meet and greet, so she totally has to meet them now!" Carly wailed. We, or that is to say, Carly, had been trying to convince my mom for almost an hour now, that I should go.
"Carly, I think your judgment is flawed by your selfish desire to meet these boys yourself. You have no care for Lizzy. I doubt that if she was hit by a car going there, you wouldn't care if you could just meet them," my mom countered, and I had to admit, her logic made sense, in a motherly way.
"Mrs. Hertson, I think I speak for Lizzy when I say she is desperate to meet them. You have to let her go!"
"What I must do with my daughter is up to me! Now if you'd be so kind to go wait in the cafeteria, I can speak to my daughter alone."
"But... come on..."
"Unless you prefer I call security to force you to exit the hospital, and I assure the fifteen miles to your home won't be enjoyable." My mom never got angry, so I knew she was serious. When Carly looked at me for advice, I just motioned her to leave. I knew how to convince my mother, and it had nothing to do with screaming and shouting. Carly left, and my mother sat down exhaustedly on the chair next to my bed.
After an appropriate amount of time, I spoke. "Mom..." I said tentatively, worried she was still mad.
"What darling?" She asked, aware that I was beginning to try to persuade her.
"Mom, I know you're worried about me, but I'm fine. Honestly. The doctor said I can leave to go to the concert. I asked before you came in," I said, knowing that a doctor's approval would help convince her.
"But what about the dangers? You were hurt yesterday, how can I know you won't be hurt today?" I could sense that she was faltering.
"Mom, there is no harm in music. Calm down." I could see she wasn't convinced, so I added, "Wasn't it you who told me that in life there are risks, and to find happiness, you have to endure them cautiously?"
Unfortunately, this only made her more set against allowing me to go. "So you're telling me that I should let you go and trust you to be careful, while I know your judgment will be affected by your excitement to see your favorite band? I don't think so."
"Mom, I didn't want to resort to this. If you don't let me go, I will find a way. I'll sneak out."
"We'll put guards by your door." My mother was getting fired up, and so was I.
"I'll climb out the window."
"We're on the fourth floor."
"Mom, I'd do it."
"You'd break your neck, and you have a strong sense of self preservation." she said this with a finality that told me she was positive I couldn't disagree.
" I do it anyway," I said. I really hated to use the guilt trick on her, so I felt awful as I said, "and it would be on your concisenessif I died. So mom, make up your mind. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to sneak out, with the risks mentioned? Or will you give me your permission and allow me to take the risks? You know I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't positive."
I could see tears swimming in her eyes, and I felt extremely awful. "Lizzy, I don't want you to hurt yourself..."
"If I stay, my heart will be permanently damaged," I said, knowing it was the truth.
"If I let you go, will you promise to be careful?"
"Sure. I mean, I'm only going to a concert!"
"Its her! Its Elizabeth! Grab a Picture!" the paparazzi screamed as I approached the venue's doors. Never in my life had I been treated like a celebrity.
"We'll get past them. No one gets within 5 or more feet of you girls. My job is to keep you safe from injury," the security guard said as he and the other two guys responsible for protecting us rushed us past the crazy photographers. I still couldn't believe that when we had parked our car, three security guards hadsurroundedus and had told us that they had been ordered by the Jonas Brothers themselves to protect us on our way through the crowds. Carly and I had followed them, and they were very quiet unless they were telling us what to do (like how to avoid the paparazzi).
We entered the lobby of the sports arena the Jonas Brothers were playing in, and I saw that there were just as many, if not more fans than there were outside.
"This way," said the security guard as he guided us to a door guarded by two strong looking guards. He led us through the door, and we entered a long gray hallway. As soon as we entered, the guards relaxed and began to chat about the size of the crowds. Then, the two other guards left, and as I turned to the remaining guard, he said, "No one will get past those two guards at the door. We're safe in here. We'll visit the Jonas Brothers then I'll take you to your seats for the concert."
I smiled weakly, unable to say anything, unlike Carly, who was continuously chattering about who knows what. I felt like I was going to puke, and I had a strange sense of déjà vu because once again, I was going to meet the Jonas Brothers.
We were walking by a door, when it opened. I was right in front of it, when bang, someone walked right into me from the side. I started falling, but someone caught me.
"Oh my goodness! Are you OK?" Nick asked from beside me. I couldn't see him, but I recognized his voice immediately. I looked up, and saw that Nick had caught me.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, barely breathing. The shock of seeing that Nick Jonas had caught me had stopped both my breath and my heartbeat.
"I am so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" Joe exclaimed. He looked appalled that he had run into a girl who had just been injured at their meet and greet the day before.
"I'm fine," I assured him. My voice was steadily gaining confidence.
"Well I'm sorry that Joe had to live up to his nickname 'Danger'. We're so sorry about yesterday," Kevin said emerging from behind his brothers.
"Is there anything we can do for you?" Joe asked.
"Um... no, I don't think so... wait. Can you sign my cast?" I asked.
"Sure." They grabbed a pen and each signed my cast. I decided that even after I got it off, I would keep it forever.
"So, we have one more question. What's your favorite song? I don't care who its by," Kevin asked, and I thought I was going to faint.
"Umm....definitely A Little bit Longer. It's so beautiful," I said.
"She's loved it ever since it came out," Carly said, not looking the least bit disgruntled about practically being ignored.
"Why is it your favorite?" Nick asked. I stared at him, unable to comprehend that a member of my favorite band, my hero, and the person who had written my favorite song in the world was asking why I liked the song. "I mean, you sounded like you had a reason."
"Well, I have diabetes. I was really freaked out when I got it, and afraid. Then I heard your speech when you announced that you had diabetes, and it really inspired me. When I heard A Little Bit Longer, I cried so hard. It was just so beautiful," I said tearing up. "and it was my very best friend, Carly here, who helped me through the rough times," I added as a tear slipped down my cheek.
Carly hugged me, and I felt embarrassed about sharing something so personal with the Jonas Brothers. I looked up, and all three Jonas Brothers were staring at me with sympathetic expressions.
"That's so cool to know," Kevin said, breaking the silence. I smiled, and immediately felt better, knowing they didn't think I was an idiot.
"Hey. We got to go to the show," the security guard from earlier said as he came back. I hadn't even known that he'd gone until he came back.
"We'll see you after the show. Tell us how you like it!" Joe said as we began to leave.
We walked to our seats in a daze. For like the second time in her life, Carly was actually quiet. We sat down right at the corner of the catwalk and the stage. Before he left, the security guard handed me a pager, and told me, that as a condition of my mother, if I needed to get away from the crowd, I had to just page help, and some security guard would get me. He explained that right next to me was a secret door, and in case of an emergency, I could escape through it. I thanked him, and he left.
Chapter 10- THE CONCERT
It seemed like barely minutes later, the lights went out entirely, and fog rolled in over the stage. The fog was at least seven feet high, and the audience almost became silent as they searched for the Jonas Brothers. As I stared into the wall of fog, I was probably imagining things when I thought I saw a face in the fog. It smiled at me, and I screamed. The people near turned to me in confusion, wondering why I had screamed.
"Are you OK Lizzy? the fog's not too scary is it?" Carly said teasingly.
"No, I swear I saw a face in the fog! It smiled at me!" I exclaimed. Carly looked at me as if I was crazy, shrugged, and went back to staring at the fog.
Nothing seemed to happen for a while, until, someone screamed. Then the entire audience went wild as three spotlights appeared on the stage and the Jonas Brothers appeared. They looked almost like ghosts rising from a graveyard as they rose onto the stage. The minute they were fully on the stage they walked forward, and I saw the fog was fading.
Nick and Kevin played their guitars as the rest of the bad started playing. I immediately recognized the tune of Burnin' Up, and just like the rest of the crowd, was ready to sing the first line when it got there.

I'm hot, you're cold
You go around like you know
Who I am, but you don't
You've got me on my toes
It was so amazing to hear the Jonas Brothers singing live. I'd heard it before, but after having met them, it sounded entirely different. I had always connected to their songs, but this was something entirely different. I connected in a way that a CD can't allow you to connect with the song. I could feel every emotion in every note. It was so amazing.
I'm slippin' into the lava
And I'm tryin' keep from goin' under
Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
'Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up for you baby
C'mon girl
As Nick sang, he winked at me. Now to see someone so amazing wink at you, it basically stops your heart. I missed the rest of the song, until Big Rob came and sang his lines. I couldn't sing anymore, cause my heart was still recovering from the wink.
When the final note of the song had been played, there was a moment of only fans cheering. My heartbeat had finally evened out, and I listened as Joe spoke, "Thank you for coming to our show to kick of our tour!" he screamed, and even though he was speaking into a microphone, it was a little hard to hear, because the fans were cheering so loudly. Once the cheering had quieted a little, he continued, "So we can tell you're all excited to be here! We know this will be an awesome concert! We'll be playing lots of different songs, and we even have a surprise for you!" Like I could tell every other fan in the arena was doing, I was trying to figure our what he meant by a surprise.
"The surprise will be a surprise until the end of the show!" Kevin exclaimed, adding, "The person involved in the surprise doesn't even know about it yet!"
"So now lets hear a personal favorite of mine, S.O.S!!!" Nick exclaimed and they began to play. As Nick began to sing, I remember every detail I'd ever learned about the song. When he sang, I felt tears in my eyes because I remembered that Nick had written the song in under ten minutes about a date that had gone badly. I cried as I tried to imagine how he had felt when he had written the song. I couldn't find enough air to breathe during the song, I was crying so hard. When the song ended, I cheered with everyone else. I wiped the tears away from my face as they began to sing Girl You Got Me Going Crazy. I was pumped through that song, BB Good, and Goodnight and Goodbye. When Year 3000 was played, I was jumping to the beat. When When You Look Me In The Eyes was played, I felt as if they were actually singing to me. That's when I realized that everyone probably felt like that. I enjoyed every moment, every word, and every note that was played.
In the beginning, I was mesmerized by the emotion behind the words, but as the concert went on, I began to see that this concert was even more truly amazing than I'd first thought. The stunts they performed were mind blowing. Watching the special effects made me remember that they had said before that they didn't just want to give their fans a concert, they wanted to give them a concert to remember. I knew that I would always keep this memory in my heart.

Chapter 11- THE SURPRISE
As the last note of Shelf finished, the crowd went wild. Everyone looked so excited, even though the end of the concert was quickly approaching. But the most excited looking people in the room had to be the Jonas Brothers. They looked positively thrilled. They let the cheers die down, and all the lights dimmed until there was only one spotlight shining on Joe.
He waited until the renewed screams had died down, before he said, "So now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The surprise we promised. Now let me remind you, this is the only time you'll ever see this. Now I can't really describe the emotion behind this special performance...."
"But I can," Nick said, and his spotlight shone back on him the moment he spoke. He was standing next to Joe, a rare smile upon his face. "Now you've all heard of the song A Little Bit Longer, I presume," the crowd cheered so loudly that it took a minute before he could be heard again. "I wrote A Little Bit Longer after a day when my blood sugar had been really terrible. I wasjustinspired, and the words just came to me. I know that A Little Bit Longer is personal to everyone, so I want you to raise your hands if you've ever felt like A Little Bit Longer has really been meaningful to you." As soon as he finished speaking, the lights came on over the crowds, but not the stage. Almost every hand went up, and Nick scanned the crowd to see who had their hands raised. I must have been imagining things again when I thought his eyes lingered on the crowed near me. He smiled, but he said nothing.
Suddenly, the third spotlight appeared on Kevin, and he was standing closer to the crowd than his brothers. He began to talk a moment later, "Now as much as we wish that we could bring all of you with your hands raised down to the stage to stand here with us during this next song, we can't, because there isn't enough room. But there is something we can do. You have all heard about the meet and greet yesterday, I presume?" The crowd cheered their yes loudly, and I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was some form of a premonition I imagine, because I think that I could actually sense what was going to happen next, but I was too afraid to admit it to myself. "If you have heard of the meet and greet yesterday, you've probably heard of the incident yesterday. Well during the meet and greet, there was a commotion, and a girl was injured. This girl is Elizabeth." By now, to my utter horror (and I must admit, I was probably the only person in the world who would feel horror at the following sight) all three Jonas Brothers were standing above me on the stage, grinning down at me.
"So now, please welcome Elizabeth to the stage!" Joe exclaimed, and Kevin hopped down beside me.
Not speaking into the microphone, he said, "Since your hurt, you're gonna need some help up." He looked at me in a bemused way. I could tell he thought my reaction to being told I was going to be onstage with the JONAS BROTHERS. "Wow, I've never seen a fan so reluctant to go onto the stage," he said, grinning. He looked at me kind of concerned, as I wasn't smiling or anything. "If you seriously don't want to go up, I'll tell them we have a change of plan," Seeing his concern, I put on a brave face. I'd never been someone who enjoyed other people worried on my behalf. I smiled and he grinned, and hoisted me up. Joe grabbed me somewhat awkwardly, as not to hurt my injured limbs. When I had clumsily got onto the stage, I saw that Nick was standing by the piano that he played during A Little Bit Longer. He was watching me expectantly, and it hit me with both extreme joy and shock. I looked towards Joe to see what I was supposed to do. He nodded to the piano, and I walked to the edge of the ledge where the higher level the piano was on was. I barely had time to even consider how I was going to get up there, when once again, I was being helped up by two Jonas Brothers. I wobbled at the edge, and Nick caught me, again.
"Wow, you're as clumsy as Joe," he said, grinning, and then added, "but I've never seen a fan so nervous to be front and center for their favorite song to be performed." I couldn't talk, I was too shocked.
Nick turned to the crowd, and said into his microphone, "This song is, according to Elizabeth herself, her favorite song. It has a special meaning to her, so we felt, that to even slightly make up for thedisastrousmeet and greet yesterday, she should be onstage for the performance." He led me to the piano,madesure I was seated comfortably, and finally sat down. When he stuck the first notes on the piano, I could feel my eyes beginning to water, and I bit my lip to hold back the upcoming sob.
Got the news today
Doctors said i had to stay
A little bit longer and I'll be fine
The first lines forced me to relive memories from my own diagnosis. I could sense a tear running down my cheek, but I couldn't wipe it away.
All this time goes by
Still no reason why
A little bit longer and I'll be fine.
Waitin' on a cure
But none of them are sure
A little bit longer and I'll be fine
But you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
You don't know what its like to feel so low.
And everytime you smile you laugh you glow
You don't even know, know, know.
You don't even know, know, know.
You don't even know, no
By now, I was lucky if I could see anything, my eyes were overflowing with tears.
So I'll wait 'til kingdom come.
All the highs and lows are gone.
A little bit longer and I'll be fine.
I'll be... fine

