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Hey i'm Shaina Richards. I'm kind, honest, caring, trustworthy, loving, humble, down to earth, random, goofy, and i enjoy spending time with friends and family :) ... Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Jonas Brothers

Home town
Clay County, West Virginia


I joined this wiki because: it looks fun :)

The best word to describe me is: intelligent
Interests: Playing guitar, writing songs, watching t.v, hanging out with friends.

Favorite movies:i dont really have a favorite movie.

Favorite TV shows:
Jonas, Jonas L.A., Big Time Rush, Victorious, etc.

My hero(es):
My mom, dad, sister, aunt, jonas brothers lol, and god.

My superpower is:

i can turn invisible :D...
If I could live anywhere, it would be:

Hollywood California
My dream job(s):

become a musician and tour with jonas brothers.
What else you should know about me:

i'm lucky to be alive. I was born premature weighing at 1 lbs, 4 oz and was 12 in long. I had to spend 8 mos in the hospital total for how sick i was and i came home on a breathing machine for about 2 years. i barely made it but i pulled through.. Miracles can happen, look at me :)

Leave me a comment below, or send me a private message or compliment!

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Read my profile and let me know what you think of the part about me being born premature ok? :) Message me plz
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