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Member since: Jan 5 2009, 1:23 AM EST
Slogan: Nobody can be better than JB
Friends: 25
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Hello, my name is Amna
Home town: Well it's called Agrics Town.
Location: Lahore in Pakistan.
Astrological sign:
Virgo (so better not to mess with me) I know it was a lame kinda joke
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MORE ABOUT ME...
I joined this wiki because:
I am totally in love with JB and I love Frankie too. He's so cute.
Jonas  Brothers and Frankie by SarahLovesJB.
The best word to describe me is:
playing all sorts of games, reading and spending time with my friends. I really enjoy the scabby knees, sweaty shirts and elbow rashes after playing in the hot summer.
Favorite movies:
Camp Rock and Princess Diaries
home - Jonas Brothers Fan Site
Favorite TV shows:
There a lot of 'em.
My hero(es):
home - Jonas Brothers Fan Site
Jo-Bros, CampRock's cast and High school musical's cast. And many more.
My superpower is: Hey! I just realized I don't have any super power.
If I could live anywhere, it would be:
Where ever the jonas brothers are.
My dream job(s):
meeting all my fav stars and something I can't tell.
What else you should know about me: I love having freinds.
Me and Kevin
home - Jonas Brothers Fan Site
I love Kevin becuse of his great personality. He is the best brother and guitar player ever. He's really talkative and that's what I love 'bout him the most.I am 55% like Kevin.
Kevin Jonas Girlfriend Test
Me and Joe
home - Jonas Brothers Fan Site
I love Joe. He is so cool and he's got sucha great voice. I spcially love his sence of humor. His looks are great and he is a great person. I am 70% like Joe.Joe Jonas Girlfriend Test
Me and Nick
home - Jonas Brothers Fan Site
I love nick. Me and Nick were born on the same date. He is the best song writer, brother and singer ever. He's so cute. He's really adorable. I've got only 1 thing that I could say 2 Nick is SPEAK UP. I am 60% like nick.
Nick Jonas Girlfriend Test

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Hello dear
i am modester by name and i went to your profile at this site and immediately i got your explanation over it i like it that is much reason i have to contact you so that we can have some explanation with our self because God great each other to know our self and make each other to understand everything .thanks my dear for how i make everything clear to you and i will like you to reach me back with your explanation like i did so that from they we can have some dissection over each other ok your can reach me at ( and immediately you reach me as i ask you i will send you my picture so that you can know who i am or who you are talking to ok have a nice day and God bless you .yours modester
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graciesuarez hello 0 Aug 6 2009, 1:34 PM EDT by graciesuarez
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hi wuz up
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Mrs.NicholasJ.Jonas Nice :) 0 Mar 28 2009, 3:11 AM EDT by Mrs.NicholasJ.Jonas
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I love your profile...aweesome job decorating it !! Some nice words you have about the bros as well :)

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AmnaMazhar plz 0 Mar 16 2009, 3:17 AM EDT by AmnaMazhar
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Plz leave threads and tell me what do you think of the profile.
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