When the song ended, I realized I was leaning against something. I wiped away my tears, and saw that it was Nick. He was looking at me in an oddly comforting way, and when my eyes dried for a second, I saw that there were tears in his eyes too. This brought a new wave of tears, and I was lucky the Jonas Brothers were helping me down, or I would have fallen, as I was unable to see anything.
When I was being hoisted down to my seat, I heard a voice whisper in my ear, "see you soon."
Chapter 12- BACKSTAGE
When I sat down, tears were still pouring down my face. I was probably the only person in the stadium not standing up and cheering as the Jonas Brothers sang their final song. I couldn't stand up, I was afraid my legs wouldn't be able to support me. I barely heard the words to That's Just The Way We Roll, the closing song. By the time the lights came back on, tears were still pouring down my face. I sat in my chair for a while, trying to calm myself. My reaction to the song had been completely uncalled for. What was wrong with me? Why was I crying uncontrollably? I struggled desperately to pull myself together, and when I had finally stopped crying, I saw Carly talking to the same security guard, who was looking at me a little bit worried.
"I'm fine. Can we go now?" I asked, probably not sounding believable, as my voice cracked. No one said anything, but we just began to walk towards the backstage part of the stadium. We walked in silence, and I thought hard about why I had reacted so badly. I could think of nothing, but I continued to walk in silence.
I saw the gray door ahead of us, but before we even got close, Carly stopped me and said, "Ok, no offense, but you look awful!" she took out her phone, took a quick picture, and showed it to me. I really did look awful. My eyes were all red and puffy, and I had an expression on my face that made me look like a lunatic. Carly, being the amazing friend she was, led me to the nearest bathroom. She helped me make my eyes much less red, and helped deflate the puffiness. I smiled at myself in the mirror, and realized that now that I knew the expression I had been wearing in the picture, I could prevent it.
We walked through the gray door once again, and we walked down the hallway. This time, we saw the Jonas Brothers before I had time to run into someone. They were standing at the end of the hallway, talking to each other. They noticed us when we were halfway between them and the gray door. they smiled, and I felt so much better than I had for a while.
"Hey Elizabeth, are you OK?" Nick asked, coming forward.
I grimaced at my name, and said, "Can you call me Liz or Lizzy? Elizabeth sounds so formal."He smiled and hugged me. When he let go, I felt myself wobble. Everyone tensed, ready to catch me should I fall. "I'm fine,"I insisted. When I could see no one believed me, I added, 'seriously. It's just been a long, eventful day."
Everyone smiled, and Carly immediately began to pester Kevin and Joe with questions, while Nick just looked at me, and said, "I didn't realize how emotional that song would make you."
"It's fine, no big deal," I said, smiling.
"Hey Lizzy, how was your first time in front of huge crowd?" Joe asked, a grin plastered on his face.
"It was no big deal, I mean, it wasn't likeeveryonewas watching me or something," I said.
"Didn't you see the camera? It was focused on you and Nick the whole time. You guys were on the big screen the whole song," he said. I felt my jaw drop. I glanced at Nick to make sure Joe was telling the truth. When I saw his expression, I glanced at Kevin, horrified. He had the same expression as Nick, so I looked at Carly, knowing she'd never lie to me about something so big. She nodded and I felt me face go bright red.
"Are you serious?" I managed to ask. Everyone nodded and I felt faint.
Carly, knowing how I would feel, began to ask rapid questions again to distract them. I leaned against the wall, trying to make sense of this all. I had cried, even sobbed, in front of thousands of people! I was never going to be able to live this down. I closed my eyes and worked on keeping my breathing under control. I felt someone come to stand next to me, but I ignored them.
After several minutes, I opened my eyes. I could see Kevin and Joe being interrogated by Carly, but I couldn't see Nick. I looked to my left, and saw him there. He didn't look like he was going to try to talk to me, and I saw that his eyes were closed. I looked even more closely, and saw a tear run down his cheek. What was it with everyone crying today? He recovered much more quickly than I had, and he opened his eyes and smiled at me.
Now, it was my turn to ask him, "are you OK?"
"Yeah. It's just that seeing how A Little Bit Longer affected me, made me remember how much the diagnosis had hurt me. How I was always going to be different. I haven't had a free moment to think about it before now," he said, and I could tell he felt better after sharing this.
"I think it really helps to talk about it, to someone who gets it," I said. He nodded, and we stood in comfortable silence for a little bit. It was comforting, knowing that, at least right now, I could finally talk to someone who understood what I had been going through for the past two years of my life.
"Hey can I have your phone number," he asked, and, seeing my look of shock, added, "So I can have someone to talk to who gets it." I had a feeling in my gut, that that wasn't the only reason why. I gave him my number, and to my complete shock, he gave me his.
We stood there in silence, and to me, this was my favorite moment in my life.

Chapter 13-RUMORS
Ding dong. I sat up extremely fast and felt my head spin. I glanced at my clock, and saw that it was eleven thirty. Who would possibly be at the door now? We never got any packages, and Carly had a key, so why would someone come to my house? I groggily got out of bed, and pulled on my robe. I trudged down the stairs, and pulled open the door.
The sunlight was so bright against the white sidewalk that I was momentarily blinded. When I could finally see again, I realized that the light had damaged my brain. I stared in bewilderment at the figure standing at the door. It was impossible. There was no way possible that Nick Jonas was standing out side my door.
"Is this a bad time?" the figure asked, and I realized that unless my ears were damaged too, it really was Nick.
I quickly recovered and remembered my manners, "No, it's fine. Do you want to come in?"
He walked inside, and I shut the door. I was still getting over the shock of seeing Nick Jonas standing outside my door. He looked at me again, and said, "Are you sure this isn't a bad time?"
"No, I swear, I'm fine. I just woke up." I said.
"I called you several times, and texted you, but no one answered," he said looking around. He spotted my phone lying on the counter, smiled, and said, "I can see why you didn't hear me."
"Sorry, I was charging it last night. Do you want something to eat or drink?" I asked as I made myself breakfast. He refused, and sat down on a bar stool by the counter.
"I only came because you left this at the stadium yesterday," he said, pulling out my camera.
"I knew I forgot something," I said groaning. I thought back to yesterday. I remembered that we had taken pictures, and I remembered regretfully leaving. I also unfortunately remembered my mom asking me in the car how A Little Bit Longer had been. I stared at her in shock until she had admitted that they had called her for her permission to allow me to go onstage. I'd been tremendously embarrassed.
My toast popped out of the toaster, and I walked over to get it. I smeared cream cheese on it, and took a bite. As I chewed, I looked down at the newspaper on the counter. I started choking as I read the title.
"Are you OK?" Nick asked, getting up and coming over.
"I'm fine," I said when I stopped coughing. He looked down to see what had shocked me.
When he saw the newspaper, his face darkened. "I see you saw the news. Now you can learn first hand about how rumors aren't often true."
I looked down once more at the daunting letters to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Nope, I'd been right when I'd saw that the headline story was "Injured Fan New Jonas Flame?" But that wasn't what had really bothered me. The most annoying part was the picture that took up almost half the front page. It was a picture taken during A Little Bit Longer, and it showed me leaning against Nick, with tears running down both of our faces. Nick was looking at me with an expression that could have been called comforting. It was really a beautiful picture with perfect lighting, and everything, but to see it on the front page of a magazine just felt wrong. The picture felt too personal to be read by everyone in the area.
I tried to ignore this but I really couldn't. So I just read the article. It said:

Injured Fan New Jonas Flame?
Just yesterday we told you about sixteen year-old Elizabeth Hertson being injured at a Jonas Brothers Meet and Greet. When interviewed, the Jonas Brothers said they would either give her a backstage pass and front row seats, or pay her a visit themselves. Well her choice is obvious. Ms. Hertson showed up at the concert yesterday, escorted by three of the Jonas Brothers own security guards. She was brought backstage to meet the Jonas Brothers for,whatwas said to be, the first time. This is highly doubtful, as of how she reacted when she was brought on the stage for A Little Bit Longer. The brothers claim that she was only brought up because they were making amends for her injuries the day before. Although this may seem like it may be the truth, you'd have to be sadly mistaken to truly believe that. the picture above shows exactly howemotionallyclose Ms. Hertson was to the youngest Jonas, Nick. Ms. Hertson is clearly being comforted as though by a loved one. And the expression on Nick's face the whole time she was onstage, appeared to be the tender, loving expression of someone who is in love. Now is this youngest Jonas falling for a fan? Or has he already fallen for her? Is Ms. Hertson after Nick, or fame? Keep reading to find out more.
I couldn't read more, so instead, I asked Nick, "What did they say? Was I after fame, or not? I couldn't read any further."
"They said, and I'm quoting as best as I can, that Ms. Hertson may appear on the surface to be a young, innocent girl, but we've seen girls quite like her throw their lives away with little concern for others, just so they may be in the spotlight for a moment. Which basically means that they couldn't uncover any dirt on you, so just to make it more interesting, they are pretending you are after fame," Nick said, an odd expression on his face.
It took me a second to realize that they had said that Nick had been watching me with an expression of tenderness. Of course, this could just be like the rest of the story, rubbish. But once again, I had a gut feeling that told me it wasn't entirely rubbish. Maybe his expression was annoyance at the fact that the newspaper reporter had made up such lies. Or maybe, just maybe, it was annoyance at being discovered. Embarrassed for thinking that, I pushed these thoughts away and finished my toast.
Chapter 14- NICK JONAS
Almost the exact moment I was done with my toast, my phone rang. The caller ID told me it was Carly. I picked up and said, "Hello?"
For a moment all I heard was screaming from the other end. I held the phone a few inches away from my ear, and I could still hear Carly say, "Have you seen it? You've made front page two days in a row! Isn't it AWESOME!"
I risked putting the phone next to my ear again as I said, "Not really."
That was a huge mistake as Carly then yelled, "What's wrong with you?!?"
I glanced at Nick quickly, to see that he was trying to be polite by pretending he couldn't hear anything. Then I said, "Look. I don't want to be in the newspaper for something that's a huge lie."
"Lie? Hah! I saw your expression when you were sitting at the piano! Through your tears, you looked at him in a loving way!" Carly exclaimed. Before I could speak again, she added, "Thousands, if not millions of people saw your expression, cause it was on live TV! It's all over YouTube today!"
"Look Carly, I have to go. Please don't call back," I said as I hung up. I was angry, about the angriest I've ever been at Carly. How could she even say that? I mean, she didn't know Nick was in the room, but still! She was supposed to be my friend! She was supposed to support me!
"Am I mistaken, or is your friend really big on fame?" Nick asked, startling me out of my thoughts.
"No, she's n..." I said, but then, when I thought about it, I realized that I was wrong. She wasobsessedwith fame.
I didn't even need to finish the sentence, but Nick got what I'd realized. So he said, "You didn't realize it before did you? You didn't want to see the worst in her. All friends do that sometimes." Seeing that this wasn't a really happy topic for me, he quickly said, "So what are you doing today?"
I thought about it for amoment, before saying, "Absolutely nothing. My sister's at day camp, and I'm on 'temporary leave' from my job at theDallas Pet Sanctuary because of my cast." I didn't need to add the fact that I probably wouldn't be hanging out with Carly today, as it was obvious. "So what are you doing? Do you have some big interview today or something?" I asked.
"Nope. I'm having one of my rare days off, and I don't really know what to do withmyself. I can't gosightseeing, cause I live here. Hmm, " he said, and I felt a strange sense of bravery within myself that told me to ask if he wanted to hang out with me. Of course, I turned chicken a moment later, and I knew that I was too afraid to.Nickwas about to add something, when his phone rang.
He looked at the caller ID, and was putting it away when I said, "Answer it. I have to clean up." I picked up my plate and turned the sink on.
He shrugged and answered his phone, saying, "Hi Joe. What's up?" I could hear mumbling from the phone, but I couldn't understand any actual words. "No, I'm at Lizzie's." I heard something that sounded like, "What? How do you know where she lives?"
Nick rolled his eyes and said, "I wonder. Ever heard of a phone book? Look Joe, I got to go now. I'll talk to you later," he said and hung up. He looked at me and said, "Sorry."
"It's fine," I said. I became aware that I was wearing my pajamas and my old robe. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go change."
"Sure, go ahead. Its your house," he replied.
I headed to my room, and opened my floor vent. I knew it was wrong, but I could hear what was being said in the kitchen through my vent. As I had guessed, Nick's phone rang again.
He picked up and said, "What Joe?" There was a pause, and Nick said, "No. I had to return her camera to her. Haven't you learned not to listen to rumors?" Another pause, then, "I did not! Why does everyone think I like love her or something!" Another pause, then, "No! I don't know what I'm planning on doing. Why don't you go pester someone else for a change?" I waited, very still, and finally heard, "What? Fine, just leave me alone!" He said, and then I couldn't hear anything.
I realized that I really had to get dressed. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, praying I wouldn't look ridiculous. I brushed my teeth and washed my face quickly.
I headed downstairs, and sat down next to Nick. feeling both excitement and nervousness. "So, have you decided what you're going to do today?" I asked.
"Well Joe invited me golfing, but I refused," he said.
"Why?" I asked, puzzled.
"Because I want to spend time with you," he replied, and I immediately felt dizzy.
"Just as friends, of course," he added.

Note: From here on, the chapters are in different people’s points of view. At the top next to the chapter title, I will write whose point of view the chapter is in.

