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Slogan: it doesn't matter if the world is pulling you down with christ you have everything
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Nichelle Jonas

Jonas Brothers


: Detroit,Mi

My story: I Didn't Really Like The Jonas Brothers When I Was
Really Really Really Really Really Young But When I Looked Up
Some Pictures Of The Jonas Brothers on Google And When I Saw Nick Jonas I Was Like He Is Soo Hot And When I Listen To Their Music I Became A Fan And I went To My First Jonas Brothers Concert On July 26th,2009 Best Concert Ever.
Future Mrs.Nicholas Jerry Jonas Thats Me.
-Nichelle Marshall

Why I'm Jonas Brothers #1 fan:Because I Have All Their Albums,i Have Their Book And I Have A Total Jonas Brothers Journal At Home And also Because I Have Over 100 Posters Of the Jonas Brothers At Home...Also Because i Went To A Jonas Brothers Concert And I Know A lot About The Jonas Brothers.
Nick Jonas Is All Mine!

My dream job: Musician

More about me...

My favorite Jonas Brothers moment
: Seeing The Jonas Brothers Live In Concert And Signing Their Tour Bus.

My role models:Nick Jonas,Jonas Brothers,Demi Lovato And Honor Society And Jordin Sparks.

My favorite Jonas Brothers song:'Feelin Alive'

My favorite Disney TV show:Jonas And Jonas L.A.

I LIKE ...
  • Jonas Brothers

  • Writing Songs

  • Singing

  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Justin Bieber

  • Sea Food

  • Bullying
  • Fighting

My favorite color
:Purple and A Little Blue

My favorite actor/actress:Jonas Brothers And Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato

My favorite movie:Jonas Brothers 3D:Concert Experience

My food: Pizza,Hamburgers,Chicken,Ham,Steak,Chicken Wings,Hot Dogs,Fruit,Veggies,Sweets,Potato Skins,BBQ Chicken,Ham Sandwinch, Chicken SandWinch And Manny Morre.

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I Love Nick Jonas... Do You?
-Nichelle Jonas In The Future Thats Me!
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