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This is just fan fic!
This is by alliejonas39!!!
Love, Heart/ comfort
Um, I have one thing to say, AJ is my boyfriend and he is not a jerk like in the story.... but Maria.... YES!!!!!

Allison Lord (Allie)
AJ (Allison's boyfriend)
Nick Jonas
Joe Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Mrs.Jonas and Mr.Jonas
Rachel (JB biggest fan, Allison's best friend)
Karen ( Allison's mom)
Joe (Allison's dad)
Ryan (Allison's brother)
Brittney (Allison's bff)
Danielle ( Kevin's ex-bf)

She was all mine!
When she walked into the house there they were, my Boyfriend and the Jonas Brothers talking to my cousin!! I looked at my boyfriend AJ, and then he said, " Allison, I have something to tell you........" I said,
" OK, your starting to scare me, what is it".
AJ, " Well, I know the Jonas Brothers, I am a really, really, really good friends with them".
Allison: Well,that is a lot to take in at once
AJ: They wanted meant tell you sooner, but, I was nervous
Allison: Thanks for telling me!! (shaking)
AJ: Hay,do you want to meet your biggest fans?
Allison: I have fans?
AJ: Ya, I showed them a pic of you, and well.......
Allison: Well what?!?!?!
AJ: Well, they thought you were..... HOT!!
Allison: H-H-HOT!!
( scramming)
Nick,Joe, and Kevin
Walk in
Joe: Soooo,I guess your bf told you we thought you were hot!!
(He said with a smile)
Kevin: Ya, so, who do you think is "HOT"
AJ: Of course she is going to say me!
Joe:Your not a Jonas Brother
(he said with a smile)
Allison: Well, I don't like to pick favorites, but, I think of the Jonas Brothers it would be...... NICK!!
Nick: Well, YOUR my FAVORITE fan that I have ever met!!
Allison Thinking: OMJ, I can't believe this... a Jonas Brother TALKING to me no all of the Jonas Brothers!!!!!
Allison (snapping out of it): I am YOUR fave FAN!!!
Nick: Ya, your pretty cute too!!
AJ hitting Nick really hard
AJ: Nick, STOP, she has a boyfriend, remember!!
Nick: and who would that be??
He said giggling
AJ: Well,me...... NOT YOU!!!!!
Joe: Lets not fight!!
Kevin: Not over a girl anyway!!
Allison: So, that means that you do think I am cute.......
Everyone: YESSSSSS!!!
Allison:OK, I am cute!!!
AJ: Yes you are and if you think any different we will have to... play spin the bottle with us!!!
Allison: OK...... I am the HOTTEST person ever!!!
There faces turned sad
Joe: I don't ever think we have had a girl turn down a kiss, especially a fan!!
Allison: The only person that I want to kiss is........ AJ!!
His face became VERY happy
Allison' mom Karen: Hay guys, what are you doing
Nick: Just talking!!
He said with a big smile
Then looked at me
Karen: OK you guys, your mom wants you home... AJ we will get your bed set up OK
Allison:Wait AJ is staying HERE!!!
Karen: Ya, is that ok...
Allison: YESSS!!!
Karen: But,you he has to sleep up stairs!!!
Allison: That's fine, as long as I get to see my man!!
She looks at Allison funny
Allison: OKKKK, bye guys, wait were are you guys staying??
Nick: Down the street.
Allison: OK, I will see you guys later than!!
Joe: Shore cutie pie!!
Allison hugs everyone and then goes to say goodnight to AJ
Allison: Hay, why did you not want to tell me about them
AJ: I was nervous.... because.. your a fan,and that you might like me more, because of them!
Allison: How could I like you any more than i do!!!
Joe, Allison's dad: You guys have to sleep...OK
AJ, Allison: OK
AJ: See you in the morning!!
Allison: k I LO-
Joe:Allie make it quick!
What is Allison trying to say!!