Chapter 15- WHY? (Nick Jonas)
"Bye mom, I'm going out," I said, as I passed the breakfast table.
"Where are you going?" She asked, just like any good mom would.
"I'm just gonna go drive around," I said, and it was partially truthful. I was going to drive around, but I did have a destination in mind.
"Drive safely, and try to avoid the paparazzi. They'll be eager for more news on you after the story about you and Elizabeth became public," she said. I knew she couldn't guess what I was planning on doing, but her words almost stopped me dead in my tracks. I shouldn't head out to the place the paparazzi would expect me to go. I'd probably already made enough trouble for Lizzy. I should just stay away from her until this whole rumor died down. But for some reason I couldn't explain, I couldn't make myself stay away from her. I would have just called or texted her, but she wasn't responding.
"Ok," I replied, and left. I walked out to my car, and got in. I sat there for a moment, then pulled out my keys and started driving. I drove a few miles to the gas station. I parked my car and pulled out the scrap of paper from my pocket. I looked at the address on the piece of paper, and found the street on the map. I looked at the map for a little while, finding a good route. Finally, I pushed the map away, and started driving again.
I kept checking my rearview mirror to see if I was beingfollowedby any paparazzi. Luckily, I wasn't. As I drover, I took a detour. I passed by the house I had lived in when I was born. I had been too young then to remember it, but I had always remembered visiting. It had been nice to be able to go somewhere without fans chasing us. I loved our fans, butsometimes, I wish they'd just calm down.
As I drove, I thought. I started to think about the concert last night, but all I could remember was singing A Little Bit Longer. I remembered the picture in the newspaper. It was entirely wrong. I had not been looking at her lovingly, I hadjustbeen trying to comfort her. I knew how she felt, and I felt the same way every time I sang that song.
I was so lost in my thoughts, that I realized that I was almost at her street. there were some cars in the behind me. Since I hadn't been paying attention if they'd been following me, I turned onto a side street. No one followed, but I had to be sure. I drove down a different side street, and finally realized that no one was following me. I quickly drove to Lizzy's house. I parked the car, but I couldn't get out for a moment. I sat there. All I would do is drop the camera off. I wouldn't stay or anything.
I got out of the car, and walked to Lizzy's door. The whole time I kept glancing back nervously. I smiled as I realized that I was totally paranoid. I hesitated at the door, wondering if I should just leave the camera. I decided that would just be stupid. I rung the doorbell, and when I realized I had been holding my breath, let it out. I waited for a little bit, and I was just considering ringing again when the door opened. It was Lizzy. She was still in her pajamas with a robe over it, and she lookedextremelybewildered.
"Is this a bad time?" I asked, nervously.
She appeared to recover form the shock of seeing me in her doorway, and she said, "No, it's fine. Do you want to come in?" I accepted and walked inside. The moment I crossed the threshold, i realized I should have just given her the camera when I was outside.
I looked at her again, and asked, "Are you sure this isn't a bad time?" I was hoping for a specific answer, but I could tell that my heart felt differently.
"No, I swear, I'm fine. I just woke up." She said apologetically.
"I called you several times, and texted you, but no one answered," I said as I looked around. I saw her phone charging on the counter, and said, "I can see why you didn't hear me."
"Sorry, I was charging it last night. Do you want something to eat or drink?" She asked as she grabbed some toast.
I refused, and said, "I only came because you left this at the stadium yesterday." I pulled out her camera.
She groaned and said, "I knew I forgot something." She seemed slightly out of it for a moment.
Then, her toast popped out of the toaster loudly, and she grabbed it. She was chewing her first bite, when she began to choke.
I panicked and jumped up. "Are you OK?" I asked heading towards her.
A second later, she stopped choking, and said, "I'm fine."
I glanced at her piece of toast, and to my horror, I saw today's newspaper. My face darkened, and I said,"I see you saw the news. Now you can learn first hand about how rumors aren't often true." I was horrified that I'd forgotten about the newspaper.
She read it pretty quickly, and when she was done, she asked,"What did they say? Was I after fame, or not? I couldn't read any further."
I replied, feeling like the devil, "They said, and I'm quoting as best as I can, that Ms. Hertson may appear on the surface to be a young, innocent girl, but we've seen girls quite like her throw their lives away with little concern for others, just so they may be in the spotlight for a moment. Which basically means that they couldn't uncover any dirt on you, so just to make it more interesting, they are pretending you are after fame,"
She stood there a moment, then finished her toast.

Chapter 16- PARANOID (Lizzy)
When Nick added the 'just as friends' part, I felt relieved. But deep down, I felt something different. I couldn't explain it, but it felt like disappointment."Why don't you go play golf," I said.
He looked a little bit disappointed when he said, "Are you sure? I don't mind spending time with you."
I felt guilty, so I said, "If you want, I can come."
This cheered him up slightly, but he said, "You can't golf, you're injured."
"I can watch," I insisted.
"Deal," he said, grinning.
We got up, and Nick called Joe back. He said, "Hey Joe, count me in for golfing." Joe said something, and Nick replied saying, "Yeah, I'm taking with me. she wants to go." Joe said something else, and Nick looked a little disgruntled. "Whatever, I'll ask her," he said.
When he hung up, I looked at him, waiting. He finally said, "OK, well Joe reminded me of today's newspaper. Are you sure you want to come, even though the paparazzi might create a new crazy story about us if they see you."
"Whatever, it doesn't matter to me," I said, and I was one hundred percent positive I was telling the truth. I grabbed my phone, and started heading for the door.
Nick muttered something that sounded like, "Wow," and then, louder, said, "Well if you're sure. I'm driving though."
I got into the passenger seat of his car, and felt my phone vibrate. I picked it up and saw that it was a text message from Carly. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! I felt bad, remembering our fight, so I quickly responded by saying, I'm not mad. I'm busy right now so I'll text you back later. I shoved my phone into my pocket, and turned to Nick, who was starting the car.
"Where exactly are we going?" I asked as he started driving away.
"AppleWood Golf Course," he said, "ever heard of it?"
"No, I don't really golf much, "I admitted.
"Well as soon as your better, we'll have to change that," he replied. I laughed, and felt really relaxed for the first time in a while.
When we got to the golf course, I noticed that Nick kept looking over his shoulder. "Are you OK? You seem to be looking over your shoulder a lot," I said.
He glanced at me and said, "I'm watching for the paparazzi. I mean, I hope they don't come, but I'm afraid they will."
"I see. Isn't that Kevin over there?" I asked, spotting him.
We headed over, and when Kevin looked up, he said, "Hey guys." He looked at me for a moment and smiled.
Nick looked at me as well, and said, "Can you wear your hair up?" I looked at him like he was crazy, and he added, "If you also wear sunglasses and a baseball cap, you might look less recognizable."
I rolled my eyes, but grabbed my hair tie off my wrist, and put my hair up into a ponytail. I put the hat Nick handed me on, and put my sunglasses on. "Happy now?" I asked sarcastically.
"Well.." he said, and I groaned. It's just that your cast is pretty visible. If you could wear a jacket, it might be covered up," he said.
"Well it may be cloudy, but its not cold today. Plus, I don't even have a jacket," I said, getting a little frustrated by now.
"Hey Nick, I have that sweatshirt in my car, you can go get it if you want," Kevin said, tossing Nick his keys. Nick left, and I sighed loudly.
"What's wrong with her?" Joe asked, appearing behind Kevin with a golf cart.
"Well, Nick is forcing me to almost disguise myself with my hair up, a hat on, and my sunglasses over my face. And know he's getting a sweatshirt so my cast won't be visible," I said, sounding pretty angry. I turned to Kevin and demanded, "Why'd you tell him that you had a sweatshirt?"
Kevin replied over Joe's laughing, saying, "If I hadn't, he'd have driven to the closest shopping mall and bought you one. This is faster." At my expression of disbelief, he added, "I think Nick's paranoid about the paparazzi right now."
I groaned when Nick came running back, and handed me a navy sweatshirt. I pulled it over my head, and saw that it was at least two sizes too big. I ignored this, and got into the golf cart.
Chapter 17- TROUBLE (Lizzy)
Even though I'd never been one to enjoy golf, I had a lot of fun today. There was always someone else in the golf cart with me, because Nick insisted on it, because if the paparazzi came, I wouldn't be able to drive away with my cast. I watched the game, and understood it better than I ever had before, because I always had a very entertaining commentator. It was so easy to talk to them, not at all like I'd imagined. I had a great time hanging out with them, and it was a relief to see that Nick's paranoia lessened greatly. Nick eventually won, but barely.
As Nick was driving me home, we listened to the radio, and as we were within ten minutes of my house, we heard anannouncementan announcement on the radio that sent chills down my spine.
It said, "We are standing here, in front of Ms. Elizabeth Hertson's home," As I heard that, I gulped in fear preparing myself for the rest, "On today's newspaper, there were rumors that Ms. Hertson was dating the youngest Jonas Brother, Nick. The two all but confirmed these rumors when a fan spotted them on a golf course, and took a picture with her camera phone. This picture is now all over the internet, and reporters have been pouring with great numbers to Ms. Hertson's house. Her parents have been questioned about the two, but all they have said is, 'I don't know anything about them dating. Now leave before we call the police to arrest you!' Reporters are now waiting for Ms. Hertson to return home. I am Cecilia Smith from Channel Eleven News, and I promise to keep you posted.
I sat in stunned silence for a moment, before I notice Nick was doing a U-turn. "What are you doing?" I asked.
"I can't take you back there. The reporters will pummel you with questions. I can't drop you off because you wouldn't even make it halfway there safely. Where does Carly live? I'm gonna take you there," Nick replied.
I gave him the address, and started giving him directions. I looked over at him, and saw that he was very white. "Are you OK?" I asked, concerned.
"Yeah I'm fine. I'm just worried about you. I can't believe I got you dragged into this. It's all my fault," he said.
"Hey, I'm the one who got injured. Turn right here," I said, pointing to the next street ahead of us. We pulled up next to Carly's house, and I said, "Thanks for letting me tag along."
"No problem. When you get inside, ask Carly if you can stay at her house for at least an hour. I'll text you when its safe to go home. Then have Carly bring you home, and pretend you've been hanging out the whole day," he said, and I could tell he was concerned.
"Will do, bye," I said, getting out of the car. I walked to Carly's door and rang the doorbell. I waited a while, and finally Carly came to answer the door. "Hey Carly, can I stay here and lie low for a while? The reporters are at my house, and they are waiting for me," I asked as soon as I could.
"Sure. What are friends for?" She replied. She looked past me, and said, "Tell Nick he can go." When she said, I thought I heard a trace of something in her voice. I wasn't sure what it was, but it scared me.
I waved to Nick that he could go, and when he left, I walked into Carly's house. "Thanks so much Carly. Do you mind if I call my parents now?" I asked. She nodded her permission, and I dialed my mom's number. When she picked up, I said, "Hey mom. It's me, Lizzy."
"Lizzy, are you OK? Where are you?" She demanded.
"I'm at Carly's house. And I'm fine," I replied.
"I'll talk to you later about how irresponsible you were," she said sounding angry, having already covered the topics of her worry.
"I know, and I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have gone golfing with him," I said.
"Well at least your safe," she said, and I knew that she was really worried underneath the anger. I promised her I'd call soon, and I hung up.
I turned to Carly, and said, "Hey. Thanks so much. What have you been doing today?" She just stared at me, and I got confused. "What's wrong? Are you OK?"
"Well I would be, but my 'best friend' didn't tell me she was hanging out with one of my favorite celebrities of all times." She said, sounding oddly cool, and not like herself at all.
I was stunned, but quickly recovered and said, "I'm sorry. I thought I was hanging out with a real person, not a celebrity, otherwise I would have told you."
"Yeah right. You texted me when he was there didn't you? You just wanted him for yourself! How could you do this? What other lies are you keeping from me?" She exclaimed angrily.
"I did not! I don't like him like that! I'm not keeping any secrets!" I yelled right back.
"Yeah? So why are you here then? You can't admit it to the paparazzi?" She shot back.
"I can't admit what?" I shrieked.
"The truth about you new boyfriend!" She screamed.
I couldn't speak for a moment, but then I yelled, "He's not my boyfriend!" I turned away and pulled her front door open. I walked outside and slammed it shut. I just walked away from Carly's house.
Chapter 18- WALK AWAY (Lizzy)
After I left, I just walked on and on. I didn't think about where I was going, I just started walking. I couldn't think straight, and I had no idea where I was heading. I just walked and walked. There were images flashing through my mind, but I couldn't focus on anything.
I had no idea how long I'd been walking, when my phone started buzzed. It was a text message from Nick. I didn't open it. It may have been childish, but I felt like Carly wouldn't have been mad at me if Nick hadn't been there. I kept walking. A while later, I glanced up, and saw that it was getting dark. There were two reasons why. One was because it was starting to becomenighttime,become nighttime, and the other was because clouds were beginning to cover the sky. I ignored this, and kept walking. By now, my feet were growing tired, and so was I. But I couldn't go home. I couldn't admit that Carly had been jealous, and I knew my parents would immediately point that out, and I couldn't hear it either. Though I was in a fight with Carly, she was still my best friend.
When the rain drops began to fall, I noticed, but I didn't care. Only when the rain began to fall rather heavily, did I pick up my pace. I walked for five more minutes, when I reached the park. It was a park Carly and I had often gone to when we were younger. There was a playground, and a grassy area with trees. I chose to go to the area with the tress. There was a group of trees clustered close together, and the looked like they shielded from the rain rather well.
I walked over to them and sat down. A few rain drops got through the leaves, but not many. I was as close to dry as I was going to get in this weather. For a moment, I sat numbly under the tree, but then I started to cry. I cried because I missed Carly. I cried because my parents had to deal with the paparazzi outside my house. I cried because I was an idiot. But mainly, I cried because I was so confused. I leaned against the tree and cried for hours.
I cried for several hours, and I could only tell it had been so long because I began to feel uncomfortable. Then, the rain became stronger, and my teardrops mixed with the rain. I had lost track of time long ago, but I didn't care. I could no longer tell if the darkness was the night having finally appeared, or the fact that the rain was so hard. It felt so good to cry, to get rid of all the sad and angry emotions inside of me. I could no longer feel the teardrops running down my cheeks because the rain was now steadily coming through the leaves.
At some point, I became aware of a light. The light was first growing steadily brighter, then, when it was so bright it almost hurt my eyes, it turned off. A few moments later, a different light appeared, but it was less bright. It was coming towards me, but wobbling as it moved. Finally it was right in front of me.
"Excuse me miss, but I am Officer Williams. Are you Elizabeth Hertson?" A voice a asked, and I finally say that the light was a policeman holding a flashlight. I nodded, and he asked, "Are you all right?"
I thought about that, for a bit, then replied, "I don't know."
"Well lets get you out of here," he said, and pulled me upright. I followed him numbly, and he led me to the car. He helped me sit down in the back seat. He threw a blanket around me, and turned the car on. A moment later, a warm blast of heat filled the car. I leaned back into my seat, and tried to sleep. I couldn't. I glanced at the clock. It was two a.m., but I didn't really care. I was very out of it the whole ride home, and it shocked me when we arrived at my house. I stumbled out of the car, and when the door burst open, I was embraced by my mother. She started sobbing, but for the first time in hours, I didn't. My father spoke to the policeman briefly, but I didn't care.

Chapter 19- THE LECTURE (Lizzy)
The next morning, I had to go to the hospital. I wasn't hurt or anything, but in last night's rain, my cast had somewhat melted, and if I didn't get a new one, my bones might heal wrong. I had slept restlessly, so I had barely gotten any sleep before my mom came at eight to take me to the doctor's.
She hadn't gotten mad last night, but I knew I was probably going to get a lecture. I was right, because when we had driven for less than three minutes, she said, "Lizzy, I want to know what happened yesterday, so I can decide on a fitting punishment."
"Mom, I can't talk about it. Its something I need to deal with," I said.
"Well OK, but do you know how irresponsible you were?"She asked, and I could feel a lecture brewing.
"I know, and I'm really sorry. I never meant to worry you. I didn't realize how late it was, and when I got to the park, I was just trying to find some shelter from the rain," I said, trying to defend myself.
"Well that may be, but why didn't you call someone?" She asked.
I felt really stupid when I replied, "I forgot I had my phone. I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm so sorry!"
"You may not have been, but do you have any idea how worried we were?" She asked and I could tell the lecture had somewhat come to an end.
"I know. Punish me however you want," I said.
"For now, you're grounded. I don't know for how long, but that means you cannot leave the house. You cannot have any friends over, including Carly..." She said.
I interrupted her when I said, "No chance of her coming over anyways."
My mom hesitated a moment, before she said, "Are you and Carly OK? Is that why you left yesterday?"
"Let's talk about something else," I said, regretting what I'd said about Carly. We were both silent until we got to the doctor's.
"Elizabeth Hertson here to see Dr. James about a new cast," my mom said to the lady at the front desk. We went to go sit down in the waiting area. I could sense that my mom wanted to talk to me, so I started listening to my ipod.
We only waited for a few minutes before the lady at the front desk said, "Ms. Hertson, Dr. James will see you now in room eleven."
We went to room eleven, and saw Dr. James. "Hello Elizabeth. What on earth happened to your cast?" He asked as soon as we entered.
"The rain yesterday," I said, not wanting to explain more in depth.
The one good thing about Dr. James was that he didn't question you much. All he said was, "I see you'll be needing a new cast. Do try to be more careful with this one." I promised I would, and he started to take my cast off. It looked like a bit of a hard task, because The cast was wet, but not wet enough to tear right off. When he finally got it off, he handed me a towel, and I dried my arm off. He quickly applied the new cast to my arm, and I waited while it dried. This time, I had gotten a blue cast, and as he threw my wet misshapen old cast away, I remembered with some regret, that that cast had had the Jonas brothers signatures on it. Oh well. Now, I could say I'd done much more that just get a Jonas Brother to sign my cast, I had gone golfing with them.
When we left, I got into the car and put my ipod on again. I really didn't want to talk, and my mom could tell. When we were halfway home, my phone buzzed. it showed me I had five text messages. Oops. I must admit, that I had a slight hope Carly might have sent one, but knowing her, she wouldn't. When I saw who they were from, I was a little shocked. They were all from Nick. I read the first one, the one I had gotten yesterday. It said, be careful. The paparazzi are still there. The next one said, Where are you? Everyone's worried. The next one said, please respond, everyone's freaking out. The next one said, Are you all right? I heard you're home safe. That confused me, but I just read the next one that said, Are you there? Are feeling OK? I quickly sent him a message saying, Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I didn't check my messages.
"Mom, who did you tell that IwasI was missing?" I asked, trying to make sense of the messages.
"We told the police, Carly's family, we called around, to see if you were there. We didn't tell the paparazzi. The police did check the Jonases house, because they'd heard about your golfing story. We told everyone when we'd found you," she replied.
I sat back in my chair, and realized, I hadn't just worried my parents, I'd worried a bunch of other people.

Chapter 20- SORRY (Nick Jonas)
When the police had left after they told us that Lizzy had been found and was alright, I pretended to go to bed. What I really needed to do was to think. How could I have gotten her in this much trouble. My mom had spent a great deal of the night while the police were searching, telling me how it wasn't my fault. I couldn't believe that. I should have just left the camera at her house. I should have said I had to leave, done anything. I should have just left when Joe called about golfing. So if I hadn't been able to leave, I should have just stayed at her house and not let her get spotted with me. This was going to make her life insane. How could I do that to someone so sweet, and so innocent?
I knew why she'd run. At least, I had an idea. I had this gut feeling that she'd argued with Carly. Lizzy had spoken about Carly as if she were like a sister, but at the concert, particularly when Lizzy was taken on stage, I could tell Carly was jealous. This was just another awful thing I had caused. If I hadn't shown up, this may never have happened. Of course, from what little I'd know about Carly, I'd always known that she was after fame. I could see it in her eyes. She was just using Lizzy at the concert, and she had enjoyed the taste of fame from having been interviewed for the front page of the newspaper.
I'd texted Lizzy a few times, already, and when we'd heard she was safe, I'd sent her another text message. At first, I was a little hurt that she hadn't responded, but after a while, when we'd heard that she was missing, I realized that she must have not wanted to talk to me. I was the reason, or so I believed, that she'd fought with Carly. I had understood, but that hadn't prevented me from also calling her. She either didn't hear, or didn't want to hear her phone ringing. I was so worried about her.
I could barely believe that only the day before yesterday, I had met her for the first time. I felt like I'd known her forever. Then again, I had first truly noticed her at the meet and greet. I had noticed her before she'd been injured. I'd noticed her before she'd fallen the first time. I hadn't been able to glance up much, with all the fans and everything. But when she had fallen the first time, I had been a little freaked. After that, I had watched her with a little more interest, mainly because I had been worried about her, just like I was now. It seemed that I was always worrying about her.
I spent the whole night sitting at my window. I didn't move at all, but I was sure I hadn't fallen asleep, because I remembered every second.
I began to fall into sort of a trance around eight in the morning. I was that way for a little over an hour, when my phone buzzed. I looked at it, and saw I had a new text message from Lizzy. I jumped up and opened the message. It said Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I didn't check my messages. I almost jumped with joy, and tried to respond quickly. It didn't work, because I was both so excited, and so tired, that my fingers kept missing the keys. Finally, I managed to reply, Hey! What happened? Barely ten seconds later, I got a response that said, I'll tell you later. I'll call you. I understood perfectly. Sometimes it was better to talk than to text. I replied saying, Sure. I g2g eat breakfast now. I was really feeling hungry, and I'd been holed up for long enough now. She replied saying, OK, talk to you then!
I walked down to the kitchen. When I got there, Only my dad was there. He said, "Did you sleep well?"
"Not really, but I'm feeling a lot better now than I was last night," I replied with a smile.
"I told you it would all work out," he said. I nodded, knowing that once again I'd learned that listening to my parents advice was really helpful.
Chapter 21- GROUNDED (Lizzy)
When we had gotten home, I had found Amy, my little sister, sitting on the couch watching TV. Our neighbor, Mrs. Hunt, was sitting on the sofa watching her.
I was really confused as Amy was supposed to be at day camp. I looked at my mother, about to ask her why Amy was home, but she immediately said, "Amy has a bad sniffle today, so she's staying home. You can take care of her Lizzy." As soon as she said that, I knew why Amy had stayed home, and it had nothing to do with sniffles. My mom wanted there to be a reason I couldn't leave home. She wasn't able to trust me not to leave if I was alone. Personally, I was glad to have Amy's company, because she was a charming little four year old, and having her there would distract me from dwelling on the thoughts that had made me leave Carly's house in the first place. Even though I was a little sad my mom didn't entirely trust me, but then again, I didn't entirely trust myself.
"Bye," I said as my mom left. When the door closed, I knew it was just me and Amy. I walked over to Amy, and picked her up. She giggled when I'd started to tickle her, and I sat down with her to watch her movie. It was some movie with the Cat in the Hat in it.
I wasn't really paying attention but I assumed Amy was, so it shocked me when she said, "Lizzy," I looked into her big brown eyes, and she continued, "Why did those people with the cameras come yesterday?"
I looked at her, and with all her innocence, and I didn't want her to hear about the paparazzi. I didn't want her to be involved. I didn't want any of my family involved, but everyone else could take care of themselves. I was going to say that I didn't know, but when I saw the look on her face, I couldn't lie to her, so I said, "They were the paparazzi. They wanted to write a fake story for the newspaper about me."
"Why?" She asked, and her once again, I was captivated by her oh so adorable expression.
"You know how I hurt myself and broke my arm?" she nodded and I continued, "and do you remember how I got to go to that concert?"
"Yeah, the Jonas Brothers," she said, and I smiled. She knew some of the words to Jonas Brothers songs, because I had played them continually.
"Exactly. Well during the concert, I got to go onstage while they sung my favorite song. So these paparazzi, these reporters, made up a story that I was falling in love with one of the members of the band," I said, hoping I wouldn't have to explain more.
"Are you falling in love?" She asked, and I realized how much she understood of the world.
"No," I said, but a part of me said yes. I ignored it, and pretended it didn't exist.
"Why are they lying? It's bad," she said, reminding me that little kids believed everyone was good.
"I don't honestly know. Maybe they don't know its a lie, or maybe they want excitement. I don't know,"I said with a sigh.
"Where were you yesterday Lizzy?" Amy asked, full of questions today.
"I needed a walk, and I got caught out in the rain," I said. "Hey Amy, do you want to be the first person tosignmy new cast?"
"Yeah!" She shrieked. I walked over to the counter and grabbed a sharpie. I let her sign my cast, and then she went and watched her movie.
I glanced at my phone to see the time. It had been over twenty minutes since I'd last texted Nick. Maybe he was done with breakfast now, so I could call him. I hesitated for a moment, then dialed his number. It rang and rang, but no one answered.
When I was finally about to give up hope, I heard a voice say, "Hello? "
"Hey, its Lizzy, are you free to talk now?" I asked.
"Yeah, totally. What happened? Where were you? Are you OK?" He asked, saying everything in only one breath.
"Calm down, I'm fine. After you left, Carly and I got into a fight. I got angry, and stormed out," I said, feeling happy that I was finally sharing what had happened.
"What did you fight about?" Nick asked, and flinched. I'd been praying he wouldn't ask that.
I considered for a moment before saying, " It doesn't matter. But when I left, I just started walking. I probably would have started heading home, but I wasn't thinking straight. I kept walking until it started raining. Then I walked to the park near there, and I sat down some trees so I would stay out of the rain. That's where the policeman found me. I was huddled next to the tree, crying."
"Oh, wow, something must have really upset you," Nick said, and sensing where he was going with that, I interrupted him.
"Yeah, and my cast like got ruined. I'm gonna need a new set of signatures from you guys. I think that's all, oh wait, my mom grounded me today, for leaving and being irresponsible."
"Oh that sucks. I'm sure I could sign your cast, but I'm leaving for tour in a week, and unless you're ungrounded by then, I won't be able to sign it," he replied. I immediately felt some sadness that he was leaving so soon, but I knew he had to. I was sad, but not sad enough to want to reply to his next question. He asked, "Why did you and Carly fight. It must have been huge to cause you to leave like that."
"Look. I don't want to talk about it yet. Carly and I have been friends for a long long time. I need to think more about this, before I can really talk about it. We fought once earlier this year, but we forgave each other. I don't think I can forgive her this time, and its hard to lose your best friend," I said, feelingimmenselysad. I also realized, I had lost basically my only friend.
I think Nick could tell he had made me sad, and felt guilty, because he immediately said, "OK, let's talk about something different."
I realized that I still had at least one friend who cared.
Chapter 22- TO SAY GOODBYE (Lizzy)
I never realized how much I loved my phone, until I was grounded. Luckily, my parents hadn't taken away my phone, so I could text Nick as long as I wanted. Amy had only spent two days away from camp, I had to spend the rest of the days trying to find something to do. I think my parents realized, it was pretty hard for me to leave,becauseIleave,because I couldn't drive or anything. I counted down the days until Nick was going to leave. When there were only three days left, I got a text message from an unknown number. The message said, hey, this is Kevin Jonas. I could see how someone could just be lying, so I replied, by saying prove it. Barely a minute later, my phone began to ring. It was the same number.
I picked up and said, "Hello?"
"Hey. Is this Lizzy?" a voice asked. I had to admit, the voice sounded a lot like Kevin, but it could be someone faking.
"That depends. Who is this?" I replied, knowing I sounded lame.
"I am Kevin Jonas. You want proof? I'll send you a picture," the voice said and hung up. A few minutes later, I got a picture message, and it was a picture of Kevin. It was clearly him, and not some picture off the internet. There was a message that said, believe me now? I quickly replied by saying, yeah, what's up?He replied and said. I know you're grounded, but could you please try to see if you can come over for like five minutes?Shocked, I said, I can try, but why? a minute later, Kevin replied saying, Nick is sad he's leaving on tour and he can't say goodbye in person. Please please try!I was stunned, but I replied I'll try, but I'm not sure it'll work. I'll tell you if it does.He quickly replied, Thanks. It'll mean so much to Nick. Now I just had to convince my mom to agree.
By the time my mom came home, I had cleaned the entire house, and cooked dinner. I had made her favorite food, and I had even gotten Amy to help me bake brownies for desert.
"Mmmm, it smells so good! Did you make this all?" my mom asked as she walked into the kitchen.
"Yep," I said as I took the brownies out to cool.
"I see. My favorite food, brownies for desert, and let me guess. You cleaned the house," she said, eyeing me curiously. "What do you want?"
"Why do I necessarily want something? Can't I cook because I want to? Maybe I've just been bored," I said.
"Lizzy, I know you well enough. What do you want?" My mom said, and I could tell shewantedanshe wanted an answer, now.
"Well it's just... I promise I won't get mad if you say no, but I want to be ungrounded for a short time," I said, deciding that beating around the bush probably wouldn't help my cause.
"No. You did something you shouldn't have, and now you're suffering the consequences. Besides, the whole point of being grounded is that you miss something you would want to do." My mom said.
I knew arguing wouldn't help, so all I said was, "fine." I was still working on my plan, because I wasn't going to give up so easily.
My mom said nothing else on the subject, and neither did I. We said nothing about it during dinner. I cleared the table by myself, and went to my room. I softly played Jonas brothers songs on my computer, and by now, most people would have given up, but I hadn't.
The next morning, I woke up early when Amy came into my room, and realizing it was only ten minutes earlier than she would normally wake up, I came up with a plan. When my mom walked into the kitchen around ten minutes later, Amy was dressed, and singing some song, and I was at the stove makingpancakes.making pancakes. When most of the pancakes were done, I started making scrambled eggs.
My mom walked over to me and said, "Lizzy, don't do this. You aren't going to change my mind."
"I know, I'm just being helpful. I have nothing to do, and not much I can do with my cast and everything, so I decided to help out more." I said. She left to get ready, and I started thinking. Making her keep my request in her mind, was helping me. I was prepared to wait as long as I had to. I also knew my mom would be curious about what I wanted to be ungrounded for.
Chapter 23- BETRAYAL (Lizzy)
I spent the day doing laundry. I wanted my mom to see I wasn't going to give up, no matter what. Amy was coming home late because she was at a friend's house, and I was on my computer, checking my email, when I saw the article, my heart stopped. The paparazzi hadn't posted anything about me recently, and I'd been hoping they wouldn't, but like most things, I was proven wrong. I saw the title, and rolled my eyes. When I read the sub-heading, my heart stopped again.
An exclusive interview with Elizabeth's best friend, Carly
I didn't think I could read any more. I glanced at the picture next to the article. There were two. One was of me and Carly laughing, and one was of me and Nick sitting in the golf cart. I was not brave enough to read the caption of the one of me and Nick, and saw it said, Elizabeth and Nick enjoying a peaceful day at the Applewood Golf Course. I gathered my courage, and read the one under the picture of me and Carly. I choked on air when I saw it said, Elizabeth and her best friend Carly. Carly admits that she knew Nick was dating Elizabeth, and suspects it had been going on for months. This disgusted me so much, that I read the article.
We've heard a lot about Ms. Elizabeth Hertson over the pat few days, but we've never heard anything from Elizabeth herself, or anyone close to her. But now, we've got an interview with someone as close to Elizabeth as anyone is. That's right, we have Elizabeth's very best friend here to tell us all about her. "Well Elizabeth's always been in love with Nick ever since she was diagnosed with diabetes. She told me so once at a sleepover when we were fourteen," Carly says. When we inquired further, we discovered that Elizabeth has had diabetes for two years. We asked Carly about Elizabeth's relationship with Nick, and she said, "Elizabeth never told me so, but I mean its so obvious. I know her as well as anyone in her family, and Iknowshe's dating him. She as good as told me when I asked her, and she turned bright red. I mean if that's not enough proof, what is?" We were shocked to know this, as this was only ever a possibility, and now, to know the truth, we had to know more. We next asked her if she was after Nick because of the fame, and she replied by saying, "being her best friend and all, I hate to speak badly of her, but when she was on the front page of the newspaper two days in a row, it kinda went to her head. Plus, when she got called onstage, she was practically leaping for joy. She wouldn't stop bragging about it, and it really got annoying. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure that she is only after the fame." So there you have it. Nick Jonas has a 'Video Girl' on his hands. We asked carly one last question, whether or not Elizabeth had or had not been dating Nick for a while. She said, "I'm pretty sure she was. She had been hiding something from me, and I know it was this." Watch out world, Elizabeth is after fame, and won't stop no matter what.