Allison wakes up the next morning, and see that everyone is up. She looks at here boyfriend and says!
Allison: Did you sleep well?
AJ: Ya, thanks for asking, did you?
Allison: Ya, so when are the guys coming over?
AJ: Well, they asked me if we wanted to go over their house.
Mom: What do you kids want to eat?
Allison: Eggs, please
AJ: Ya, eggs is just fine.
Allison: Ya,when do they want us to be over there?
AJ: In about 20 mins
Allison: What!!!!! I cant get ready in that amount of time!!!
AJ: Just put on some jeans and a tee, (mad) they wont mind
Allison: I am really sorry
AJ: No, I Know, it is the Jonas Brothers
Allison: What do you want me to wear?
( she said with a smile)
AJ: I told you, jeans and a tee is fine!!!
Allison: How about my camp rock shirt?
(everyone laughed)
Then they herd a knock on the door
AJ: I will get, it!!
Allison: OMJ!! Sorry, I met G, OMG I have to get dressed
Mom: I will stall so you can get dressed!! GO,GO,GO!!
Allison ran to get dressed
Nick: So were is you girl?
Kevin: Nick, stop, so were is our favorite fan?
Looks at Nick
AJ: She is getting ready, so what are we doing today?
Allison: Hay, guys! What's up?
She was wearing a summer dress with a Jonas Brothers bag
Everyone: WOW!!!!
Allison: What is everyone looking at?
Nick: Maybe we can go to the beach!
Looking at AJ
Allison: That sounds fun, I will get my bikini!!!
Kevin: We.. would have to go home.
Nick: Joe stop drooling!!
Joe: Oh,what?
Nick: never mind!
Allison: Ya, that's fine!
AJ: OK. I will go help you find it!

They walk into Allison's bedroom
AJ: You know that they just want to see you in a bathing suit!
Allison: Ya, you don't think I know that! They get to see what they want, and I get to see what I want!!
AJ: WHAT!!!!
Allison: What, I meant you!
AJ: Ohhhh, I so know that!
Allison: Ya, OK!

They walk into the living room
Allison: So, who is driving?
Kevin: Me.
Joe: It is not my fault I failed!!
Kevin: Yes, it is!
Allison: I can drive if you to are going to fight over it!
Kevin: No, I will drive, it's OK.

At the Jonas House

Kevin: Hay mom, we are going to he beach!
Denis: With who?
Nick: Allison!
Denis: Hi, nice to met you Allison, I have head a lot about you last night!
Allison: Nice to met you to! Thanks, AJ has told me a lot about you to.
Denis: Well, what beach are you guys going to?
Allison:Well, I was thinking about white lake.My mom and dad oewen it
Nick: I love it there!
Joe: No, you love the view there!
Denis: Guys go get your stuff.
Nick, Joe, Kevin: Fine!!

5 mins later

Kevin: OK mom, love you!
Nick: Love you
Joe: Love you
Denis: Love you to, if your going to be late let me Know OK
Kevin:Yes mom we will

At the beach

Allison: OK, we all have to change, so I will go with Rachel!
A girl comes over with a big smile on her face
Rachel: Hey Allie, what are you doing?
Allison: Waiting for you!
Allison: Oh, Rachel, you know who they are but,they don't know who you are,so, Nick, Joe, Kevin this Rachel!
The Guys: Hay!
Allison: She is a fan so let it sink in first, k
Kevin: Ya,that's fine.

Rachel and Allison walk over to the dressing houses

Allison: So, I see that one of them likes you!!
Rachel: Who?
Allison: I don't know but, he might be you fave,or the oldest!
Rachel: You think Kevin likes me?No, I am to young for him!
Allison: I never said that!
(she said with a smile)
Allison: Lets go before they get mad!!

Walking back to the Private beach that Allison's parents owned

Rachel: So Kevin do you like being in a band with your brothers?
Kevin: Ya, I mean, it's OK!
Nick: I think your friend likes Kevin!
Allison: I know she likes Kevin,but, dose Kevin like her?
Nick: If I know Kevin, and I know Kevin, he likes her, a lot, but....
Allison: OH NO, no buts
Nick: Yes, there is a but, he is dating Danielle
Allison: Man, they look so good together!!
Nick: I KNOW!!!
AJ: What are you two talking about?
Nick: My brother... and...
Allison: And Rachel!!!!
Nick: I knew that!!
AJ: what, you think that they would.... be good together?
Allison: Ya, she is hottt, he is hott, it would work!!
AJ: You think he is hot, with two T's?
Allison: I mean, you use three T's for her all the time so don't start!!
AJ: Well, you know that he is dating someone to....
AJ looks at Allison, smiles and says,
AJ: I am so glad our mine!!
Allison: I know, I glad your mine to!
Joe: Not for long!!
And runs away fast!!

Chapter 2
Do You Like Me??????
At the beach, the guys go talk, they leave Rachel and Allison to talk.
With the girls!!
Rachel: Kevin, is, so much cuter in person!
Allison: Ya, I think that, he....
Rachel: He what!!!
Allison: I think he likes You!
Rachel: Ya, right, Kevin Jonas liking me, OK,OK... wait, you really do think that, OMJ
Allison: Oh, don't tell anyone, OK!
With the guys
The guys are talking about Rachel and what Kevin should do!!!
Nick: It is way to... to easy to tell that you like her!
AJ: Ya, Allison is very suspicions!
Kevin: What! You told her that I liked Rachel!
Joe: Calm down dude!!
AJ: No, but, Nick and Allison were talking about it.
Kevin: What you were talking about it with Rachel's best friend?
Nick: She just said that she thought that you two would make a very cute couple.
Kevin: WOW, so Allison said that? really!!
Nick:Ya, they are probably talking about you right now!!
Kevin: I don't know guys, I am dating Danielle.
Joe: Dude you are going to have make a decision!!
Kevin: I know who it will be...
The girls come in!!
Allison: What are you guys talking about?
AJ: Just how cute you look!
Allison: Ya, right!!
AJ: Remember the deal?
Wink wink
Kevin: OK, lets, go in to the water!!
Allison: Ya, that is why we are here right?
Nick:(smiles at AJ and then at Allison)
AJ and Allison are in the water
playing and Kevin and Rachel are talking.
On The Beach With Nick And Joe!
Joe: So when are going to tell him that you like his girl?
Nick: I don't like her, OK, she is hot, but, she is.... AJ's!
Allison: Who is AJ's?
Joe: No one!
Allison: AJ wanted to know what you guys wanted to eat so...
Nick: I don't feel good so just a diet coke.. and a small finger
Allison: What!!
Nick: AJ will know!
Joe: Water and.... a hamburger.
Allison: OK!
Joe: Bye!
Allison: what ever
Allison leaves, a little mad!
Joe and Nick keep talking.
Joe: You got to tell her, instead of being a jerk!!
Nick: She is the only thing that AJ would talk about, you know that pic he sent us, well I looked at it every night!
Joe: Dude, you can't, he is like our brother!!
Nick: I know but... wait, I have a way, to tell her!!
AJ leaves to get the food.

Nick pulls Allison aside!
And this happens....

Nick: Can, I talk to you.
Allison: Ya, what about?
Nick: I wanted to sorry, for being so mean, Joe and I were talking and told me I should tell you this...
Allison: Can you spit it out already!
Nick: I LIKE YOU a lot!
Allison: *thinking I can't believe Nick Jonas*
Allison: Oh,I see, you do know that, I am dating AJ, right...
Nick: Ya, I know, but, I think, you should be mine!
Allison: Well you have only known me for what a day and a half!
Nick: Wait, you are turning me down, aren't you...
Allison: Nick, it is nit like that, I mean, I am dating your best friend, and I don't want to heart him...
Nick: Well, maybe you should go see what he is really doing!
Allison: Fine!!

At the Restaurant!!

AJ: My girlfriend is so clueless!!
Maria: Ya, I know, right!
AJ: Just shut up and kiss me!
Allison See's what is going on and goes t pull her off of him!
Allison: AJ, why, why would you do this to me?
Maria: Oh, boohoo you bf is cheating on you! To bad so sad!!
Allison: No,MARIA, it would be different, if was not you!
AJ: What!!
Allison: You can't have me and her, so chores..... NOW!!!!
AJ: ummm.....
Allison: that is all i need, it is sooooooo O-V-E-R!!
Allison: Ya you heard me right, thanks Nick, for showing me the truth, I know he wouldn't!!
AJ: How could you tell her..
Nick: She needs someone who will tell her the truth!
Allison:Ya, i know, but, I found someone who dose not cheat

Allison and Nick leave and go back to the beach with the food.