The other articles had hurt me badly, but this was the worst of all. Not only was it a complete and total lie, but my own former best friend had sunk this low. I wanted to cry, and I wanted to scream. But I did neither. I just took my laptop, and walked to the dining room table. I closed my laptop, and sat there. I only had half an hour before my mom came home, and i just sat there, waiting. I stared at a blank wall, and refused to think. The half hour went by surprisingly quickly.
When my mom and came in, I said, "Mom, I'm ready to talk about my fight with Carly."
She could tell I needed to talk now, so she sent Amy to go play in her room. She sat down next to me, and said, "What happened sweetie? Tell me everything."
I took a breath and began, "Well, as Nick was taking me home form the golf course, we heard on the radio that there was a bunch of paparazzi in front of our house, so Nick took me to Carly's instead, hoping to avoid the paparazzi. We did avoid the paparazzi, and I went into Carly's house. I asked her if I could stay, because the paparazzi was at my house. She said I could, and then I called you. I thanked Carly, and asked her how her day was. She didn't respond, so I asked her what was wrong. She was unusually cool, and she said that she was upset that I hadn't told her I was hanging out with a celebrity, and I told her I didn't think I was. I thought I was hanging out with a real person, not a celebrity. She got mad, saying that I just wanted him for myself, and accused me of lying to her. I yelled that I wasn't keeping any secrets, and she yelled that I couldn't admit it to the paparazzi, and when I asked what I couldn't admit, she said I couldn't admit that Nick was my boyfriend. I told her he wasn't, and left. Then I walked and walked, and you basically know the rest."
My mom sat there for a moment, then she said, "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry."
"Yeah. I know. Then we know the rest, I get grounded, etc. I was checking my email, when I saw this article," I said, showing it to her. I watched as her mouth dropped open in horror, and when she finished reading, she turned to me with tears in her eyes. Before she could say anything, I added, "So now I've lost my best friend, and the only other friend I have, Nick, is about to leave on tour until September, or longer, and I can't even say goodbye, cause I'm grounded." I hadn't let a single tear fall until I said this last part. I walked to my room, and slammed the door. I collapsed onto my bed, and tried to do anything but think.
Chapter 24- GOODBYE (Nick Jonas)
I sat on my bed, strumming my guitar. I played a few chords from our songs, but I couldn't really get into it, like I usually did the night before we left for tour. My bag was packed, my clothes were ready so the next day I could just stumble out of bed onto the tour bus. Everyone was ready to go, except me. I had everything ready, but I just didn't feel ready. I didn't know what was wrong. I'd said goodbye to everyone, over the phone, or in person. I knew I was ready to wake up early and got to bed late, and for every part of tour life,, except one. I wasn't ready to leave home. I had a feeling it wasn't home I was going to miss, but it was something else.
I heard a knock on my door, so I said, "come in." It was Kevin and Joe.
"Hey Nick. What's up? You ready to go on tour?" Joe asked as he sat down on my chair.
"Yeah, I guess," I said, knowing I sounded really fake.
"Sure your ready to go," Joe said sarcastically, rolling his eyes at Kevin.
"So thats why we have a surprise for you," Kevin said.
"What? A surprise? What are you talking about?" I asked, confused.
"We knew nothing would make you happy to go on tour, except..." Kevin said, and at the last word, he flung my door open, and there stood Lizzy. I felt my mouth drop open, and Kevin said, "Thank us later," and left with Joe.
I sat there in complete silence as I stared at Lizzy. How could she possibly be here? "You've got asuperblynice house," she said, sitting down on the chair Joe had been in earlier. "Are you alright?" she asked when I still couldn't respond.
"Yeah... I'm fi... aren't you grounded?" I stammered, trying to make sense of this all.
"Yeah, but my mom let me off for a night so I could come say goodbye. She took me here and is waiting downstairs," Lizzy said with a smile. In all our texting conversations, I had pictured that smile.
"Why? I mean, I am thrilled to see you, but why did she let you off?" I asked, still really confused.
"Have you read any stories on the news about our 'relationship'?" She asked and I shook my head. Had I missed something? "Well yesterday, I read an article on the internet. It was an interview with Carly. She lied saying yeah we were dating, I was after fame, and a bunch of other stupid lies. I told my mom about my fight with Carly, and by then, I couldn't take it anymore, so I just said that I had lost my best friend, and my only other friend, you was about to leave on tour until september, and I couldn't even say goodbye because I was grounded. So my let me come," she concluded, and I admired her bravery.
"I'm sorry, lets talk about something else," I said, feeling guilty about asking about that.
"OK, but I'm over it. So, are you excited about the tour?" Lizzy asked.
I thought about it for a moment, then, realizing it was now the truth, I said, "Yeah. I'm sad to leave, but to see all of those fans and new places, its amazing!"
"Thats so cool. I wish I could travel the world and see awesome places. You're so lucky!" Lizzy said.
"Yeah. So are you doing anything exciting this summer?" I asked.
"Well not really. I'm just visiting my grandparents in New York," Lizzy said, and an idea formed inside my head.
"Cool. Where do they live?" I asked trying not to sound too obvious.
"About twenty miles outside of New York City," Lizzy said.
"When are you visiting them?" I asked, praying the time would be right.
"In the middle of July, why?" she asked, sounding a bit suspicious.
"I'm just wondering about something. I'm gonna just check something on my computer, but we can keep talking," I said, pulling my laptop out of my bag.
"OK then. So what's life like when you're touring?" Lizzy asked.
"Oh, its pretty cool. The only problem is the tour bus seems kinda small sometimes. But its totally worth it, seeing the look on the fans faces at the concerts and events. Yeah, its nice, but sometimes you just miss your privacy, or even a home cooked meal," I said, while I typed.
"That's cool. whatWhat are you doing?" Lizzy asked, clearly confused.
"Oh I'm just... what days are you going to be in New York?" I asked.
"Um, I don't know! I think it's like the seventh through the twentieth," she asked, still appearing confused.
"Yes. Sorry I was just checking the tour dates, and if you can, I was wondering if you'd like a backstage pass to at least one of our three concerts in New York. We're there on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth," I said, thrilled that this had worked out.
"Are you serious? I would totally love that!" Lizzy said, and I could see she was really thrilled.
"That's awesome. I think we spend at least one day there to relax after the concerts, so maybe we could hang out," I said, smiling with relief.
"I would totally love that!" Lizzy exclaimed, and I felt as happy as she sounded.
I smiled, and was about to speak, when my mom came in and said, "Lizzy, your mom says you have to leave in five minutes, so start saying goodbye." She left, and I felt sad at the prospect of saying goodbye for a while.
Lizzy smiled at me and said, "It sucks to say goodbye, but I'll see you soon, at least, it will seem so for you. You'll be touring and time will fly! I'll be able to do something soon, I hope considering I'm grounded."
"I promise to text or call," I said.
"Only if you have time with your busy schedule and everything," Lizzy said. We both turned to the door, and walked out.
We walked down the hallway, and when we passed Joe's room, he and Kevin were sitting and talking to Frankie. They all turned to the two of us at once, and Joe said, "Are you leaving?" Lizzy nodded, and he and Kevin got up and gave Lizzy a hug. Joe said, "I'll miss not being the only clumsy person around here."
Lizzy laughed, and Kevin said, "Ignore him. We'll miss you."
As we were leaving, Lizzy said, "Bye Frankie," and waved to him. I looked at her in confusion, never remembering introducing Frankie. She said, "I met him earlier today."
We walked down the stairs, and entered the kitchen. Lizzy's mom and my mom looked up, and turned to her one last time. "Bye, I'll miss you," I said, and gave her a hug. She hugged me back, and I felt what I thought was a tear fall onto my shoulder.
"Me too," she said, and followed her mom out the door.
Chapter 25- THE PLAN (Kevin Jonas)
"Hey Kevin, Joe, thanks for getting Lizzy here. It was great to say goodbye to her. And we might be able to see her in New York, because she'll be there visiting her grandparents while we're playing there. Isn't it great!" Nick said as he walked by into his room.
"Wow. He's like seriously in love with her," I said turning to Joe as soon as I heard Nick's door close.
"I know! And she's like totally in love with her too!" Joe replied.
"It's just a shame they can't see it themselves! There perfect for each other! I haven't seen Nick this happy in forever!" I exclaimed.
"I think he's starting to realize how he feels, but he's afraid," Joe said.
"Exactly. And I think he doesn't want to drag her into the life of being chased by a paparazzi," I said.
"This could seriously make a great movie, or song. Maybe we should write it, and have Nick sing it, then, he might realize this is exactly how he feels!" Joe said.
"I still doubt he'd get it. I think he's afraid he really likes her. He was hurt pretty badly last time he was dumped," I replied.
Yeah. But they're perfect for each other! I hope its just not too late when Nick realizes it," Joe added.
"We've got to stop him from losing her. It would break his heart," I said, thinking ahead.
"Yeah. He would be so unbearable then. He wouldn't be able to sing anything but breakup songs,"Joe said.
"We've got to come up with some plan to get them together. We should do something when we meet her in New York," I said.
Joe thought for a moment, "That would be awesome, but what could we do?"
"I don't know. We could plan to go eat out, as in the four of us, then cancel, because we have to take Frankie somewhere. Then we could leave them alone," I said.
"Why do I have to be involved in your plan?" a voice asked and we jumped when we realized Frankie was still in the room.
"Frankie! You can't tell any of this to Nick!" I exclaimed.
"I won't, I promise," he said. then he got up and went to his room.
"That could work, but they might just pretend they're going as friends," Joe said, and I had to agree with him.
"It is risky. Maybe we could..." I said, still thinking.
"I've got it! We can get a boat ride around the bay, and we can say we got the time and everything wrong, so we can pretend it was supposed to be earlier. All we have to do is find an excuse why not to be there," Joe said, almost screaming.
"YES!" I yelled.
"What is going on?" Nick asked as he came running into my room.
"Nothing," I said. When he left, I screamed with joy on the inside. Finally, Nick would be able to see that he was in love.
Chapter 26- TIME GOES BY(Lizzy)
As time began to go by, I got into a routine. I woke up and spent several hours at home. After I was ungrounded, I would walk over to Amy's day camp, and take her to the park. I would let her play for half an hour, and then I would take her home. Then, when it got dinner time, I got to cook. I didn't have to, but I needed something to do. It was always the hardest time of day for me after dinner, when Nick couldn't text me. All throughout the day, whenever he could, he would text me. But in the evenings, he couldn't because he was playing a concert in the U.S., and afterward, it was late considering he had to wake up early. It was also hard because I didn't have anything I could do during the day. I was counting down the days until I got my cast off, and the number of days left until I got to see Nick in New York, and they were only a week apart.
I did think it was a little strange that I couldn't wait for Nick to text, but I figured it was just that he was my only friend. If I hadn't been furious with Carly, I would've been hanging out with her. We would have done everything together, but seeing as she had totally lied to the press about me, I was lonely. I had read every book I had to for homework over the summer. I had written the essay, and I had nothing to do. I tried sleeping in late, and while it worked, it left me with way too much free time in the evenings.I was starting to drive myself crazy, and I knew that as soon as I got back from New York, it would be much easier, because I would be able to go back to work at the Dallas Pet Sanctuary. It would be a relief to have something to do.
One day, I had plenty to do. I was sitting on my bed, listening to music, when I heard my doorbell ring. Confused, I got up and went to the door. I pulled it open, and for the second time in my life, I was astounded by who was at my door.
"Carly?" I said, stunned.
"Yeah. How have you been?" She asked. I stared at her. I could have answered, but I didn't. I wasn't going to forget how angry I'd been. I just stared at her, making her uncomfortable, until she said, " Look, Lizzy, I'm really sorry. My mom sent me here to apologize, and I had wanted to apologize for a while, but I didn't want to get you in any trouble cause I knew you were grounded."
"That's all you have to say?!? You went to a reporter and lied about me! Now the whole world thinks I'm some freak who is using Nick! What's wrong with you?!?" I said as I felt my anger escalating.
"I know, I know, I've been awful. But I went to the reporter and said that I was lying, and asked her to print a new story, with the truth," Carly insisted.
This shocked me, so all I could say was, "When did you go to the reporter?"
This seemed to make her uncomfortable, so when she spoke, I was worried. "Well, you see, don't get mad, but I went two weeks ago. I'm sure they'll post the story soon."
"Yeah. I'm sure. Are you seriously stupid? They're not going to say that we're not dating, because people won't believe them anymore. They're not going to take it back," I said angrily.
"Well I'm sure they will," Carly said, and I could see the hope beginning to fade from her eyes.
"Yeah right. I can't believe you sometimes," I said rolling my eyes.
"You know this isn't all my fault," Carly said, and I could see some of her familiar temper coming back.
I wasn't going to let her just lie, so I said, "how come?"
"You never talked to me about Nick. I got the wrong ideas," she said smugly.
"You wouldn't have understand it," I said. By now I could see that this wasn't going to end well, and I had to end this soon, before it got really bad. "Just leave," I said, beginning to shut the door.
She caught it, and said, "You're going to have no friends anymore. You're going to be lonely your whole life. So let me inside."
I couldn't take it anymore, so I just swung my arm, and punched her straight in the jaw. Unfortunately, It was my hand with my cast on it. I heard a thud, and felt a little pain, but not much. Carly on the other hand, appeared to be in a lot of pain as I pulled away. She looked at me for a second, pulled something shiny out of her pocket, and threw it at me. It hit me in the shin hard, but I was fine other than a bruise maybe.
As she stormed towards her car, I heard her shriek, "You'll regret that!"
Most people would be sad to watch their only best friend leave angrily, but I wasn't. I felt really happy. I don't know why, but I felt free of her. It was kinda like now, I didn't have to be friends with her. She had been a great friend, but in the past two years she'd turned insane.
Chapter 27- OPRAH (Nick Jonas)
"Goodnight Chicago!" Joe yelled as we left the stage. I was still in the rush I always got when I was done with a concert. It was always so awesome to realize how many amazing fans we had who would come to see us perform. It still amazed me that we had so many fans. Being on tour was the best feeling on Earth. Even though I hated the fact that it seemed like I barely ever got any sleep, it was awesome.
"Great concert guys!" my mom said as she embraced me Joe and Kevin in a hug.
"Thanks! It seemed like it was an awesome show," I said with a smile.
"Yeah. The crowd seemed seriously connected," Kevin said.
"Who's ready for Oprah tomorrow!" my dad said as he too joined the circle.
"Yay! Wake up early!" I said with fake sarcasm.
"Nick, Nick! Wake up! It's time for Oprah!" Joe said loudly into my ear. I sat up quickly and squinted at the room. There was light flooding out of the window around the curtain.
"What time is it?" I mutter as I get out of my bed.
"Too late. We have only thirty minutes to get ready, so hurry," Joe said.
"I said I was going to text Lizzy," I said, still groggy.
"We're out of time! Do it in the car!" Joe exclaims. I realize that I really have to get ready, so I get moving.
"Welcome everybody! I'm Oprah, and today, our guests are the Jonas Brothers!" Oprah announced when the show started. We all smiled and waved as the audience cheered.
"We're happy to be here," Kevin said, speaking for all of us.
"Now the topic that's got us all going crazy is your new CD A Little Bit Longer. You released the CD the first week in June, and it has already sold lots of copies. Nick, we know that A Little Bit Longer is really person to you, can you tell us anything more about it," Oprah said once the cheering had died down slightly.
"Well I wrote A Little bit Longer when we were filming Camp rock, and it was just a day my blood sugar was way out of control, and I just walked over to the piano in the hotel and started to play. I played it for everyone else later, and they loved it, so it became a song on our record," I said.
"Why do you think people relate to the song so well, even if they don't have diabetes?" Oprah asked.
"People can relate because even if they don't have diabetes, everyone's suffered at least some hard times. And the song, its about how people say they get what you're going through, but no one can really understand how you feel, and I think that's what's great about the song. When you're going through a hard time, you feel isolated, like you're all alone, and I hope the song helps everyone realize that there is someone there, who maybe can't relate to the exact same incidence, but has had their own share of bad times," I said, praying that what I was saying made sense.
"So by now, everyone's heard of how you invited Ms. Hertson onstage for A Little bit Longer. We have that clip here, and we're going to show it to you, but first, what we really need to hear, are you dating Ms. Hertson? We've heard from her best friend, but we need to hear from you," Oprah said.
"I'm not dating Elizabeth. The only reason she came onstage, was that we felt guilty about her injury. It was at our meet and greet that she was injured, after all. And as for what Elizabeth's best friend said, it was all a complete and total lie. She was angry at Elizabeth after the whole incident where we were caught golfing. Again, we were just trying to make it up to her. She had nothing to do, so we decided to be nice."
"All a lie? Hmm. Now here's the clip," she said as she pointed to a screen in the background. I watched, trying to see it like someone watching would if they had no information about the topic. I saw how maybe, possibly, someone could see it as if we were dating. But I could also see it so it seemed like a friend helping another through a hard time. When it was done, Oprah said, "Can you see how someone could make the mistake of thinking you were dating?"
I tried to respond honestly, so i said,"Yeah, I could see that, but can't you also see it as a friend helping another friend? We both have diabetes, so it feels like she gets what I'm going through, more than most people, and I think I get what she's going through. I was just lending a hand, and a shoulder to cry on. It that so hard to believe? How many of you have ever felt like having a shoulder to cry on? Doesn't it help if they get what's going on?" I ended up speaking to the crowd.
With their overwhelming cheers of yes, I felt my point had been proven."I see. So we have more questions after the break," Oprah said.
"How long is this break?" I asked.
"Five or six minutes, why?" Oprah replied.
"Well, I've got to go make a call," I said, leaving the stage. I grabbed my phone, and scanned my phone book when I found the number I wanted. I dialed, and prayed she would answer quickly.
Chapter 28- PHONE CALL (Lizzy)
"Mom! Can you pick up some cereal next time you go to the store?" I yelled as I realized we were almost out.
"Sure. Just add it to the list," my mom replied. I added it to the grocery list on our counter after I had poured my milk on my cereal. Today I was up early, because I was watching Oprah. I was really impatient for it to start again, and it was annoying to wait. She had been talking to the Jonas Brothers about their new songs when the commercial had come on. It also was shocking to hear Oprah say my name. She and Nick had talked about me on live TV, which was extremely strange. No one had ever talked about me on TV before, and I was kind of hoping no one ever would.
I was heading to the TV in my room, when my phone started ringing. I hit answer without even checking the caller ID. "Hello?" I said as I kept walking.
"Hey Lizzy, its me, Nick," Nick said. I almost dropped my cereal bowl in shock.
"Nick? Aren't you on Oprah right now? Or at least on the set?" I asked.
"Well its on commercial now, and I really wanted to talk to you," Nick said.
"Yeah I know, I'm watching. You could have waited until after the show. Wow. You left Oprah to talk to me," I said, once again shocked.
"Yeah, but I like to talk to my friends. I only have a few minutes, so what have you been up to?" Nick asked.
"Not much. I'm getting my cast off on Friday," I said.
"Cool. I'm glad you're going to be better soon," He said.
"So what have you been doing?" I asked.
"Well you know, playing concerts, traveling the country, being on Oprah, normal teenager stuff," Nick said, trying to sound casual.
I laughed, and said, "Of course. I guess I haven't been acting like a normal teenager recently then, considering I haven't been on Oprah since, well ever!"
He laughed too, and it made me smile. "Have the paparazzi been bothering you?"
"No, but I imagine they follow you everywhere," I said.
"True. So its only a little over a week until we're in New York," Nick said.
"Yep. So I asked my grandparents when I talked to them, and they said they'd love to have your whole family over some day," I said.
"Cool. I'm excited. So have you thought about my backstage pass offer?" Nick asked.
"I would love to, but I just hope the paparazzi doesn't catch me," I said.
"Oh, I'm sure we'll figure something out," Nick said.
"Yeah. I could probably blend in with the crowd. It can't be too hard. Thousands of screaming teenagers, it can't be too hard, its just like being a normal teenager," I said jokingly.
"Yeah, and what exactly is the definition of normal?" Nick asked, laughing.
"I don't know," I replied.
"So how did you handle the Carly situation? You couldn't have been more vague in your text message," Nick asked.
I hesitated, then decided the whole truth would be the best, so I said, "Well she came over to apologize, and said that she had told the reporter she had been lying. That was two weeks ago, and she tried to convince me that they would tell the world that she had been lying. I got mad, and so did she. She tried to force me to let her inside, and then I punched her. It was my hand with the cast on it. She threw the key I had given her at me, and it bruised my shin."
There was a moment of silence as Nick comprehended it, then he said, "Did you get in trouble? You didn't hurt your hand did you?"
"My hand is fine, and I'm not in any trouble," I said, adding, "cause my mom doesn't know about it."
"You are continually getting in trouble. Try not to be grounded in New York. That would really suck," Nick said.
"I'll try, I promise," I replied.
I heard someone yell something to Nick, and then he said, "Looks like I gotta go. I'll text you later."
"Bye," I said, and the connection ended.
I turned to my TV, and sure enough, Oprah was coming back on. I watched Nick the rest of the interview. He smiled a lot, which, according to the press and pictures, was rare. It made me think. He smiled a lot when he was around me. Did Nick really smile a lot when he wasn't surrounded by the crazy paparazzi?