Allison:*crying*I am sorry that I am crying, in front of you!
Nick: Well, it is kind of my fault that you are crying, so, I am sorry!
Nick: I know that you and that mean person just broke up, but, do you want this to be our first date?
Allison: Ya, I would really like that! *thinking i can't believe that i am on a date with Nick J*
Nick: *kisses Allison on the check*
Allison: What was that for?
Nick: For, just being you!
Allison: Everyone, the food is here!!
Rachel: Brittney is here, she was looking for you.. why were you crying... were is AJ?
Nick: *Puts his arm around her waist* Allie saw him cheating on her, so she rock up with him.

Brittney comes over and looks at Allison and Nick and then looks at Rachel!

Brittney: So.... What's up with you two?
Allison: We are on our first date, did you not here Bri?
Bri: ya, I did, but, you and, and, Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers?
Allison: Ya, Joe, nick, Bri, lets go talk away from Kevin and Rachel!

Everyone But Rachel And Kevin Leave

Kevin: That was just a little bit awarded!
Rachel; Ya, so, do you like me or,no?!?
Kevin: I am dating someone, but, I was going to dump her soon,so, until then we can't date, until then!
Rachel: So, you do like me?
Rachel: Well, I don't know what you are thinking!
Kevin: It is OK, you are so cute!
Rachel: Awwww, thanks, you are to!
Danielle: Oh Kevin hunny, were are you?
Rachel: I better go! Let her down easy, OK!
Danielle: Who is this Kevin?
Kevin: She is just a friend of Allison's, AJ ex...
Rachel: I will get going then, see you later, k
Danielle: I don't like her she makes me feel weird!
Kevin: Ummmmm, we need to talk...
Danielle: about what Kevy
Kevin: Well, I am not in "love" with you any more!
Danielle: well, I was going to tell you the same thing!
Kevin: Ohh, that is so cool, but, why?
Danielle: well i love someone else, Cody Linley
Kevin: OH, well that is cool
Danielle: Can I ask why you are dumping me?
Kevin: I like this other girl
Danielle: So, what is here name?
Kevin: Rachel,
Danielle: Well, she is pretty, do you want to stay friends?
Kevin: Ummmm, I don't think that is the best idea in the world..
Danielle: It's Ok, have a nice life!

Danielle leaves and Kevin calls Rachel back to the bench!

Kevin: I talked to her, she is fine with it, she was going to break up with me anyway.
Rachel: Do you want a hug?
Kevin: Ya, I do, but, first, I would like you to say yes, to the whole us dating think!
Rachel: My answer is...... no-YESS!
Kevin:I am glad, you are soooooo cute, and smart!
Rachel: Thanks!!
Rachel: Are you shore that Danielle is OK with it!!!?????
Kevin: Well, I think soooooo.....!!!
With Allison and Nick
Nick: Sooooooooooo..................
Allison: Sooooooooooooo...... What?
Nick: I was thinking... do you want ..... I don't know, go........ to the movies, tonight, we can get out of here early, and, I will drive?
Allison: OK, that sounds great!!!
Nick: Really??
Allison: I will tell Bri and Rachel that we will get going!! Are you OK!!!!!
Rachel walks away from Nick!!

Allison: (yelling) Guys, we are going to the movies, JUST ME AND NICK, NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!
Bri: OK, we get it!!!!!!!!
Allison: GOOD, I am glad! We are leaving pretty soon so... I have to change.... I will tell you when we leave, and call you tonight.
Allison leaves the water and walks over to Nick.

Nick: Hay cutie!!
Allison: Hay.... soooooo where we going?
Nick: You will see, but, if we want to get there on time we better get going!
Allison: OK, I will go get dressed.
Nick: I will go with you, don't want any sea monsters getting you now do we?
(laughing)Allison: OK!

In the water with everyone
I have 2 add another person.... Lala... I told my friend I would soo, here!!