Chapter 29- NEW YORK, DAY ONE (Lizzy)
"Amy, Amy, we're here. We're at grandpa and grandma's. Wake up," I whispered into Amy's ear. She had fallen asleep on the car ride to our grandparents' house. We didn't travel much, and airplanes made her really tired.
"Lizzy, are you gonna take me to that statue?" Amy asked as she stumbled up the walkway to the door.
"Of course," I said. She had been asking everyone to take her to the statue of Liberty as soon as she had figured out what it was. We walked inside, and our grandparents showed us to our room. Amy, being as tired as she was, fell asleep almost the second she lay down. I quietly left her and joined my grandparents. They'd been through the whole 'It's so great to see you! My how you've grown!' and the ever famous, 'How is everything going?'. So now, I had no need for those questions. I loved New York, and my grandparents. It was great to be here!
"Mom! They'll be here any minute!" I yelled up the stairs at my mom as she left the bathroom.
"I'm here, I'm here! Calm down Lizzy!" My mom exclaimed as she rushed down the stairs.
"Where's dad? Have you seen him?" I asked my mom frantically.
My mom refused to be fazed by all my freaking out, and said, "Lizzy. Get a grip! Everything will be fine. Your dad is coming down in a minute. He just has to make sure Amy gets ready."
"And grandma and grandpa? Where are they?" I asked, calming down slightly.
"Grandma's putting the finishing touches on the meal, and grandpa is just sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. He's ready when needed," my mom said. She saw that I still wasn't calming down, and so she added, "Come on, take some deep, calming breaths. In and out."
"Lizzy! Do I look pretty?" Amy asked appearing at the top of the stairs.
"You look amazing," I said, smiling at her cute skirt and shirt, and her adorable pigtails with her curly brown hair.
Ding Dong."They're here!" I said keeping my voice down.
I went to the door, took a breath and opened it. Nick, Joe, Kevin, Frankie, and Mr and Mrs. Jonas were standing at the door. "Hey Lizzy," Nick said.
"Come in, come in," I said, trying to be a good host.
"Thanks again for inviting us," Mrs. Jonas said as she entered the house.
"You've met my mom, and this is my dad, and my little sister Amy," I said, pointing to each in turn. "And these are my grandparents," I said as they came in. Everyone said hi, and there seemed to be no awkward conversation pauses. Amy, after being shy for several minutes, dared to go to Kevin and ask him if he was Joe or Kevin. She knew the names of the Jonas Brothers, because of me.
"Hey. How have you been?" Nick asked as he came up to me.
"Great. I've missed you. It's sad not having any friends at home," I said.
"Sorry," Nick said with a grin. "You got your cast off?"
"Yep. I'm cast free now."
"Good," Nick said.
After that, we had dinner, and we discussed lighthearted things, and had a great time. After dinner, there was tea and coffee, and then as time started to indicate Nick would have to leave soon. I tool him outside and showed him my tree house.
"I spent a summer here, when Amy was born. I was mad at her for existing, so my parents sent me away for a short time. I was really stubborn then, and I wouldn't go to any camp, so they sent me here. I loved that tree, and my grandpa said he'd build me a tree house, because when I had been five, that what I had wanted. So I spent the whole summer helping him build it," I told Nick as I reminisced in my memories. I turned towards the house, and I thought I saw a movement in the windows.
I ignored it when Nick said, "You really love this place." I nodded, and we stood there in silence. Then Nick said, "I really missed you on tour."
"I missed you too. I spent a lot of time either to myself, or with Amy," I said.
Nick looked at me, and then gave me a hug. I hugged him back, and let a tear fall from my eye. Nick looked at me and said, "you cry a lot."
I nodded, and said, "I didn't used to. I've just had a hard summer." I leaned on him, and cried. I just cried and cried, about losing Carly, about being alone while Nick had been on tour. I cried for a reason I couldn't understand, but it felt like they were tears of longing. I was longing for something, and it was so lose, but I couldn't quite reach it. I ad no idea what I was longing, but I knew I was also crying for joy. It was so marvelous to see Nick again. But when I thought that, I thought of how I was going to lose him again for a few months as he went on tour, and did what rock stars do. I cried because I had so much to cry about. The tears felt good, and I realized I had been bottling too much up, and I had too much to deal with. My heart felt broken in several places, and the tears were tears of the heart.
And all through it, Nick held me. He didn't say anything, but he was there for me.

Chapter 30- LOVE
NOTE: This chapter is in the point of view of both Lizzy and Nick. The first part is about Lizzy, and the second part is about Nick. ENJOY!