Joe: Nick is REALLY into her... Bri..what do u think??
Bri: Well, I know her tooo well and.... I think someone might be..... in LOVE!!
Rachel: She is right... I think that she loves him
Kevin: Good, because I think that Nick is in love with her too...
Joe: I know they just met but, I think that Allison might be our sister in law sooner than we think!
Rachel: You guys know you can call her Allie right!!
Bri: She is in love... our little girl, is growing up so fast!!
Rachel: Our!!??!!??!!
Bri: Mine and Lala's Lil girl!!
Kevin: That is a little creepy!!
Rachel: ** Kevin, really really hard** YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!
Kevin: OK, I take it back... wait.... we need to go on a date!!
Rachel: Ummm, this is a date!!
Joe and Bri laughing really hard Joe falls and pulls Bri down with her.
Kevin and Rachel still talking
Kevin: Not a proper one!
Rachel: OK.... were do you want to go??
Kevin: Maybe... a movie, but, we have to sneak in... how about... Friday the 13... It looks good!
Joe: You just want to do the old yawn and...
Kevin: Noooo.... OK.... maybe a little!
Looks at Rachel who is smiling.. Kevin is very confused!
Rachel: That is OK... He is cute... at lest he dose not use the library card pick up line( cough, cough)

Allie and Nick walk back from the changing rooms

Nick: You do know at some point in time while we were gone... they talked about us, right
Nick loves at Allie's hand it says " I Love Nicholas Jonas"
Nick: What is that on your hand?
Allie: Oh... I was board. . and I just wrote this...
Nick:** SAD** Oh... I though..
Allie: Well... If you were thinking that I LOVED you.................. your right
Nick: **Very Happy** Really?
Allie: Ya, how could anyone not love you.. your curls... and your eyes, they just pull me in!!
Allie See's her friend Lala ( in this story Lala HATES Jonas Brothers.. But in real life she loves them)
Allie: Thinking** Oh no this is not going to be good
Lala: Hay, what are you doing with a Jonas Brother....?
Nick: Ummmmmmm..... I am right here!!
Lala: Ya... I know.... So... why were are you to holding hands.... ALLIE???
Allie: Well..... We are g-g-g...
Lala: G-g-g-g WHAT????
Nick: Going out (whispering)
Lala: Ohhhhhh..... that is good for you guys.... where are you going??
Nick: On a date.
Lala: I think that she can speak for herself!!!!
Allie: Lala... this is Nick, Nick.... Lala!
Nick: We should go say good-bye to everyone!
Allie: Ya ** looking at Nick's dreamy eyes**
Nick: Allie are you OK??
Allie: Ummmm.. Ya just great**thinking*** Ya I love you***
Nick: Then lets go...
Allie: That might help(laughing)!
Lala: I don't try anything..... NICK!!
Everyone is waiting for them 2 return
Joe: Sooooo, how did your walk go??
Allie: It was great.... were going now!!
Nick: Ya.... we are.... see you back at the house guys!!
Joe: Whatever!!
Bri: You don't have to be mean to you brother....
Joe: He is my younger brother..and he gets a pretty.... ** looks at Bri** as pretty as you!!! It is not fair!!
Bri: HAY, you are my favorite Jonas Brother.... if that makes you feel better..??
Joe: You don't mean that... Do you?
Bri: I can name 12 girls that i was with you right now and they would be like OMJ Joe Jonas he is sooooo Hot!!
Joe: You think so!!??
Bri: Do you really want people to come here??
Joe,Kevin,Rachel: NOOOO!!
Bri: Just making a point!! Calm down love birds!
Joe:I no-.... Maybe your right....
Bri:**looks at Joe** Thinks** I LIKE Him... don't I** Ya... I know
Kevin and Rachel get out of the water, to go eat, but, when Bri goes to fallow Joe pulls her close to him and Asks
Joe: Do you like me??? I mean, I like you!
Bri: Ummmm, I don't know what to say!!
Joe: Sad** Oh, than don't say anything, I get it...
Bri: No, I don't think you get it Joe, I like you too.
Joe: Why did you not say anything?!?!?
Bri: Before, you did not let me finish!!
Joe: Oh, we should go eat!!
Bri: WAIT, **Running** Joe are you asking me out??
Rachel looks
Rachel looks at Kevin
Kevin: And she calls us Love birds