I lay in the bed in my grandparents' house, and I couldn't sleep. It was like three in the morning. I had tried to go to sleep hours ago, but I couldn't fall asleep. I just lay in bed, thinking. I had to think, because my heart was bursting with emotion. For once, it wasn't any thing that made me want to cry. On the contrary, I was bursting with joy. The emotions that had filled me for the past month or so of my life, finally made sense.
I stared at the wall, trying to clear my head, but all I could see was his face. It stood out in my mind so clearly. There was no way I was ever going to forget this feeling. I walked over to the window. I looked out, and saw a few lone stars in the distance. I looked at them, and smiled. Smiling was so nice! It was so great to feel like I wasn't going to cry!
I has thought of it in my head for a long time now, but I really had to say it aloud. There was no one awake, so I decided to tell God.
"Dear God," I began, "I want to thank you for bringing Nick into my life. He's been a great friend, and he's helped me through a lot. I really cared about him the moment I met him, but not in the way I had thought. I hadthoughtof him as a friend this whole time. But I was wrong. So wrong. He's so much more to me. I appreciate everything he's done for me. He helped heal my heart. He helped heal it today, after it broke when Carly and I fought. He has helped me heal my heart from a break that happened two years ago. He helped heal my heart in a way no one else could. I had thought I was over diabetes, but now I realize I wasn't. I was just hiding the pain from myself. He helped stop the pain, and help fix my poor broken heart. So now I know what it feels like. I thought I knew love for my family, and I did, but now, I now a greater kind of love," I said. I held my breath for a second, then admitted what I had needed to, and I said, "I'm falling in love with my only friend. I'm in love with Nick."
(This happens at the same time as the earlier part of the chapter)
The hotel ceiling was really an ugly color of beige, but I didn't see it as I stared up. All I could see was one face. It was a beautiful face, with long brown hair. I remembered everything about her, and to picture her filled me with joy.I felt myself holding her again, being the one to comfort her. I had wanted that moment to last forever.
I had waited so long to see her, and it pained me to realize, I had felt this way for a while, but I had been hiding it. I had been hiding it from myself. I'd been afraid to admit how I felt. I had wanted to protect her, is what I had told myself the whole time. But I had been selfish. I had wanted to protect myself from heartbreak. I was afraid. I was a coward.
I had always tried to comfort her. I hadn't wanted her to be in pain. I had thought of us as friends, but I knew that wasn't possible anymore. I couldn't just be her friend anymore. This filled me with all this guilt. She said I was her only friend. I didn't want to hurt her, and I didn't know if she felt how I felt. I couldn't say anything, for the risk of losing her forever. It wasn't worth it, nothing was worth losing her forever.
I told myself I'd stay friends with her forever. but when I thought of her smile, and her laugh, I knew it would kill me. She made me smile, and she meant the world to me.
When I thought about her eyes, I picked up my guitar, and started to play When You Look Me In The Eyes. As I sang, I realized that when we had written the song, I had known nothing. I had been so ignorant. I set the guitar down when I was done.
"It took you long enough to realize it," a voice said, and I jumped in shock when Joe turned the light on.
"Sorry, I forgot about you. What have I realized?" I asked, playing innocent.
"Nick, just admit it! Everyone else know it! Just say it aloud, and you'll feel so much better!" Joe insisted.
I knew he was right, but it really pained me to say it, but I made myself do it. "I... I'm afraid... I think I'm falling in love. With Lizzy."
Chapter 31- FINALLY (Joe Jonas)
After Nick left the room, I rushed into Kevin's room.
"Kevin, are you there?" I asked as I entered.
"Yeah, over here he said," he said from the table in his room. He was on his computer, typing an email.
"You'll never guess what happened!" I said.
"What?" Kevin asked, more eager to hear now.
"Last night, I woke up cause Nick was playing When You Look Me In The Eyes on his guitar. I made him admit it. He knows he loves Lizzy now!" I exclaimed.
"Seriously?" Kevin asked.
"Yeah. He told me that he's afraid to ruin their friendship, because she says he's her only friend," I added.
"So now he's going to do nothing?" Kevin asked, shocked.
"That's the bad news. He doesn't want to lose her, and he's afraid," I said.
"Well we have to prove she likes him too!" Kevin exclaimed.
"I know! I told him it was obvious, but he doesn't believe me! I mean, can't he see the way she looks at him?" I said.
"Seriously. I don't think she gets it though. I think she thinks they're just friends," Kevin said.
"Uh! They are so blind! Why, of all the people in the world did we get stuck with the brother who is seriously blind about love?"
Kevin agreed saying, "Yeah, and why did he have to fall in love with the one fan who isn't all 'oh I love you!'. Why are they both so hopeless?"
"Looks like we have to do something, since we never got our earlier plan into action," I said.
"I know. What can we do? We have to get evidence she likes him, and show it to him. But how do we do that?" Kevin asked.
"Well if she hasn't admitted it to herself yet, that could be hard. We could try to record her saying how she feels, and play it for Nick," I suggested.
"Do you really think she's going to tell us about how she feels for Nick? She knows we'll just tell him," Kevin said.
"What about her little sister? We could try to get Lizzy to admit it to her. I think they seemed pretty close," I said.
"That could work. We could try to convince her to talk to Lizzy about it. But who knows if Lizzy will admit it to a four year old!" Kevin exclaimed.
"Let's try calling Lizzy, to ask to talk to Amy," I suggested.
"OK. I'll put it on loud speaker," Kevin said as he dialed the number.
There was some ringing then Lizzy said, "Hello?"
"Hey Lizzy. It's Kevin and Joe," Kevin said.
"Hey what's up," Lizzy asked.
"Well were wondering if we could talk to Amy actually," Kevin said.
"Uh... why?" Lizzy asked.
"We need to talk to her," I said.
"About what? She's four," Lizzy said.
"About last night. We promised we'd sing a song for her, and there's no better time than now to do it," I improvised.
"OK, give me a minute," Lizzy said. We heard some voices in the background for a few seconds.
Then, we heard Amy say, "Hello?"
"Hey Amy, its us, Joe and Kevin," I said.
"Hi! Are you gonna sing for me?" She asked in her adorable four year old voice.
"Yeah, in a minute. Can you go to a room that Lizzy's not in?" Kevin asked.
"Why?" Amy asked.
"Because we need to talk to you for a moment," I said, trying not to get frustrated.
"OK," Amy said.
"OK, so you know our brother, Nick, right?" I asked.
"Yeah. The one who talked to Lizzy," Amy said.
"Yeah. Can you do us a small favor? Can you ask Lizzy if she likes Nick?" I asked.
"You mean if she's in love with Nick," Amy said.
"Yeah. Can you do that? And then can you ask Lizzy if you can call us. If you can, tell us what she says," I said, trying to make it easy for a four year old to understand.
"OK. Will you sing for me then?" She asked.
"Of course. Whatever song you want," Kevin said.
"OK. I gotta go now. Bye!" Amy said.
When Amy hung up, I said, "I'm not sure if we should trust a four year old, but its our only hope."
"She seems very cheerful. I think we can trust her with this," Kevin said.
I was about to speak, but Frankie walked in. "You have to go eat breakfast," he said.

Chapter 32-BACKSTAGE NEW YORK (Lizzy)
I only had half an hour to wait until we left for the Jonas Brothers concert, but I couldn't have waited another five minutes. It was agonizing to wait. I had nothing to do. I had been ready for half an hour, and had been sitting on the couch ever since. I wanted to be there, to see all the Jonases again.
"Lizzy, I have your camera," Amy said appearing in the doorway.
"Thanks. Are you excited?" I asked. Amy was coming with me. She had been invited too. We weren't getting tickets this time, because it was too dangerous for Amy. A four year old in a crowd of thousands of screaming fans was too much. We had been invited to hang out back stage the whole time. It was also much easier on your ears, or so I'd heard.
"Yeah. I've never been to a concert," she said, an enormous smile appearing on her face. I smiled at her and pulled her onto my lap. She looked at me for a second, becoming serious, then said, "Can I ask you something?"
"Sure. What's on your mind?" I asked.
"Are you in love with Nick?" She asked.
I couldn't answer. I couldn't believe my four year old sister had asked that. "Where would you get that idea?" I managed to finally ask.
"You just seem like such good friends. It happens in all the fairy tales," Amy said.
I thought for a moment, before I said, "You know an awful lot for a four year old."
"Lizzy. Stop avoiding it," Amy said so seriously, I felt like I was in a lecture.
"Why does it matter to you?" I asked, getting defensive.
"I'm your sister. I'm only four, but I'm still your sister," Amy said, sounding most unlike a four year old.
"Amy, I don't know. I don't know how I feel. I don't know what to feel," I admitted, not quite telling the truth. I looked at Amy once again, and I knew I couldn't lie to her. "All right. I know I'm in love with him," I said.
I steered clear of the paparazzi as I led Amy through the crowds. She was covering her hands with her ears, but we didn't have time to stop so I could give her the earplugs. I pushed through the stream of fans, and when I got to the people checking tickets, I showed them our backstage passes. They showed us where to go, and I saw a door with a few security guards in front of it. I walked over to them, and showed them the passes. I recognized one of them as the one who had led me and Carly through our first concerts.
He smiled at me and said, "Nice to see you again."
I nodded at him, and continued through the door. Once again, we walked down a hallway. I could tell we were nearing the stage when we could hear screams of joy.
I was walking towards the noise when a guard said, "Hold it miss. where are you going?"I showed him the passes. He saw our names and led us through a door I hadn't noticed earlier.
We walked in, and saw everyone but the Jonas Brothers. The band was there, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas were there, and when she saw us, Mrs. Jonas said, "Hi girls. The boys will be here in a minute."
Everyone wanted me to introduce Amy, and I was so occupied with that, I didn't notice someone approaching me from behind. "Hey," a voice said.
I spun around and saw Nick. "Hey. Thanks for inviting us," I said, giving him a hug. I was afraid the hug would feel different, and it was. It was different in an amazing way.
"No problem. I love having friends at shows," I said.
"Hey Lizzy. I didn't run into you this time!" Joe said, coming over.
"Hi Joe. Thanks for not doing it this time. I like staying on my own two feet," I said, grinning.
"Joe! I'm so excited!" Amy said, jumping up and down.
"Hey Amy," Kevin said coming over. "Hi Lizzy."
I said hi, and tried to calm Amy down. she eventually managed to stay still, and I let her go who knows where.
Chapter 33- NEW YORK CONCERT (Nick Jonas)
"So are you excited?" I asked Lizzy.
"Definitely. Although I imagine you're just as excited," she replied.
"Yeah. Too bad you can't be in the front row again," I said.
"Yeah, but that wouldn't be so good for Amy," she replied, saying almost exactly what I thought she would.
"I know. Where is Amy exactly?" I asked.
Lizzy looked around until she spotted Amy with Joe and Kevin. "There she is. I swear those three are up to something. Kevin and Joe called me today to talk to her. It was weird," Lizzy said.
"Really? What about?" I asked, confused.
"I don't know. They said they were going to sing for her, but she told me they didn't, when I asked," she said.
"Hmm. Well I think I got to go now. The rest of the band is leaving. I'll see you after the show though," I said.
"Break a leg!" Lizzy said as I left. I walked out of the room, thinking. I had thought it would be hard for me to talk to her, but it hadn't. I had felt differently about her, that much was sure, but I was going to be able to take it.
"Hey Joe, what were you talking to Amy about? Lizzy says you must be up to something," I asked Joe when he walked next to me.
"Do you really want to know?" he asked. I nodded, and he looked around, checking something. He said quietly, "So you know what you told me last night, after you played the guitar?" I nodded again, so he said, "well we wanted to check if Lizzy liked you back."
"Wait. You mean you told Kevin? Great. Soon everyone will know," I groaned.
"Dude, they already do. So we decided Lizzy would never tell us, but she might tell Amy. So we called Lizzy to talk to Amy," Joe said.
"And? What did she find out?" I asked, dying to know now.
"She asked Lizzy, and Lizzy is in love with you too," Joe said quietly.
"What? are you sure? she wasn't just saying that to get Amy off her back was she?" I asked.
"Nope. But seriously, we didn't need Amy to tell us that. Its obvious by how she looks at you," Joe said.
I couldn't speak, but I kept walking to the stage. I got into my position to start the show, and looked over at Joe. "Are you sure?" I mouthed.
He nodded, and I was filled with such happiness.
"OK, and now our next song, Just Friends!" Joe yelled over the crowd. As I started playing guitar, I realized how much that song had applied to my situation at the beginning of the night. But now, knowing about how Lizzy felt, I felt very differently. I wondered, since she didn't know how I felt, if she understood the song, and everything it meant. I felt myself sing this song, without paying too much attention to what I was doing. I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to care.
When we finished, we paused for a moment, so I could go to the piano for When You Look Me In The Eyes. as I played, I realized how true this song was. When we'd written it, I doubted I knew how true it was going to seem to me later.

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes

As I sang, I knew that every word had now become about Lizzy. I couldn't stop thinking about her for even a moment.

More and more, I start to realize,
I can reach my tomorrow,
I can hold my head high,
And it's all because you're by my side.
The words seemed even more beautiful now, than they ever had before.
Cause when you look me in the eyes.

And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
I find my paradise,
When you look me in the eyes.