With Nick and Allie in Allie's car, but, Nick is driving
They got it from Allie's mom's beach house.... where they keep Allie's cars so she dose not go out late not like she dose

Nick: Sooooooo, Lala is.... is ..... I don't know how to put this.. in a good way...
Allie: Well, she dose not like the Jonas Brothers... sorry I meant you and your brothers.
Nick: Don't be sorry,it's OK... you did not have to correct your self, that means you don't look at me as a Jonas Brother... you like me as me!!
Allie: Well, what can say, your curls draw me in!
Nick: OK, where here!!
Allie: Ummmm this is my house!
Nick: I know, go up to your room, there is something is there for you, on your bed, I will wait!!
Allie: OK....
Nick: GOOOO!!!!
Nick and Allie walk into the house!!
Allie walks up stairs and sees a dress on her bed!!
Down stairs Nick is getting ready, Allie is freaking out!!
This is what Allie's dress looks like

Allie's dress!!
Nick dose not know that Allie has walked down stares
Allie: Sooo, where are we going??
Nick: The dress was not a hint...
Allie: No, can you turn around and look at me??
Nick turns around and see Allie.
Nick: D-do you like the dress, I called my mom to get out of my car and bring it over here.
Allie: So,what your saying is you just had a dress lying around in you car?
Nick: Well, no, I went out and go it last night so AJ could take you on a date...but, I wanted you to feel better, so here you are, did I tell you, you look pretty?
Allie: Nick, are you nervous?
Nick: Yes, you are such a great girl,and you love the music that my band makes.
Allie: Laughing** I guess you saw Gym Class Hero's on my iPod?

Nick: Ya I did! You were a fan, so I had to on you iPod... to see what was your fave song,$20 Nose Bleed, by Fall Out Boy

Allie: Ya, should we go now.
Allie's mom walks in
Karen: Nick, your mom wanted to know if you wanted to sleepover, you can sleep in the guess bedroom.
Nick: YES! Thanks!!
Allie: Bye mom **mouthing** thanks**
In the car Nick puts a blind fold on her

Going to this place
Chapter 2

Allie: Are we there yet????
Nick: Yes! But, you have to wait....
Allie: Why??
Nick goes around the car to open the car door
Nick takes her hand
Allie:Can I take the blindfold off now??
Nick: Yes.
Allie: Thank you...
Nick takes the blind fold off
The sun set
Allie: Nick this is,is,is, perfect!
Nick: Just like you!
Allie: Thanks but your more perfect than me!!
Nick: Well, lets go eat, I am starving

With Kev and Rachel

Kev: So, where do you want to go?
Rachel: The movies sound go. I have not seen your movie yet...
Kev: Your the worst lire ever!
Rachel: I know,so what do you want to see??
Kev: Do you really want to see the movie for the 3rd time??
Rachel: A little bit.....
Kev: OK, we will have to drop of Bri and Joe first
Rachel: Ya that's fine.

With Bri and Joe on a towel on the beach

Joe: Ya, I was...
Bri: Ya what??
Joe: Yes, I was asking you out!!
Bri: So do you want my answer?
Joe: ya, I do, just a little
Bri: Um, yes!!
Joe: Really, someone like me.... I mean a pop star?
Bri: Um, yes, you are a GREAT guy, and your my fave Jonas Brother
Joe: I know am every ones fave!! So were do you want to go??
Bri:I don't know, maybe we could get something to eat
Joe: I don't have a car...
Bri: We can take my car, if you want, I don't think we want to go with the love birds!!
Joe: Ya, um,no!!

With Allie and Nick

Waiter: Nick, what are you doing...the last time you were here, you were with Selena Gomez
Nick: Um, can you just take our order
Waiter: So, Nick what would you like
Nick: Ya, can I just have a diet coke and a steak
Waiter: And for you miss?
Allie: Um, the same, thanks!
The waiter walks away
Nick: That is a very big dinner for someone your size!! (laughing)
Allie: I am really hungry I didn't eat breakfast.
Nick: Why not??
Allie: Well.... you guys came over, and I had just gotten up...and
Nick: Sorry, he told us to come early...but, we can get desert, only if you want
The food comes
Allie: Oh My Gosh... maybe this... a lot of food.
Nick: Hay, I warned you!