As I played the last note, I knew what I had to do. I got up from the piano, and spoke in my headset that only my brothers could hear. "I've gotta go for a minute. I'll be right back," I said.
"OK. we'll cover for you," Kevin said.
I walked backstage, ignoring the cries of the fans. I passed my parents, who were looking at me, slightly worried. I nodded to them but kept walking. I walked over to Lizzy, and when she opened her mouth, I said, "Amy, can you give us a moment of privacy?"
She nodded and left, and Lizzy turned to me and said, "What are you doing here? You should be onstage!"
"Yeah. I just have to ask... Will you go out with me?" I asked.
I saw Lizzy's look of shock, and she said, "With... you?"
"Yeah. But only if you want to," I said, becoming nervous.
"Of course. I'd love to. I'm just so shocked," she said.
"Well I'm serious. I gotta go onstage now," I said, leaving Lizzy behind, shocked. I walked onstage to a huge cheer from the fans, and picked up my guitar. "I'm ready," I said into my headset.
Chapter 34- FREAK OUT TIME (Lizzy)
When Nick left, I thought I was going to faint. I knew how I felt about him, but I didn't know he felt the same way. I was so shocked, that I didn't even hear the music start. I only noticed when Amy walked over, and gave me a hug. I knew she would have said something, but the music was a little too loud for her to talk over. I gave her a hug, and we sat down in our chairs. I started to listen to the music, and I thought Nick sounded exceptionally happy. I may have just been imagining things, because every time he started singing, my heart rate went up.
When the concert ended, I cheered with the rest of the fans.
"Goodnight New York! We'll see you tomorrow!" Joe exclaimed.
When they walked off stage, I smiled. I gave all three of them a hug, trying to act normal around Nick. It was hard.
"Great show," I said. They all smiled, and then Joe and Kevin went over to their parents.
"I think they all know," Nick said.
"Know? Seriously?" I asked shocked.
"Yeah. Joe claims its obvious we like each other," he said.
"Seems like we were blind," I said.
"Yeah, Nick agreed, grinning. "Oh, I figured out what Kevin and Joe wanted with Amy. Joe told me. They used her to figure out if you liked me or not."
"Great. They had my four year old sister be a spy. Very nice."
We both started laughing, and Amy came over. "I'm tired," she said.
"Ok, Amy, let's go home," I said regretfully.
"Well, let me walk you to the door," Nick said.
"Ok. Bye everybody," I said.
"Leaving so soon?" Kevin asked.
"Amy's tired," I replied.
"Well I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of you," Joe said grinning.
I grin back and laughed.
We walked almost silently to the door, and when we got there, Amy gave Nick a hug. I turned to Nick and gave him a hug too.
He whispered quietly in my ear, "I'll call you."
I said goodbye, and led Amy to the door, preparing for the crowds.
"Hey mom," I said when Amy and I got into the car. We had decided that she would pick us up, so we wouldn't have to find a parking spot.
"Hey girls. How was the concert?" She asked.
"It was awesome! There was a big TV so we could see the performance," Amy squeaked excitedly.
"Sounds great," my mom said grinning.
"Yeah. It was," Amy said. She started jabbering so quickly about everything, that I lost track of what she was talking about. About five minutes later, she stopped talking.
A few minutes later, my mom glanced at the rear view mirror, and said, "Looks like someones pretty tired out."
I glanced back and saw that Amy was already asleep. "She is a strange little girl. Very un-four-year-oldish. She knows things she shouldn't."
"That sounds just like Amy,"my mom said. "What about you? How was the concert?"
"It was great. I had an awesome time," I said.
My mom looked at me, concerned. "Are you alright? You're not gushing about every detail like I thought you would."
"I just have stuff on my mind," I said.
"Stuff... as in something about Nick?" My mom said quietly. I turned to her horrified. "What? Its obvious you two like each other."
I groaned and said, "Not you too! Everyone knew before me! Even Amy!"
"Well you two are pretty obvious about it," my mom said. Then, she hesitated, and said, "so it is about him."
"Yeah. In the middle of the concert, he came over to me and asked me out," I said.
"Why aren't you more happy?" My mom asked.
"Well I'm nervous. And what if things change and we break up. Will I lose my only friend? And he's gonna be away for so long. How am I supposed to deal with that?" I wailed, though quietly so Amy wouldn't wake up.
My mom smiled at me and said, "Sweetie, it's alright to be nervous. And stop worrying about the future. Things will all work out."
"Yeah, I know," I said, " I just needed to hear someone say it out loud."
"So, where are you two going for your first date?" She asked.
"I don't know. We didn't have time to discuss it. He said he'd call," I said.
My mom smiled at me and said, "Well for a teenage girl waiting for a call from her crush, you are really calm."
"I'm only calm on the outside! I'm freaking out on the inside!" I exclaimed in a whisper.
"I know. Just breathe normally," my mom said.
When my mom came in, I was still sitting on the couch in my grandparents basement (it was furnished nicely and was like a den, with two couches and a TV), waiting for Nick to call. It was one in the morning, and I was supposed to be sleeping, as I was exhausted from all the excitement from the concert.
"Lizzy! What are you still doing up? You should have been in bed two hours ago! Explain yourself!" My mom exclaimed when she turned on the light and saw me on the sofa.
I turned to her and when she saw my expression, she softened at once. "He didn't call," I whispered.
I didn't have to say who, because it was obvious. "Oh sweetie, he's a rockstar. They're busy. He has to wake up early tomorrow I'm sure, so he was probably forced to go to sleep early," she said, coming over and giving me a hug.
"He promised. I just can't believe he'd lie to me. He's such an honest person," I said.
"Sweetie, guys are like that, I hate to tell you. You never believe they'd lie, until they promise to call. Then they take their sweet time. Things are gonna be like that for a while. Then again I've never had any experience with rockstars," she said.
"But Nick's not like other guys. He kinder, more respectful, more honest, more trustworthy. That's why I agreed to go on a date with him. I really like him, and I thought he really liked me. I thought he wasn't gonna be another heart breaker. And the worst part is, this is like getting dumped before the date. I don't know what to do now!" I exclaimed.
"You have called him, right?" my mom asked. When I nodded, she continued, "This is one of those times where you have to make a choice. You have to decide how much you like him, and if he's worth the risk of getting your heart even more broken. If he isn't, call him tomorrow and tell him its over. If he is worth it, then wait for him. Don't judge until you hear his excuse, and see how reliable it is."
I looked at my mom, even more confused, "So what should I do?"
"Well it depends. How much do you really like him?" She asked.
"I don't know! I think I might love him, but this pain is killing me! Tell me what to do!" I exclaimed.
"Lizzy, if I could tell you what to do, I would. You have no idea how hard it is for me to have to leave you here in so much pain and confusion. But this is one of those times where I can't tell you what to do. You have to listen to your heart," she said, sympathetically, but it was not what I had wanted.
"My heart's too broken to decide rationally!" I said.
"Then don't act rationally, just act impulsively and see what happens," my mom said. When I just stared at her, she said, "Look. I'll give you half an hour to decide. But at one thirty, if you're not in bed, I'm coming to get you, whether he's called, or even if you haven't made up you're mind yet."
With this, she left, leaving me in utter despair. What could I do? I knew that if I told him it was over, I would lose everything worth fighting for in my life. I would lose my best friend, and my only friend. I would regret it for the rest of my life. I would miss Nick so much it would feel like the world ended.
But if I waited for him, how much more heart break would I be forced to endure? He was away from home a lot, so everyday would be agony. and what if we weren't even a good couple? What if all we did was fight? Could I be able losing him like that?
I knew that no matter what I did, I would miss him more than anything when he was gone, so I would have to endure it no matter what happened. But if I did go out with him, what was I getting myself into? Nick was one of the most famous people on Earth, and the paparazzi was always on his tail. If we were discovered together, rumors would be spread that we were dating. If we weren't, we'd spend a lot of time avoiding them. We would never have any privacy.
Why was life always so hard?
I glanced at the clock, and saw that it was already one twenty, so I only had ten minutes. I was never gonna make up my mind now, so why not wait until morning.
As I was leaving, my phone vibrated. I quickly looked at it and saw I had a new text from Nick. Holding my breath, I opened it, and read it. It said, is now a good time 2 call? or r u asleep?
I hesitated over the reply button. It was decision time. What was I to do now?
Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Bzzzz.
My eyes popped open and I sat up in bed. I quickly shut off my phone alarm, and glanced at the time. It was 7:30. Perfect. I quietly climbed out of bed, as not to wake Amy up. She normally was already awake at this time, but I doubted she was awake now, as she had had such an eventful evening. In the utter darkness, I tiptoed to the door, praying it wouldn't squeak when I opened it. Thankfully, it didn't. I took the elevator, and walked into the lobby. To my shock, Amy was already awake, watching the TV down there and eating breakfast. I glanced to the buffet line, where my mom was choosing her foods.
"Hey Amy," I asked, as I walked over to her, "what are you doing up so early? You had quite an evening last night."
"So did you, Lizzy," my mom said, coming over and resting her hand on my shoulder.
"Good morning mom," I said, giving her a hug.
"I see everything worked out well?" she asked.
I smiled and said, "Yeah. He called a bit after you'd left. He had to go to the meet and greet with all the fans, then the opening act had gave a performance of a few songs, and the New York Times interviewed them, so he didn't have any time before he called."
"I told you everything was gonna be alright," my mom said.
Ding Dong. I jumped up and answered the door. Nick was standing there, smiling.
"Hi!" I said, giving him a hug.
"Hey," he said, sounding exactly like an angel, "are you ready to go?"
"Yeah, but we might have trouble leaving if you don't say hi to Amy. She's very excited to see you," I said, grinning.
Right on cue, Amy came running in from the closet and squealed, "Nick!" she rushed over and gave him a great big hug.
"She's your newest fan," I explained.
"Its nice to see you too," Nick said to Amy, as soon as she stopped hugging him.
"Amy, will you tell mom I've left?" I asked as Nick and I were leaving. She nodded, and shut the door behind us.
Once we were in Nick's car, he said, "I'm sorry we can't spend the whole day together."
"Its alright," I reassured him, "I get that you have thousands of fans to keep happy at your concert tonight, and that involves going to sound check and everything. And anyways, we get to spend a lot of today together, at least."
He smiled at me, and began driving. I had worried late into the previous night whether this would be awkward or not. Luckily, it wasn't at all. We were just able to talk about everything. We had decided that we would go see a movie today, and do something else tomorrow, and the day after that. When we got to the theater, it was almost deserted. Nick gave me the money and I bought the tickets and popcorn, so no one would recognize him, and alert the paparazzi. When we walked into the movie, it was mostly deserted because most people went to this movie in the evenings. After the movie was done, we went out to lunch. It was a nice little restaurant on the bay, overlooking the Statue Of Liberty.
"I've never been to the Statue Of Liberty," I said.
"Seriously?", Nick asked, then added, "I mean your grandparents live here. They never took you to see it?"
Well mostly when I was younger, they would only come to visit us, and then, I was always scared of heights when I came here. But I don't think I am anymore. If I can go up on stage in the middle of a concert with my favorite band, how scary can something so tall be?" I said teasingly.
Nick grinned and said, "Well how about we go the day after tomorrow?"
I was too shocked to say anything, but I finally managed to say, "That would be so amazing."
"I hear its really romantic at sunset, so we could go then," Nick said.
"I would love that," I replied.
After we ate lunch, we walked around the bay a bit. at one point, we noticed we stopped on the edge of the water and just stood there. We looked at each other, and I felt that feeling, when you know, he's about to kiss you. And so, by the edge of the water, I had my first kiss, with Nick Jonas. Soon after that, he had to take me home, and for the longest time after I got to my grandparents house, I thought about that exact moment.
When I walked into the cafeteria of the hotel we were spending the nights in, I saw to my relief, that the TV was on the channel of that Live With Regis and Kelly was on, was playing. I quickly grabbed some breakfast, and sat down in a chair that gave me a good view of the TV. There were quite a few people already up, despite the early hour. As I waited for the show to start, I thought about last night's concert. It had been amazing, and I had enjoyed every second. I had gotten a seat in the arena this time, I was at the front row again. After the concert, I had popped in to say goodbye to Nick. I had gotten back to the hotel at a reasonable hour, and had stayed in the lobby reading for quite a while, as Amy was sleeping. Today, five minutes before my alarm was supposed to wake me up, Amy did. She had woken up, and knowing that I was gonna wake up early, had elected to wake me up instead of my parents. I hadn't minded, and had taken Amy down for breakfast.
"When is it starting?" Amy asked. Now that she was a huge Jonas Brothers fan, she had insisted on watching the show.
"Two minutes," I said, trying to act calm, although I was as excited about it as she was.
The two minutes passed with Amy bouncing up and down in her chair. When the show started, Amy watched just as eagerly as she watched Barney.
When Nick, Joe, and Kevin walked out, she jumped out of her seat and and almost started screaming until I grabbed her and whispered in her ear, "Remember, you've actually met them in real life.
She understood, and managed to sit down quietly. Quite a few people in the room were watching, but most people looked like they were only watching because they had nothing better to do.
When the commercial came, Regis said, "and we'll be right back, with the Jonas Brothers, and you won't want to miss this."
This didn't seem strange at all, as that's what most people said before cutting to commercial.
When the show came back on, I was already anxiously awaiting to see Nick's face. When I saw it, I smiled.
Once the clapping had died down again, Kelly said, "Now Nick, we've heard a lot of rumors about a relationship between you and Elizabeth Hertson. You denied that on Oprah, but do you care to change that statement?" When she mentioned me, I blushed bright red.
Nick replied, "No. Elizabeth is just a friend. We grew close after the incident at the meet and greet, and we have managed to get together from time to time, but we are not dating." I was somewhat relieved when I heard him say that, because I didn't want the whole world to know.
"Really? Well what about this picture from yesterday?" Kelly asked, picking up a giant picture on cardboard of me and Nick at the restaurant. I turned bright red and tried to sink into my chair unsuccessfully. Amy looked at me, with huge wondering eyes. She knew the truth, but hearing about it on TV was a shock.
"Its like I said, we are just friends, and we do hang out sometimes. Coincidentally, we're both in New yorkYork right now, so we had the chance to hang out yesterday. That's all," Nick said. he sounded calm, but I thought I saw nervousness in his eyes. It took me a second, but I got it. If they had taken pictures of us then, why wouldn't they have taken pictures of us at the bay? No one had noticed that I was the girl on the screen yet but it was only a matter of time.
"OK, we can see how you could wiggle out of that one and this one," Regis said, before grabbing another picture. It was of us strolling along the bay hand-in-hand. I knew that the very picture they were waiting for was about to come. "But what about this one?" he asked. The final picture was raised. I heard several gasps from the audience. Amy had enough sense, that when she saw my expression, she remained quiet and unresponsive.
I had been right the whole time, and Nick had had reason to be nervous. It was a picture of our kiss, and while I had to admit it was a beautiful picture, with us standing against the bay, it mad me angry. How could they take a picture of our PRIVATE kiss, and share it with the whole world of TV viewers. It was wrong. And knowing how technologically advanced our world was, I knew the picture would already be on the internet.
Nick couldn't say anything. I could tell because his expression was of utter horror. He couldn't deny it, yet admitting it wasn't right either.
Thankfully, Kevin stepped up to the rescue and said, "What happens in out personal lives is our business alone. We love our fans, but there is a whole side of our lives we don't want them to know. We don't want our relationships to become public."
"So you don't admit to dating Elizabeth?" Regis asked.
Nick had finally recovered and said, "I cannot deny it in front of this evidence, but I will not admit to dating her either."
This was clearly as much as Nick was willing to say, so Kelly changed subject.
I wasn't really watching any more. I was more trying to hide in my chair. I did notice however, that through the entire rest of the interview, Nick seemed to be a little more tense than at the beginning.
When the ad break came before their performance, I got a text. Knowing who it was, I quickly opened it. Nick had written, were you watching the show?
I replied, yes, they know.
What felt like eons later, but must have really been seconds later, Nick replied saying why don't we have a picnic today, so we can stay away from the paparazzi?
Ok. We'll talk when you pick me up,up, I replied.
Throughout the whole performance, Nick seemed at ease, but I figured he was still a little nervous,nervous as was I.
Chapter 38- THE ESCAPE
Ten minutes before we left the hotel, I went to my parents.
"There's something I need to say," I said.
"Would it have anything to do with this?" my dad asked, a twinkle of humor in his eyes. He turned his laptop towards me, and once again, I groaned. He had a page open with a large picture of me and Nick kissing. There was an article below it, but I didn't bother reading it.
"Yeah. On the Regis and Kelly show, they showed the pictures," I said.
"So leaving the hotel may be a problem. We of course don't know how big a deal this is to the paparazzi, so we don't know if they'll be at the hotel or not," my mom said.
"No! Don't tell me they know where we're staying!" I exclaimed. One look at my parents told me that the paparazzi knew.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hertson, there are a bunch of photographers outside the door eager to see you," the manager said as we came into the lobby. I groaned silently, and he continued, "If it's no bother to you, I would like to have security escort them off the premises. Unless, of course, you would like to see them."
"No. We don't want them here. If you could please get rid of them," my dad said.
"Certainly. Just one moment," the manager said, and picked up his walkie-talkie. He ordered security to get them to clear the premises of anyone without a room.
While this was happening, my dad handed me his baseball cap and sunglasses, and told me to cover my hair with the hat. then he handed me the jacket that he was, for some strange reason as it was summer, carrying around. He ordered me to put it on as a disguise.
"Dad, a baseball cap didn't work at the golf course, and I doubt it will work now. Besides, They could know what you look like as well. They did see you at home when they were waiting for me to come home," I said, protesting.
"Yeah, but there are fewer pictures of us on the web than you. I think they'll spot you first," my dad argued. I rolled my eyes, and donned the baseball cap. When the manager came back telling us everyone should be gone now, my dad asked, "Could you do us another favor? Could someone drive our car a few blocks away, so we can leave through a staff door or something, and the paparazzi that is probably still there won't see us?"
The manager agreed, so we got out of the hotel without anyone tailing us.
When we had been on the road for five minutes, Nick called.
"Hey. I heard there was paparazzi outside of your hotel. Did you get out yet?" Nick asked as soon as I said hello.
"Yeah. We're on the road now, and no one seems to be tailing us," I replied, in high spirits again.
"That's good. I was thinking. We don't want to lead the paparazzi to your grandparents house," Nick said.
I realized what he meant, so I said, "Well then why don't I pick you up a few blocks from your hotel. Isn't it right next to central park?"
"Yeah. I could walk there with Joe and Kevin, and when you get there, sneak over to your car, and then we could go to our picnic," Nick said.
"Perfect. I'll call you when I get there then," Is said.
"Alright. I'll be waiting. Bye!" He said.
"Bye," I said hanging up.
"How's Nick?" my mom asked turning around to see me.
"He's good. He sounded a little freaked out though," I admitted.
"Can you blame him? He can't leave his hotel without being swarmed, and he's accidentally dragged you into this whole mess," my mom said.
"Yeah. But it's not his fault," I insisted.
"I now, sweetie, I know."