After they finish eating

Allie: I as so full...
Nick: Do you want to take a walk on the beach... I know we were on the beach all day but, it was never just us?
Allie: Ya, you should take you shoes off, so you don't get them dirty.
Nick: Your right,my mom will kill me!
Walking on the beach
Nick: So, dose your mom know about....
Allie: Me and AJ, no, but she never liked him, so.
Nick: Do you think that she will like me??
Allie: YES!!! In her eyes you are perfect, even when I didn't know you...
Nick: Really?? That is what I like to here.
Allie: I know. Can I tell you something?
Nick: Ya, you are scaring me.
Allie: I really like you, and I don't want you to think that, I am some crazy fan who just wants to date a Jonas Brother...
Nick: I don't think of you as that... I like you, and I can tell that you like me a lot... your not faking, I can tell by now, your not
Allie: I know but you mom and dad might not think that, not about me, or Rachel, or Brittney
Nick and Allie come to rock and Nick sits down.
Nick: Allie, if I think your great, or if Joe and Kevin think that Brittney and Rachel are great, our parents will!!
Nick picking up a guitar, Allie dose not notice
Nick: Do you like when I play guitar??
Allie: Ya, **Not looking at Nick looking down**she looks up seeing a guitar in his hands**
Nick: I don't have a piano, so, I was told you like the song Hello Beautiful
he starts to sing
Hello beautiful hows it goin
I here its wonderful in Cali,
but tonight I'm gonna fly
cause i could go across the world and see everything and never be satisfied if i couldn't see those eyes!
Allie: Nick, I love it! Your voice, is like an angels.
Nick: Thanks, so you liked it, right?
Allie: I loved it

With Brittney and Joe
Joe is now waring this
Joe Jonas!
Brittney is waring this
Brittney is waring thisBrittney's dress
In the Car
** BTW the sun is still setting**
Joe: You look good tonight...
Bri: You do to! **smiles**
Joe: So, do you know any good places??
Bri: We could just get takeout and go eat it at a park, oh, wait we can't..... sorry
Joe: We can, if you want we can, OK...I really don't mind the screaming girls any more, more like their mom** Laughing** But, if you dont we don't have to go...
Bri: No I want to see first hand what it is like in your eyes
Joe: You want to be in my eyes
Bri: You know what I mean!

Kevin and Rachel
They have left the beach to go the movies!!
Kevin: What movie do you want to see??
Rachel: I don't know.... Maybe, your movie!!!
Kevin is hiding under his hood
they move up in the line
Rachel: We don't have to watch the movie, we can just sit in the back...
Kevin: That's fine, I've only seen it once, so why not....and I don't think that we will be watching the movie...
Rachel: Two tickets the new Jonas Brothers Movie
**** Just pretend it came out in the summer****
Lady: $30
Kevin: ** hands the lady the money**
Kevin and Rachel walked into the theatre...
Kevin: I think this is the first time I have not been seen in a while...**smiles**
Rachel: Cool!!
Kevin: You don't seem happy...
Rachel: I'm just nervous!!
Kevin: Don't be!!
They get there glasses...
They walk into the theater
Kevin: Oh, lets go up there
They are at the part when Joe and Kevin take theirs shirts off:):):)!!
Rachel: Wooooooo**screaming, begins to blush, remembering that she is with Kevin**
Kevin: You better not be wooing at my brother**he whispered**
Rachel: I only have my eyes on one Jonas Brother and hes you
Kevin: Good!! So how many times have you really seen it??
Rachel: Twice!! now be quite.... i am trying to watch you!! **:)**
After the movie!!
Kevin: You liked it I guess!!
Rachel: I LOVED it!!!
Kevin: And your faveorite part was??
Rachel: Hehe, um, if I said when you took your shirt off would you believe me??
Kevin: Yea, I could!!

With Allie and Nick!!

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